Antique Wireless Association
Conference and Auction Report
Rochester, New York -- September 2-5, 1998


Web Edition

The Antique Wireless Association (AWA) held its 37th annual historical radio conference at the Thruway Marriott Hotel in Rochester, New York, on September 2-5, 1998. Registered attendees numbered 910, but total attendance was over 1,000. These numbers, up from last year, would seem to negate the view that the internet will supplant meets where collectors can gather face-to-face and enjoy wide-ranging radio talk.

Even the threatening weather was not a deterrent to the crowd for the flea market. Bobby Lyman at A.R.C.'s outdoor tables had to duck the surprise rain showers more than once, but most vendors hung in there. At the height of the action on Wednesday, the number of vendors enoying the pleasures of old-fashioned barter appeared to equal the over 200 of last year. Particularly noteworthy was the participation of families, evidenced by the photo on our cover. If at all possible, collectors seem to plan their vacations around this premier radio event.

Mike and Kathy Feher of Howell, New Jersey.
Figure 1. Mike and Kathy Feher of Howell, New Jersey, showed up with a van-load of early wireless and battery sets.

The conference consisted of a giant outdoor flea market, an indoor book fair, four auctions, an old equipment contest, presentations, and trips to the AWA Museum. An added attraction was John Dilks' mobile museum in a converted van containing amateur radio gear and an operating ham station.

The special theme this year was Zenith, and the company was prominent in presentations and contest entries. The presentations included "The Zenith Windcharger," and "Zenith Transistor Radios and Literature." Featured in the old equipment contest was a broad range of Zenith categories, from the early days of the Chicago Radio Labs to Trans-Oceanics and transistor radios. Trans-Oceanics covering a wide scope of manufacturing times, and a collection of Zenith pocket transistor radios, including clones by other manufacturers, were on display.

Among other outstanding display items was Jim Wilson's Acme Tri-Flex breadboard set beautifully arranged with an Acme cone speaker and related ads. Readers will remember Jim's article on this set in the October 1998 A.R.C. A 1922 Leutz Model L Armstrong Superheterodyne receiver, about six feet long, made a strong statement.

Extremely rare 1920 Mignon Type RW-4 undamped wave receiver.
Figure 2. Included in the contest was this extremely rare 1920 Mignon Type RW-4 undamped wave receiver.
This set was made to operate with either a globe type tube with the standard socket base or tubular Audion, as shown here.

Attendees were never at a loss for interesting things to hear and see. Lauren Peckham presented an excellent pre-1912 wireless and electrical apparatus display, while Bob McIntyre offered a well-attended restoration clinic. Peter Yanczer gave an interesting demonstration of a flying spot scanner and receiver. And other presentation topics were "Shortwave History," "Key and Telegraph," "Early Radio Premiums," "H.J. Round and the UV-199," "The Life of Alexander Graham Bell," "Mahlon Loomis," and "Old Timer Radio."

At the Friday evening banquet, the program of music and comedy was directed by Gary Yoggy. Featured were the Elmira Little Theatre, which recreates early radio shows, and the "Boogie Woogie Girls."

As always, the auctions generated much excitement. The approximate statistics for all four auctions were 650 lots selling at $64,500, an increase of about 3 1/2 percent over last year.

The communications auction, held on Thursday and conducted by Ed Gable, has a less formal air than that of the big Friday auction in that Thursday buyers and sellers finalize their own deals. After the winning bidder is determined at auction, the seller and buyer get together and exchange money and items. AWA collects 10 percent from the seller.

This sale is limited to vintage ham, military and commercial equipment (otherwise, affectionately known as "boat anchors"). There were 55 items presented, down from 66 last year, but the total realized was $3,826, only down $150 or so from last year. The high bid was $450 for a Collins 75A-4 receiver. This was the highest single item, communications auction bid since 1993.

Although the Friday main auction started at 9:00 a.m. and lasted until a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. (with a one-hour lunch break), the crowd did not thin out too much, and prices held up to the end. Bruce Roloson started as auctioneer, but was soon relieved when Walt Buffinton arrived. The audience was large and maintained spirited bidding on the better items.

