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Are you in the book? If not, maybe you should be! I'm talking about the International Directory of Antique Radio Collectors, published by Xtal Publishing-The Friends of Radio Antiquity (FRA).

This is a new book which lists individuals and organizations involved in the antique radio hobby. To be included, one must fill out a form (included in the introduction) and submit it to the publication. Free! No charge.

The Directory has 92 pages with names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail information in separate categories, listed geographically. These categories consist of the following: Collectors, Museums, Dealers, Clubs, Publications and even a Yellow Pages section (listed by services).

Think that's a lot? Wait, there's even more! In the back there is also a business card and advertising section (ads are not free), a Collectors Index and a Dealers Index, both listed alphabetically. Still more! For $3 each item, you can run a "permanent wants" listing, printed in bold, under your name. There is no limit to the number of items.

Personally, I find the parts and services section of particular interest, and I wish the phone numbers were included in the collectors' and dealers' indexes. However, the clever reader can easily scan through the various sections to find this info. It would also be very useful to have alphabetical listings throughout, not simply in the two indexes.

The International Directory of Antique Radio Collectors is an 81/2 x 11 softbound book printed in black and white. There are (for now) 92 pages interspersed with old-time radio ads. The cover price is $17.95, which includes U.S. postage of $2.50. It is available from Xtal Publishing, P.O. Box 253, Sandy, UT 84092-0253 and A.R.C.

This handy directory will be updated on an ongoing basis. Send a SASE to the address above for the forms to fill out for your free listing. All paid ads will run for a full year. Be sure to get your listings in right away. I'm in there -- are you?

(Dave Crocker, 4B Beechwood Pt. Dr., Mashpee, MA 02649)

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