Antique Radio Club of Illinois
Radiofest XVII
Elgin, Illinois -- August 5-8, 1998


The Antique Radio Club of Illinois (ARCI) held its Radiofest XVII from August 5 to 8, 1998, at the Elgin Plaza Hotel, formerly the Holiday Inn Holidome and Convention Center, in Elgin, Illinois. Again this year, the hotel staff decked out in blue Radiofest T-shirts and the generally wonderful weather made the event more festive. Scattered showers occurred conveniently at night.

Nearly every open space on three sides of the hotel was taken by flea market vendors. The adjacent field available for the overflow in past years is now filled with municipal construction, although the front edge of the area was still usable for vendors. On Wednesday and Thursday, your editor made his routine count of vendors, which proved to be close to last year's count -- 163 and 170.

Emerson Model 256 "Strad".
Figure 1. This beautiful Emerson Model 256 "Strad" was for sale for $850 in the flea market.

Various for sale.
Figure 2. Among other things for sale by Waves of New York City was a Kennedy Model 110 priced at $1,800,
an Amplion AR-119 horn speaker at $450, and a Utah "30" wood-covered cone speaker at $225.

As expected, there were outstanding presentations throughout the weekend: Phil Van Pragg on the history of audio recording, Barbara Richards on the characteristics and care of plastic radios, and Kent King on Scott radio equipment. Ed Huether hosted a radio repair clinic, and again this year, the Dr. Ralph Muchow Museum was open to the public with free bus service available.

Many interesting items showed up in the ten categories of the old equipment contest. Your editor's choices were a very early, well displayed DeForest time receiver with an early catalog and headphones, and a Western Electric SCR68 U.S. Army airplane transmitter and receiver set displayed on a turntable with packing box, microphone, and headphones.

Jodra "Enchanter" Model G ship speaker.
Figure 3. A prize winner in the contest was this Jodra "Enchanter" Model G ship speaker.

A very unusual novelty transistor radio designed with two porcelain, 17th century figurines at a working piano was elegantly displayed with lamps and a rose. Another highlight was an operating, early Emerson TV set showing vintage black and white programs.

The display room offered another educational aspect of Radiofest. This year the featured manufacturer was Stewart-Warner, and many interesting items were on view throughout the event.

On the social side, 122 attendees enjoyed the awards banquet, organized by Carolyn Knipfel for Thursday night. The entertainment featured the Big Band sounds of Dick Kress and vocalist Gloria Van.

From the Stewart-Warner exhibit.
Figure 4. Displayed in the Stewart-Warner exhibit were, left to right:
a 1933 Model R-126 "Stuart," a Model R-109 cathedral,
and a 1933 Model 1271 "Bond."

As always, the auction was an exciting event with sales totaling $14,560. Auctioneer Harry Blesy, aided by his wife Toni and other ARCI members and spouses, moved 161 items, consigned by 53 sellers, at the rate of 54 an hour. There were 138 registered bidders.

Among the highlights were a blue Emerson Catalin with a red and white grille in very good condition selling at $1,000; a WE 14A amp and horn with three good 216A tubes at $525; a black Air King Skyscraper radio with some repairs at $2,500; an RCA Super VIII working console at $325; and an Arvin Hopalong Cassidy radio at $425.

e=excellent, vg=very good, g=good, f=fair, p=poor, unk=unknown, WT=with tubes, NT=no tubes, wk=working, nwk=not working, BB=brass-based, T=tipped, N.I.B.=new in box

A warning: Auction prices are not current values. Our selection of auction items is not necessarily complete. A listing such as this cannot adequately include the condition of cabinets, chassis, transformers, tubes, the operating status of the set, and the inclusion of incorrect, restored or replica components, etc. Auction prices are the result of the excitement of the auction process, the skill of the auctioneer and the specific interests of the participants. Nevertheless, auction prices serve as useful references and as another element in the value determining process. The possibility of error always exists, and if we are notified, corrections will be reported.