Auctioneer Walt Buffinton takes bids.
Figure 3. Auctioneer Walt Buffinton takes bids on the unique Russian Red Star radio. The winning bid was $1,050!

In the vacuum tube auction, the top sellers were two DeForest spherical Audions at $550 and $410. (It is rumored that an outstanding example of a spherical Audion sold in the flea market for $1,500.) The auction prices were down from the $1,750 price of last year because both tubes had significant problems. A beautiful Daven amplifier, complete with red, white and blue Sonotron tubes, sold for $400.

Tubes by a number of manufacturers sold for over $100, including DeForest, Cunningham, Morehead, Raytheon, Western Electric, Sodion, and several foreign companies. TV-related tubes, such as a GE Iconoscope, a Raytheon Kenolamp, and a Western Electric CRT also did well.

Rare books topped the bidding in the paper auction. The 1901 book, Wireless Telegraphy by Kerr, sold for $360, while The Wireless Telegraph Boy, 1908, by Trowbridge brought $290.

RCA "Red Books" and Rider's manuals were in abundance and sold well. Two unusual items brought surprising prices -- an RCA baseball score sheet filled out for the 1922 World Series selling at $200, and a Zenith 1928-29 salesman's handbook at $310.

In the main equipment auction, manufacturers from Atwater Kent and Crosley to Westinghouse and Zenith were represented and sold well. The undisputed highlight was a Canadian Independent Telephone Co. wireless set selling at $2,600.

Others of note were an Atwater Kent breadboard at $1,000, a Motorola Catalin at $1000, a Northern Electric 510 at $1,100, a "shining" Russian Red Star radio at $1,050, and two DeForest sets -- a D-17 and a D-12 -- at $1,000 and $1,350 respectively.

Auctioneer Walt Buffinton takes bids.
Figure 4. One of the highlights in this year's auction was this Canadian Independent Telephone Co. 3-tube wireless receiver, which drew a high bid of $2,600.

Two telegraph items brought solid prices -- one by Bunnel at $825, the other by Erickson at $800. Horns also did well. An Amplion AR-19 horn speaker sold for $400, while a Murdock 500 brought $550. A Grebe CR8 sold for $625. In all, the auctions were very successful and indicate that collectors are still supportive of such events. Next year's AWA Conference will be held September 1-4, and the theme will be Philco. Hope to see you all there.

All prices have been rounded down to the dollar in the following report.

A warning: Auction prices are not current values. Our selection of auction items is not necessarily complete. A listing such as this cannot adequately include the condition of cabinets, chassis, transformers, tubes, the operating status of the set, and the inclusion of incorrect, restored or replica components, etc. Auction prices are the result of the excitement of the auction process, the skill of the auctioneer and the specific interests of the participants. Nevertheless, auction prices serve as useful references and as another element in the value determining process. The possibility of error always exists, and if we are notified, corrections will be reported.
e=excellent, vg=very good, g=good, f=fair, p=poor, unk=unknown, N.I.B.=new in box, BBT=brass based, tipped, T=tipped, w/m=with manual, w/mc=with copy of manual, NT=no tubes, WT=with tubes, PS=power supply, unwk=unknown if working, wk=working, nwk=not working

"Good" regarding tubes means only the filament is OK, unless otherwise stated.

