The RCA Model T10-1


From Antique Radio Classified for May 1996
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The RCA Model T10-1, shown in Figure 1, is a 10-tube, 3-band, superheterodyne that covers the frequency range of 540-18,000 Kc. This 1935 table model tunes the domestic, foreign, police, and amateur bands and employs an airplane dial.

The RCA Model T10-1
Figure 1.The cabinet of this RCA Model T10-1 oversized tombstone is in excellent condition, and the grille cloth appears to be original.

A very large tombstone model measuring 19 inches tall, 16.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep, the Model T10-1 takes up a lot of space. Still, for so much radio, the price was only $69.95.

The tube complement consists of the following metal tubes: one 5Z3 as a full wave rectifier, two 6F6 push-pull power output tubes, two 6C5 audio amplifiers, one 6J7 oscillator, one 6H6 second detector and AVC, two 6K7s -- one as RF amplifier and one as IF amplifier -- and one 6L7 as a first detector.

The radio uses an 8-inch electrodynamic speaker and delivers 8.5 watts of "undistorted power." The five knobs include a combination low frequency tone control and power switch, a treble tone control, a volume control, a tuning knob, and a range selector. The range selector has three positions with red, green and white band indicators. Red is the standard broadcast band (540-1,800 Kc), white is shortwave (1,800-6,000 Kc), and green is amateur, police, weather and aircraft (6,000-18,000 Kc).

The tuning drive ratio is variable by means of a push-pull clutch arrangement. A tuning ratio of 10:1 or 50:1 may be selected. The tuning dial also includes a vernier pointer for logging and fine tuning of stations.

Some versions of this set used a universal transformer capable of operation on a wide range of line voltage.

These sets seem to be somewhat scarce, at least around here in Oklahoma. I have not seen any for sale at any auction, nor have I seen any on display in any contest. I am looking for a copy of an ad on this radio. Does anyone have one?

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(Richard Arnold, Box 275, Lone Grove, OK 73443)

Richard Arnold, a frequent contributor to A.R.C., has been collecting radios since 1985. His interest is primarily in cathedrals and 1920s battery sets, and his collection ranges from crystal sets to a 1928 American Bosch in a Pooley cabinet. His prize is the 1932 Jackson Bell Peter Pan featured in the June 1991 A.R.C.

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