AC Dayton XL25, WT (5), unk$95
Addison 2A table, Bakelite, brown, e275
Addison Radio display stand, ca. 1940, 5' tall, yellow & red painted wood, g50
Admiral table, Bakelite, ivory, g90
Admiral, Sylvania, Zenith clock radios, (3), g30
Air King, Skyscraper, black, vg2,500
Airline Teledial, f30
Alfred Robbins Martin Co. Whimshurst machine, 1915350
American Bosch 28, f30
Arcturus 50, N.I.B.220
Arvin Hopalong Cassidy radio, original, vg425
Atwater Kent 20C, w/orig. shipping box, NT, vg190
Atwater Kent 55 table & Northhouse 8568 table, f30
Atwater Kent 60, g40
Atwater Kent speaker, metal, 18", g40
Bendix radio sign, green neon, 10" x 24", wk, vg250
Blonder-Tongue R-20 FM receiver, e30
Claricon superhet kit, 5-tube, unbuilt, vg50
Coca Cola Cooler radio, repro, g40
Color wheel, frame & wheel, g30
Coronado tombstone, 4-band, wood, g50
Crosley "Enchantment" book radio,WT, vg130
Crosley 4-29, w/o top, g110
Crosley 5-38, w/top, g60
Crosley 716 table, wood, w/speaker in top, g80
Crosley 10135, "dashboard," restored, vg70
Crosley F17TOLH TV, 1953, wk, g60
Delco Radio and TV sign, 20" x 30", g30
Dictaphone cylinder style110
Drake Products Co. SDI-106 transistor radio, ivory, w/box & paper, vg275
Electro-Voice 100D spring mike, on stand, g350
Emerson Catlin, blue, w/red & white grille1,000
Emerson EP 405 "Patriot," e110
Emerson radio dealer sign, 20" x 30", f35
Eveready 1 radio & headphones, WT, wk, f35
Freed-Eisemann 48, WT, w/drop lid, f70
Freshman Masterpiece, w/built-in speaker, drop front, f30
GE tube caddy, w/200 tubes and parts30
GE-F63, WT, wk, g45
Grunow 1C console, WT, f30
Hammarlund Four-20, Four 11 transmitter & modulator, w/coils, e325
Home brew 2-stage amp, WT, w/Murdock headphone, wk140
Home brew, 1-tube45
Hotel radio, restored, wood, w/keys, g30
Jewett horn speaker, Silvertone drum, p40
Kolster K20, w/speaker & tags, WT, f50
Magnavox M-1A horn, wk, vg150
Majestic 5ALH table, white, plastic, g30
Microphone, spring-mounted, w/stand, f80
Midwest 916, w/original speaker & antenna, no cabinet, recapped, g60
Missouri Radio Corp. radio, 1-tube, g100
Motorola 5T tombstone, WT, g70
Musette 52, nwk, g70
Music Master 100D, white, plastic, wk40
Novatech 5B70, AM/VHF, w/Signal Corp 5430-A tester35
Ozark Sr., WT, f90
Philco 37-610 tombstone, WT, f50
Philco 38 cathedral, WT, f60
Philco 39-116 console, WT, wk, w/remote control box110
Philco 42KR3, wood, wk, white, g35
Philco 70 chairside, WT, wk, g50
Philco 90 cathedral, restored, wk, vg275
Philco 41225, push-button, WT, g30
Philco 41226, wk, g50
Philco Predicta TV, 21-inch, g300
Porto Baradio cabinet, no radio or glassware30
Radio Lamp Corp. lamp radio, wk, g700
RCA 4T8, g40
RCA 96T1, WT, wk, g40
RCA 811K console, wk, g30
RCA 813K console, WT, g100
RCA Electronic Test Kit No. 1, repair teaching kit, w/all original parts, booklet45
RCA radio/phono, 45 rpm, nwk, g35
RCA Radiola AR-812, g30
RCA Radiola UZ-1325 horn speaker, unk40
RCA Radiola Super VIII, wk, WT, g325
RCA Victor 9X571, w/bullhorn speaker, WT, g30
RCA Victor 16X11, plastic, WT, wk, e30
RCA Victor 75X1130
RCA Victor chair, white seat and back200
Revere 400 portable, WT, nwk, w/case, g40
Sam's Auto Radio books, (150+/-)30
Sencore oscilloscope, 5", w/manual & leads30
Silvertone 7031-A, AM/SW, wk, WT, e30
Silvertone grandfather clock radio, wk, g300
Sony 5-3074W TV, (2), black, white, g; LTV-77A TV, (1); g60
Splitdorf crystal set, 1921, g375
Stewart-Warner C51T1 table, white, plastic, wk35
Stewart-Warner R110A tombstone, w/tags & paper, vg110
Thoraphone horn speaker, wood base, g170
Tower Castle cone speaker, repainted, wk, e325
Trim Concert Grand horn speaker, g130
Tube tester I-177B kit, w/adapter, manual & charts, e190
Tube(s): (2,000-3,000), g30
Tube(s): B4, 29A, 8, AQ, etc., (11), g50
Tube(s): box, loctal, octal, 4-pin, 90% N.O.S.30
Tube(s): Globe, ST 45, (78), wk, e850
Tube(s): N.I.B., N.O.S., (2,200)30
Tube(s): transmitting, ballast, (100+)50
Tube(s): UV-201-A, BB, T; UV-201-A, BB, T, rainbow; WD-11, BB, T; UV-200-A, BB, T; display only80
U.S. Apex radio, WT, p70
Un. of Ill. wall plaque, pocket watch, wk, e30
Universal Type K-3 potentiometer, e30
Watch radios, 1980s, wk, N.I.B., (25)150
Western Electric 14A amplifier, w/built-in horn, w/216A tubes (3), g525
Western Electric 203A control box60
Western Electric 360 microphone, wk, g60
Western Electric paging speaker, g30
World, Motorola transistor radios, (2)30
Zenith 7S633, WT, wk, g70
Zenith 5678 console, WT, g55
Zenith chairside, missing parts30
Zenith Trans-Oceanic G-500, NT, no antenna, f50.

The Antique Radio Club of Illinois (ARCI) holds bimonthly swap meets, as well as its annual August Radiofest. The club publishes "ARCI News" quarterly, and "ARCI Update" periodically. Dues are $12. For more information: P.O. Box 1139, La Grange Park, IL 60526; or Carolyn Knipfel, RR 3, 200 Langham, Morton, IL 61550.

Photo credits: Harry Blesy, Daniel Schoo, John V. Terrey.

(Daniel Schoo, 526 Colonial Dr., DeKalb, IL 60115; John V. Terrey, c/o A.R.C., P.O. Box 2, Carlisle, MA 01741)

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