Communications Equipment Auction
(55 lots, 6 no sales, total sales = $3,826)
Abbott TR-4 2.5 M transceiver, g$25
Abbott TR-4, nice32
CBY 52232, Navy version of ARC-5 transistor radio, 2.1- 3.0 Mhz., f18
Collins 75A-4, g450
Crosley REO Navy morale record, wood case, g150
Drake R-4A and T-4X, transistor/rec./PS, w/m, g180
Farnsworth BC-314G military VLF receiver, original, g115
GE YRS SSB adaptor, g22
Gonset code oscillator/monitor, g20
Gonset Communicator II, w/microphone, (2)32
GPR-90 speaker, g105
Hallicrafters S-19R, vg40
Hallicrafters S-38, g55
Hallicrafters S-38B, g22
Hallicrafters S-40, g35
Hallicrafters S-41W, white, wk, dirty, some rust20
Hallicrafters S-120, g19
Hallicrafters Skyrider Marine, g80
Hallicrafters SPR-47 small speaker, nice56
Hallicrafters SX-16, speaker p, f95
Hallicrafters SX-25 Super Defiant, g75
Hallicrafters SX-28, g300
Hallicrafters SX-62 receiver, f45
Hallicrafters SX-62A, wk, g135
Hallicrafters T-5 Sky Buddy, (1936), w/m, vg180
Hammerlund Super Pro, f20
Heathkit Mohican GC-1 receiver, w/plug-in PS, g35
Heathkit Mohican, w/m, g50
Heathkit Q Multiplier QF-1, w/m, g6
Heathkit SB-400 100W transistor radio, w/m, g25
Home Brew 3 tube regenerative receiver, e105
Home Brew 40M QRP transistor, e45
Home Brew 100 Kc crystal calibrator, e40
Howard 430, usual dial scale roughness, f-g75
Lafayette HE-30 receiver, wk, vg30
Millen 50W exciter, w/20 meter coils & tubes, g95
Millen Wavemeter coils, military I-129B, (4) coils in metal case, f20
National 100A, f45
National FB-7 w/80 & 160 coils & PS, g300
National NC-183 receiver, w/speaker, w/m, recapped80
National RBL-2, 15-200 kHz, g70
R-390, not original meters, some restoration, g200
RME DB-23 preselector, g, (2)30, 28
Swan 500CX, w/PS, w/speaker, w/m, vg110

