The Radio Collector's Foto Finder

The Radio Collector's Foto Finder, by Ray Bintliff


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Hot on the heels of the Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, 4th Edition, by Marty and Sue Bunis, The Radio Collector's Foto Finder by Ray Bintliff is a boon to owners of any or all of the Bunis series. This 48-page paperback contains an easy-to-use index to the more than 2,000 high quality photographs that appear in the Bunis books.

Now that four Bunis editions have become available over the past six years, a serious collector can monitor pricing trends and take advantage of a broad base for identifying a particular radio. But, randomly searching through over 900 pages for a photo to match a given make and model number is a formidable task.

With Ray's one-of-a-kind index and armed with the brand name and model number, the radio sleuth will quickly find the appropriate edition and page number for any radio pictured in the four editions. Arranged in alphabetical order by brand name, the Foto Finder lists each model that is illustrated in the Bunis guides, followed by the proper edition and page number. An additional feature is a table of contents which gives the Foto-Finder page number for each of the 240 brand names listed.

In the preface, Ray explains the rationale for using brand names. The brand names used in the Foto Finder track the brand names used in the Bunis editions, even though in some cases the brand name and the company name are different. Similarly, Ray describes the vagaries regarding model numbers, which can consist of one or more numbers, one or more letters, or a combination of numbers and letters.

The cover of this useful book tells a story in itself, as it portrays each of the four Bunis covers, drawn by Bill Bell. Ray's goal was to provide the radio collector with quick and easy access to any photo published in the Bunis series. In "spot testing" several makes and models through the table of contents and the index, I can report that Ray has met this goal in a simplified, accurate, and well organized format. Any Bunis edition owner will value the Foto Finder as an invaluable companion when researching that elusive set in his collection.

The Radio Collector's Foto Finder is available at $12.95 in an 8 1/2" x 11" saddlestitched, soft cover format. It may be ordered from A.R.C. and other A.R.C advertisers. Be sure to check these sources for ordering information.

(Dick Desjarlais, 48 Foster St., Littleton, MA 01460)

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