Acme Tri-Flex

BY JIM WILSON -- Web edition

This 4-tube reflex, breadboard-style set with a crystal detector, as shown in Figure 1, functions as three stages of RF amplification and three stages of audio amplification. The nameplate reads, "Acme Tri-Flex, Registered No. 2244, Sole right to manufacture Acme Tri-Flex controlled by R-O-V-A Radio Products Corp., New York, N. Y." This rare breadboard was probably part of a "one-shot" production run for ROVA. Acme is best known for its components for home-brew sets. These components can be seen in Figure 2.

In response to my inquiry, Alan Douglas said that this set, popular around 1924, seems to have all Acme parts, although sometimes people made substitutions. Adding that ROVA was a New York dealer who advertised a great deal in newspapers, Alan surmised that the company might have made a deal with Acme, maybe for the Christmas season, to assemble some sets and peddle them.

If readers can provide additional information regarding this set, please write to A.R.C.

The Acme breadboard crystal reflex receiver
Figure 1. The Acme breadboard crystal reflex receiver is an impressive piece of work.

Acme components
Figure 2. The use of Acme components can be seen in this overhead view.

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