Vacuum Tube Auction
(186 lots, 8 no sales, total sales = $12,125)
2P21 Image Orthicon$100
3B22, (2), 872(1), 3C45(1)2
3B28, military, (4)10
45, (6)60
50, (4) each, (3) large, (1) small, all STs290
50s, globe, signs of overload on plate, g22
224 (2), 227 (2), 35A (1)5
350B, National Union, in box25
401, BB, g160
465A, transmitting, N.I.B., (2)15
802, transmitting, in box, (2)13
805, (2), plus two other tubes9
805, transmitting, (2), g.6
810, transmitting, military, in box, (4)50
813, transmitting, (2), g.20
826, (3), 828 (1), 4027 (1), plus others, including "doorknob" tubes, box full14
861 large transmitting tube10
902, w/shield, 6146 (2), plus one other15
913, 1" metal scope, (2)20
AC32, plus two others20
AEG Siemans, WWI, (2), unk, g160, 200
Aerotron WR-2175
Amperex 833, transmitting, w/socket parts, new42
Amperex 833A, (2), g40
Amperex HF-300, transmitting, g.5
Arcturus 45, good emission55
Arcturus Wunderlich, 6.3 fil.35
British Marconi, (3)30
British Osram, transmitting, (4), w/wood shipping box350
Cascade Research 250TL, in shipping crate20
Centron 845, transmitting36
CK1054 Raytheon sub-mini tubes, (4), in box5
Cleartron CT-199, large, BB, N.I.B.37
Concertmaster C199, in original box30
Cunningham CX-316, in box15
Cunningham tubular Audiotron120
Cunningham Audiotron, tubular, red label160
Daven amplifier, w/(93) Sonatron tubes, (1) red, (1) white, (1) blue, w/boxes, display piece, e400
Daven MU-2020
DeForest 410, N.I.B.65
DeForest DF tubular Audion, open fil85
DeForest DV-2, (3), in cans190
DeForest DV-2, g.32
DeForest DV-3, g.35
DeForest DV-5, g.23
DeForest DV-6, (VT-20), g45
DeForest spherical Audion550
DeForest, in can65
DeForest tubular Audion, open fil.110
DeForest VT-21, open fil.60
DeForest/Marconi ER, good160
Donnaly B8, g160
Ediswan MAZDA ESG 250L, large transmitting130
Eimac 304TL, N.I.B.27
EL-3, in DeForest can70
ER tubular Audiotron, mounted w/base, (2), g160
Fisher diathermy transmitting, (2)10
GE 1787, in box, g.20
GE GL1850A iconoscope200
GE VT-4, (3)32
GEC CV1098, transmitting , new, same type as in British chain home radar defense, 1938-42150
Goldstone early X-ray tube, broken glass10
Kenolamp, unk110
Kenolamp, N.O.S., unk125
KR9 rectifier, (2)5
Machlett ML481K, transmitting, (2), g.20
Marconi MPT-4, unk35
McCullough 401, (2), g.45
Meyers RAC3, g.20
Meyers RAC, open fil.16
Meyers, N.I.B.90
Moorehead VT-32, N.I.B.290
Moorhead triode, (2)120
Octal, metal, (44)15
Pacent #10 photocell15
Penta PL4-400A transmitting42
Phillips E707, audio amp, (2)65
QRS Red Top, in box, g.50
Rainbow 201, BBT, g.55
Raytheon 715B, military, (2)2
Raytheon 715C, military, in box, (2)5
Raytheon Eveready C25 Kenolamp230
Raytheon Kenolamp, unk100
Raytheon RK63 transmitting, dud4
RCA 2A3, H plate, g24
RCA 2A3, N.I.B.22
RCA 250 & dud 210, g35
RCA 808, transmitting20
RCA 841, N.I.B.22
RCA 1949, N.I.B., (2)30
RCA 7868, matched audio, (4)60
RCA 8005, in box32
RCA Orthicon, large95
RCA Orthicon20
RCA UV-1998
RCA UV-199, BB, g.32
RCA UV-203, BB, g.85
RCA UX-210, (2), g.25
RCA WD-11, BBT40
RJW, German, WWI, 2 pins missing110
RL12P, German, (2)30
Rogers 245 globe, g.14
Sodion S-13 detector, g.190
Spherical Audion, double wing, open fil.410
Sylvania 205D, g.100
Sylvania tube caddy, full, probably TV tubes32
Telefunken RE-25 transmitting tube, g.60
Telefunken RL-12P35, w/socket22
Telefunken RS-31, transmitting, g50
Telefunken RS-291 & RS-22850
Triotron RS-4, Austrian, like a 19920
Tungar tubes and gas tubes, (2) boxes16
UV-199, (3)30
UV-199, (4 each), (2), g.37, 45
UX-199, R215, WD-11, g30
UX-210, globe, in box, (2)75
Valvo RL12P35, 194416
WD-11 dud2
WD-11, (4); WX-12, (1); UX-199, (2); duds24
WD-11, BBT, dud20
WE 2A photocell, in box22
WE 102F, N.I.B., (4)150
WE 121B ballast2
WE 203B, w/gold, g.65
WE 203D, w/Bakelite base70
WE 205B, w/gold, g.150
WE 205D, g190
WE 205D, emission g100
WE 211A, g.45
WE 215A, in box22
WE 216A60
WE 216A, (3 each)160
WE 224C early CRT300
WE 228, water-cooled transmitting60
WE 1789, travelling wave20
WE tubes, (10), in box17
WE tubes, fil.g, (24)20
WE VT-1, w/gold buttons26
WE VT-5 peanut, (215)17
Weagent valve, open fil.85
Welch peanut WT 501, g.47
Westinghouse tubes, (350), N.O.S.100
Westinghouse VT-D, g.70
Westinghouse WD-11 and WX-12, in box65
Westinghouse WL-196, transmitting, (2)25
WWI type, (early), European250
WWII types, & magnatron, flat85
WWII, British types, magnatrons & klystrons, g110
X-ray tube, 3-element reproduction, on base125
X-ray tube, miniature, no number240

