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What's Up at A.R.C.?

By John V. Terrey, Editor

There is good news! We are very much still in business, and feel optimistic that A.R.C. will continue. Most rewarding to me in this difficult time has been the response of numerous individuals who have called or written about their positive experience with A.R.C. over the years. I share some of those comments with you on the following page.

On this page, I will go over some of the issues/questions that have come up, and try to answer them as fully as possible at this time.

New Publisher? After I reported in the last issue that I was retiring as publisher and was seeking a new publisher for A.R.C., several individuals have contacted me saying that they might be interested in participating in A.R.C.'s future. I cannot go into detail about the progress of negotiations since they are underway, but I will keep you posted as events unfold. Again, I am optimistic that there will be an A.R.C. in 2011.

Double Issues and Ads. Two transitional double issues (this issue, September/October and the next issue, November/December) were necessary for cost reasons during this transitional period of seeking a new publisher. You have probably noticed that we have returned to full-color covers and considerably more article pages. After all, we are including most of the contents that would have been in two individual issues.

For subscribers, each double issue will be considered two issues on subscriptions, and subscribers can place two different free ads in each. If you missed placing your second free ad in this issue, send us three different ads for the November/December issue.

As for display advertisers, since we ran/will run your ad only once in each double issue, you will be charged for only one issue. For example, if you paid for 6-months of a business card ad, each double issue will be considered only one placement or month, and your ad run will be extended.

What's up?

New dates and deadlines: Printed below are the revised dates for the two double issues.

Disappointed with the past thinner issues and the double issues? We, too are disappointed with having to make these cost-cutting compromises. However, we have passed some of the savings on to you with our reduced subscription rates.

If you are seriously disappointed, our policy has always been "You may cancel your subscription at any time and receive a pro rata refund for issues not yet mailed."

At the risk of repeating myself, we, too, are deeply disappointed with having to make these compromises in this transitional period.

Thanks! To all the loyal subscribers over the years, we cannot thank you enough for your support. With your continued support, A.R.C. has a chance to thrive for another 24 years.

Should I Renew or Subscribe? A big "Yes!" Each renewal or new subscription shows support for A.R.C. and gives a new publisher confidence that the radio collecting community will support A.R.C. in the future.

Revised Publishing Schedule

Classified Ad
Display Ad
Call If Not
September/OctoberAug. 24Aug 17 Sept. 10-11Sept. 13Sept. 22
November/DecemberOct. 25Oct. 18Nov. 12-13Nov. 15Nov. 24

* Target Date is earliest date copies might be received.

Thanks for your Cards & Letters & Calls & E-mails!

Dear John:

Congratulations on your 24 years of stewardship of A.R.C. You were always on time with the best-researched articles and the important news of the national radio collecting community. You were as dependable as the New York Times. And while some subscribers may think of A.R.C. as a magazine-based flea market, it was always much more to me -- a schedule of events, an aggregator of all radio organizations, auctions, photo essays, and more.

Over the 24 years, I have read with interest at least 288 of your "Editor's Comments," and over a thousand articles by an eclectic group of writers. I don't know of any similar publication that has been as ethical and respected and solid as yours. We will miss you in A.R.C.

--Mike Adams, Scotts Valley, CA

Dear John:

I look forward each month to the issue of A.R.C. I immediately sit down and don't get up again until I have skimmed through it for the first time. Also, I find myself looking up articles from decades before to learn more about a radio I just acquired.

I want to thank you and the staff of A.R.C. for all that you have done for the radio collecting fraternity and for the advancement of the history of radio. A.R.C. has been a blessing to those of us who find ourselves continually wanting to learn more about early radio. I appreciate the balanced, sensible way you have run the journal and want you to know that your hand in it will be missed.

--Howard Stone, Fort Worth, TX

A post from the Forum:

To John Terrey I doff my hat and say:

A good job of it, sir. You have contributed much to the hobby through the years, and I am the richer for both the magazine and your friendship.

-Dale Davenport, Fort Smith, AR

A post from the Forum:

I've been an A.R.C. subscriber since 1989 and have always looked forward to its monthly arrival in my mailbox. In all those years, I've bought only one radio through the classifieds and it is still one of my favorites. I also just renewed my subscription at the lower price.

I have nothing but respect for John Terrey and his staff for hanging in there this long.


Dear John,

I want to thank you for all of the time and energy you put into making A.R.C. the very fine publication it has been for all these years. I have always looked forward to receiving the next issue because there was always something of interest there for me. I do understand your decision, but I am a bit saddened about the way that the Internet is changing our lives and forcing your hand. I wish you well in retirement.

Paul Ogden, Auburn, CA

A post from the Forum:

I've been a subscriber to A.R.C. since issue No. 1. I will remain a subscriber until it no longer fulfills the purpose for which it was published, even if it should go totally online. I am confident that A.R.C. will evolve into something even more useful.


A post from the Forum:

I've been a subscriber since Gary Schneider put out the first sample copy back in 1984. My hat is off to Gary for having the initial vision and to John (and his staff) for expanding on it.

As others have mentioned, I hope it will continue in one manner or the other. I love the information available on the Internet but I hope a printed copy of A.R.C. will survive the oncoming changes.


Dear John:

I spoke with you last night on the phone, and it was a pleasure. I have been collecting and restoring old radios and TVs since I was 12 years old... and I haven't sold a thing!! My outside office wall is a collage of photos of stuff I have restored including a 1948 Raytheon Belmont TV. (I have worked for Raytheon for years.)

I do hope you get the support you need to keep A.R.C. going. I have a very busy schedule, BUT if I can help in a small way, please let me know.

--Lou Tramontozzi, Marlboro, MA

A post from the Forum:

We subscribers to A.R.C. know about the publication's struggles in recent years. It's a huge challenge for any print publication in the age of the web.

An important aspect of print articles is the listing of resources, which A.R.C. articles have always had. More and more of the Internet articles about old radios include misinformation, which is a shame. On several of my A.R.C. articles, they e-mailed me to ask where the info came from, and I replied with the source. It's what is known in the newspaper business as fact checking.

I just hope a talented person will fill John's shoes and somehow keep a print version alive. I think he's done a fantastic job since 1986.

I love the resource of the Internet, but like an old radio, the old way of a mailed newsletter with articles & advertising is enjoyable. We'll see what the future holds for one of the antique radio world's best resources.


Responses to the concerns expressed in the following are covered on the opposite page. (Editor)

Hi John:

I am sorry to hear A.R.C. might cease publishing after all these years. That really would be a sad day as A.R.C. has done a lot to involve and connect radio collectors. I hope you find someone who can take over and find a way to make a go of it.

I believe my next issue is the last one of my current subscription. I was going to send a check and resubscribe, but now I'm a little concerned if you cease publication. What would happen then?


--Don Mark, Bernville, PA

Hello John:

As a new subscriber, I'm disappointed to read that changes are already coming (I've only received my third issue). I based my choice to subscribe largely on the "sample" issue. I valued the frequency, content and quality construction of the magazine.

Also, I'm writing to ask if subscribers will be entitled to two free ads in the double issues?

--Jason Wiles, Harrisville, PA

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