Paper and Advertising Auction
153 lots, 2 no sales, total sales = $5,700
73 magazines, '60 & '61, (2)$5
101 Radio Hookups11
1920 press release photos, (4 or 5)15
1922 RCA Radiola baseball score sheet for the 1922 World Series, NY Yankees & Giants200
1923 wireless course with dust jacket17
1937 Zenith large matchbook, nice22
A.R.C., '90-'96, (69 issues)22
Admiral & Westinghouse service manuals, (3)5
Atwater Kent salesman newsletter, 1920-21, (8)120
Allied Radio catalog, 193020
ARRL Handbook 19692
ARRL Handbook, 3rd ed., 192880
ARRL Handbook, 9th ed, 193232
ARRL Handbook, 1933, g32
ARRL Handbook, (2), 1943 & one other, p17
ARRL Handbook, (3), Editions 8, 10, 12, g75
ARRL Handbook, 1946 & 194910
QSL, 3"- or 4"- batch, p37
Wreck and Sinking of Titanic, First Ed., 1912, abbreviated salesman sample80
Boy Mechanic, 1915, 4 vols., g100
Breckenridge, Radio Boys, 8 vols.37
Broadcaster, British, (2)32
Brown, Science for All, 4 vols., ca.190020
Bucher, Practical Wireless, f22
Bucher, Vacuum Tubes in Wireless17
Bucher, Wireless Experimenter, 192010
Citizens Radio Callbook, 192412
Club publications, (50)14
Cockaday, How to Build Radio Receivers35
Color TV Pict-O-Guide2
Edelman, Experimental Wireless, hardcover42
Edison, Man and His Work, (2)5, 12
Eico tube tester chart2
Emission of Electrons From Hot Bodies, hardcover30
Evaluation of Naval Radio, NRL History, 1972260
Father of Radio, Lee DeForest bio, w/dust jacket, g80
Federal & (2) other catalogs or magazines120
Lee DeForest stamp, first day postal cover,11
Flick of the Switch, hardcover, w/dust jacket8
Frank Stewart Electric Co. Catalog, 190027
GE Ham News, Vols. 1-512
GE service data, (3) boxes2
Gernsback, Radio Encyclopedia10
Golden Memories of Radio, (6) record album27
Goldsmith, Radio Telegraphy, 1918, p10
Grebe 1923 advertising calender, 8" x 8", g65
Greenwood book, signed, f60
Hawkins, Electrical Guide, 9 vols.5
Hewlett Packard Mfg. Journals, '49-'68, 20 years20
Juvenile books, some author-signed, (7)40
Kerr, Wireless Telegraphy, 1901360
Maker of Lightning, 1963 bio.5
Mesco catalog, Leo Maysberg Co., 1920160
MIT Radiation Lab. Series, 7 vols., 2nd ed., g35
Modern Radio Service, 193519
National Radio circular slide rule4
Philco Radio Atlas, 193520
Philco RMS yearbooks, (4)25
Principles of Electricity, ATT, green, 195310
QST 1928, 1930, 193112
QST, 19355
QST, 1939, in binder12
QST, 1946-1951 complete, some dups., (195)10
QST, 19339
QST, 1934, complete5
R.W. Coles, books in German12
Radio Craft, 1944-1945, (11)27
Radio Experimenter and Builder, 1934, hardcover7
Radio For Everybody, 19224
"Radio Man" & Amos and Andy song sheet music11
Radio News,192620
Radio Operators Information File, government5
Radio Questions & Answers4
Radio Simplified, 1923, hardcover6
Radiotron Design Handbook, 4th ed., p47
RCA 1948 record catalog, p22
RCA Radiotron cardboard counter sign, 12" x 16"27
RCA R10 tube manual, soft cover25
RCA "Red Book," 1923-192875
RCA "Red Book," 193325
RCA "Red Book," 193935
RCA "Red Book," (5), 1931, 1932, 1934, 1936, 1937120
RCA Review, 1946-1972, (3) boxes30
RCA TV & Radio Broadcast Guide, catalog20
Receiving tube manuals, (2), 1917 & 192125
Rider's 1-14140
Rider's 1-17, complete200
Rider's 320
Rider's 6 (2), 7 (2), 8 (2), 9 & 1032-50
Rider's 66
Rider's 89
Rider's 9, 11, 12, 1327
Rider's 10 & 13, f10
Rider's 10-1440
Rider's 118
Rider's 1617
Salesman radio catalog20
Sams folder set # 15
Sams transistor manuals, 2 stacks40
Schockley, Holes and Semiconductors, 195030
Scientific American, bound volume, 191150
Scott 1929 promotional books, in color70
Semiphore to Sattelite & Radio Comedy30
Signal Electric Operating Manual, telegraphy pamphlet, 1890s45
Sleeper Construction books, 2, 3, 6, 10, soft20
Star, American Electrician, 1923, small book16
Star Spangled Radio, hardcover3
Stienmetz, Electrical Engneering,1918, HC13
Stromberg-Carlson 642 owner's manual6
Stromberg-Carlson dealer's certificate, framed75
Sylvania tube manual17
Telegraph form, 1912, w/replica message11
The Great Iron Ship, cable book, hardcover120
Titanic poster, "Last SOS," 12" x 14"50
Vacuum Tube Theory, McGraw Hill, 11 vols.80
W.B. Duck Catalog # 1455
Walton child's sticker books, (modern)20
WE News, Nov. 193022
Westchester Supply Master, catalog, 1960, p4
Westinghouse Electric Journal, 1910 & 1912, hardcover10
Wireless Telegraph Boy, 1908, g290
Wireless Telegraphy in the Far East, 1905, g70
Wireless Telephone & Telegraph, 1909, hardcover27
Wireless World, 1954 & 19555
Zenith 1928-29 salesman's handbook & photos310

Equipment Auction
261 lots, 28 no sales, total sales = $42,909
AC Dayton SW adapter, Fleweling type, NT, g$45
Accord handbag radio, very unusual35
Acme large table speaker, f42
Admiral 4L21 table, plastic12
Admiral 4L26A table, yellow plastic, in box35
Airline Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer, plastic,hairline crack, wk, g550
American Bosch 5A, in carrying case, wk, vg110
American Labs Novo home mike, in box110
Ampex 601 tape deck, no case10
Amplion AR-19 petal horn speaker, vg400
Atwater Kent 1B variometer for breadboard105
Atwater Kent 10 breadboard 4340, WT & tags, vg1,000
Atwater Kent 10 breadboard, WT (3), tags, clean600
Atwater Kent 10 breadboard, 4700, WT (g), dirty, 1 dial missing525
Atwater Kent 20 big box, NT, early production60
Atwater Kent 20 big box, NT, g, (2)45, 20
Atwater Kent 20C small box, NT, g70
Atwater Kent 20C w/original cardboard box, labels, WT, vg170
Atwater Kent 20C, WT (duds), vg100
Atwater Kent 37, complete40
Atwater Kent 38, complete22
Atwater Kent 40, NT, p15
Atwater Kent 84 cathedral, vg300
Atwater Kent audio transformer27
Atwater Kent breadboard parts, island, condenser and tube socket90
Atwater Kent breadboard variometer75
Atwater Kent H horn, wk65
Atwater Kent Type K ignition coil50
Automatic Radio Tom Thumb portable, small damage65
Baldwin horn speaker90
Baldwin phones27
Bogen LX30 Master Tone PA amp, in carrying case12
Borg, C.H. crystal set, Swedish155
Bowman, A.W. crystal detector55
Brandes table speaker, cathedral40
Bunnel resonator stand, fixed, w/sounder100
Bunnell key35
Bunnell pen register, g825
Camus liquor bottle transistor radio, in box45
Canadian Independent Telephone Co. wireless set w/3 tubes (1 dud) & honeycomb coils, vg2,600
Canadian military WWII telegraph field set, vg65
Chelton Electric Co. crystal detector60
Clapp Eastham HR & HZ, WT625
Cleartone battery set, WT, brass panel, vg525
Coca Cola Cooler MM1000 transistor radio10
Collins mechanical filters, (8)110
Compass galvanometer20
Crosley early 2-stage amp, altered inside240
Crosley 50A amplifier, WT (2)180
Crosley 50P, in black leatherette case500
Crosley 51, NT80
Crosley 51, wood panel, WT (1) g , (1) dud150
Crosley 52, NT65
Crosley 401 Bandbox Jr., clean80
Crosley 5628B table, white plastic30
Crosley Bandbox 601, NT, f25
Crosley/DeForest Trirdyn (Canada), g75
Crosley Dynacone speaker30
Crosley V150
Daven OP182 power output meter15
Daven RC amplifier, WT (3)130
DeForest crystal detector85
DeForest D-12, WT (4 DV-2 & crystal), wk, no loop, vg1,350
DeForest D-10, cabinet only, vg30
DeForest D-7, WT & loop1,000
DeForest D-7A, w/loop, g400
DeForest horn speaker, no driver, f50
Delco 3201 tombstone, very clean70
DeWald B403, Catalin (?), w/clock370
Echo R1155 British WWII military aircraft receiver, g360
Edison battery jar, large20
Edison Ediphone, floor model10
Edison/Splitdorf spark plug15
Electrolytic detector, 1910, marble base, no name110
Emerson 511 table, white & blue plastic, g22
Erickson 1901 Morse inker (recorder), vg800
Erickson, L.H. crystal set, w/Erickson phones190
Erla battery set in console, WT (6, g)60
Fada home-brew neutrodyne, 3-dialer, WT, signed by builder, g50
Federal 59 chassis, (1) audio gone, NT or case320
Federal tube sockets, (2)20
Field phone, WWII, Japanese, wood case, g410
Firestone small, miniature-tube portable, f210
Garrod 5, 3-dialer25
Garrod 301 transcription turntable only, no case140
Garrod RAF 3-dialer, NT40
GE KM51 table, white swirled plastic65
GE P807H transistor radio, table5
GE S22 tombstone, colonial style, w/clock, vg250
GE S22 tombstone, colonial style120
GE wattmeter, screws into light socket, unique55
GR 224L wavemeter, in wood case30
GR wavemeter, small55
Grebe CR5, WT, g350
Grebe CR8, WT, award winner625
Grebe CR9, replica tube section, WT230
Grebe MU-1 Synchrophase, NT or chains, g190
Guild Town Crier, g40
Gulton 150-watt audio amplifier, g110
H H Scott 311A FM tuner10
Hallicrafters clock radio12
Heathkit tuner & AKG headphones14
Home Brew, w/paper80
Howard FM tuner20
Hoyt ammeter, 188555
Instructograph, hand-crank5
J.B. Lansing 15" low frequency woofer25
Jackson multimeter16
Jewett Super Speaker horn90
Johnson, E.F. key and sounder50
Kennedy 220 and 525, home-brew cabinet, g825
Kennedy 281, WT (BB, g), wk, g625
Kennedy 281, WT, vg625
Key and sounder on base, odd, small600
Keystone lab millivoltmeter, 12" x 12" x 4''100
Knight R55 receiver25
L&N light beam galvonometers, (4)30
L&N mirror galvonometer20
Lincoln Radio Corp. set, w/coils & paper, vg750
Loewe Opta (German) table37
Lyric lighted sign, "Product of Wurlitzer," 8" x 8", vg550
Magnavox R3B horn speaker, g160
Majestic 410 table, plastic, (2) knobs50
Majestic Charlie McCarthy radio, vg775
Mantola R260 table, wood, (2) knobs, g50
Marconi 2KW quenched gap170
Mechanical filter for Collins receiver40
Mercury Super 10, floor console, WT, vg600
Midwest Miraco Ultra, 3-dialer, WT70
Motorola 50XC Catalin, butterscotch, restored, vg1,000
Motorola 61L11 fabric portable15
Murdock 500 horn speaker, all correct , wk550
Muter resistance coupled amplifier, NT55
National NC 66 receiver40
Navy morale phonograph, WWII, in case12
NBC Chimes100
NHK marble mike, Japanese400
Northern Electric 510, g1,100
Omnigraph code machine, g140
Operadio PA amp, (2)10
Pandora crystal set, Type 1180
Paragon variometers, (2)65
Philco 8 pocket transistor radio5
Philco 20 cathedral, wk, g200
Philco 20, wk80
Philco 37-60 cathedral, (4) knobs, f60
Philco 39-25 slant-front table, wood, g35
Philco 39-60 semi-cathedral farm radio, very nice50
Philco 42-47520
Philco 90 cathedral, wk, vg300
Philco large fringed ad banner100
Philmore crystal set, in box, f60
Pico cathedral, f65
Polydyne 3-dialer, NT, g37
Postal Telegraph 15" electric wall clock55
Privatear G2 pocket radio, (tubes?), plastic200
Radiart battery superhet, (Cleveland), WT, no case, g100
Radio Capta, French, wild Deco, plastic475
Radio Trading Co. SW receiver, award winner, e750
RCA 103 tapestry speaker, g80
RCA Victor 118 tombstone, (4) knobs, g50
RCA Victor B&W 21" console TV2
RCA Victor coin-op metal radio40
RCA Victor PX1, white plastic15
RCA Radiola AR-812 portable, w/handle, NT40
RCA Radiola II, repro box cabinet, vg130
RCA Radiola III, WT65
RCA Radiola 18, no hood, clean40
RCA Radiola 21, ornate35
RCA Radiola 25, WT & loop150
RCA Radiola 28, loop only, in box130
RCA Radiola 60, g20
RCA Rider Chanalyst, (4) new eye tubes175
RCA Rider Chanalyst w/testimonials for presentation, nice90
RCA UZ-1325 horn95
Red Star table, Russian, ornate, plastic, vg1,050
Rek-O-Kut turntable only, no arm or case90
Remler Infradyne amplifier, WT (1 dud)100
Roberts tombstone, Canadian, (4) knobs, nice180
Rocket Radio crystal sets, (2)60
Scott 222C hi-fi amp.55
Scott 222C WT (Mullard), hi-fi amp., no case65
SIF aircraft key, French, 193950
Signal Electric key & sounder47
Signal R68 code practice set, in box45
Single needle telegraph relay & indicator, nice400
Sonora 301, (European), large, Bakelite550
Sonora small console, w/dynamic speaker, vg50
Standard Micronic Ruby transistor radio, in case100
Sterling Deluxe table, p20
Stewart-Warner, 8-tube, WT, 45 (2)100
Stromberg-Carlson 10 pedestal cone speaker, wk, g110
Stromberg-Carlson Treasure Chest radio, no Type 50 tubes, f60
Telegraph training set, child's, (2) units, in box15
Tesla 308U Talisman table (Czech), plastic,230
Thompson S70, slant-front, 3-dial neutrodyne, g55
Tiny Tim crystal set47
Triplet tube tester27
Toyo marble mike, SBS, Japanese, w/case400
Tungar A & B charger10
Tuska Superdyne Jr., 3-dialer, g160
Utah large speaker, round, wood, ornate, wk320
Van Volkenberg crystal set (Mass. mfg.)100
Victoreen superhet, kit-built, in home-made birdseye maple cabinet, WT, e320
Wall plate outlets for radio power & antenna, (2)22
WE 10D horn speaker, wk130
WE 618A microphone, w/cable300
Wells Gardner large amplifier, chrome chassis140
Westinghouse Aereola Sr., WT (WD-11, g), g150
Westinghouse Aereola Sr., WT & label170
Westinghouse Aereola Sr., NT, f100
Westinghouse CB loading coil for RC, N.I.B.150
Westinghouse H126 "refrigerator" radio, g37
Westinghouse powerline carrier insertion device, rack panel10
Westinghouse RC, WT, g300
White sounder in swing arm resonator (w/requisite tobacco can)100
Whitney Inst. Co. AC ammeter, glass cracked40
Wilson Co. buzzer set, Canada, g30
Wilson key, Canada45
Wurlitzer 771 amplifier, WT, f100
Wurlitzer wireless unit, small, chromed, very nice37
Zenith 4R, NT, vg450
Zenith 7H820 AM/FM plastic set27
Zenith 7H822 table, plastic, (3) knobs22
Zenith 8G005YZ Trans-Oceanic35
Zenith 12S370 console, 12-tube, vg525
Zenith AM/FM table, plastic20
Zenith Consoltone table, Deco, plastic30
Zenith J616 clock radio, white plastic, Deco30
Zenith R60 Trans-Oceanic, very nice65
Zenith T600 Trans-Oceanic, g55

Information on joining the Antique Wireless Association (AWA) may be obtained from Joyce Peckham, Box E, Breesport, NY 14816. E-mail: awapeckham@aol.com. AWA publishes "The Old Timers Bulletin" quarterly and holds regional meets, in addition to the annual conference. Annual dues: one year, $15, 2 years, $27; overseas, $18.

Photo credits: Bill Ross, John V. Terrey

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