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From Antique Radio Classified for January 2004
(Copyright 1996-2003 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

It's that time again -- time to celebrate a new year with its hope of better things to come, not only in the world at large, but also in our radio world. If 2003 is any indication, radio activities and auctions will continue to proliferate in 2004 and offer exciting opportunities to upgrade our collections. We can hardly keep up with the number of reports in our files waiting for publication. However, we pledge to continue to fulfill our commitment to keep you informed about everything new going on in the old radio world, whether it be auction, meet, flea market, conference, or just plain radio folks getting together.

And what event fills that description better than AWA, still the meet of the year, requiring the combined reports of Larry Babcock, Ray Chase, Ludwell Sibley, AWA itself, and yours truly. Thanks to all for their efforts. Though attendance continues to soften, this was a successful meet where the "old guard" among collectors still gathered to exchange wares and ideas, as did many new converts to our hobby.

Familiar participants, like the Chidesters on our cover, Bob Lozier, Joe Milano, and many others were everywhere, enjoying the flea market, auction, seminars, contest, and the general camaraderie. The heavy flea market activity on the first day was mindful of the good ol' Canandaigua days.

Of course the ever popular auction, which totalled $45,000, was a highlight. Among the top items were a Canadian Marconi battery set selling at $5,500 and an E.F. Johnson Viking Ranger transmitter at $2,250. It is interesting to note that this latter item and a Hallicrafters SX-88 in the Estes Auction, also reported in this issue, are unusual items. Unusual items, in all categories, usually command high prices.

We try to include photos of as many of these unusual items as possible, and auction reports have become almost an extension of Photo Review. Many readers are primarily interested in the numbers in an auction report, but the photos help to pique general interest.

In the AWA report, prewar and postwar FM receivers are pictured in keeping with the AWA FM radio theme of the Conference. The Estes Auction photos show such rare sets as the Liberty Music Shop radio-phonograph housed in a chest of drawers and the rare Hallicrafters SX-88 that sold for the tidy sum of $1,800.

The Estes auction, reported by the ever constant Ray Chase, included a number of items over $1,000. Represented were such manufacturers as Western Electric, Penn Wireless, and Grebe, with top dollars going to a Scott "Sweet Sixteen" in a Warrington cabinet selling at $3,400. We still have three more Estes auctions in our pipeline, so stay tuned.

At the other end of the size spectrum among activities is the Antique Radio Collectors and Historians of Greater St. Louis (ARCH) Radiofest Swap Meet and Auction reported by Ron Durbin. Enthusiasm counts even more than size, and this group seems to have that in spades. Most of the trappings of a big meet were included -- flea market, seminar, displays, and auction. Such events, though small, are important to the continuing strength of the radio collecting community.

Some people stand out when we think of those who have contributed much to that continuity. It's been a while since we've had an article by Alan Douglas, author, collector, and historian. We're delighted to report through his description of building an early crystal set that Alan really does make use of all those parts he picks up at flea markets. Furthermore, he demonstrates that a great deal of pleasure is derived from an early crystal set that can log in stations from Miami, Havana, and the South Caicos Islands.

Alan's article is an excellent example of the other part of our pledge -- to keep you informed about the old, as well as current events. Articles that focus on the history of radio and the preservation of old radios themselves are a primary focus of A.R.C.

Photo Review carries the "early" theme further. Among the early versions of various kinds of sets are a portable tube radio and a portable transistor radio. In addition, a Kennedy Type 525 would be highly desirable to any owner of the Kennedy Models 110 or 220 receivers.

Letters in Radio Miscellanea convey reader excitement about A.R.C.'s success in providing them with information directly and in keeping them generally informed about our collecting world. Though people overseas receive the magazine later than in the U.S., it's good to know that they find it a pleasure. This is all great news for us as we begin another new year.

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Coming Radio Events: There are a total of 34 events listed this month: 28 meetings; swap meets in five states -- New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, and New Mexico; and one auction. Try to make at least one event and keep in touch with fellow collectors through the long winter months.

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor

January 2004 cover

Our cover pictures Buford and Jane Chidester, authors of the book Classic Cones, selling some of their handsome wares at AWA this past August. The speakers shown are, left to right: an RCA 103 cloth tapestry speaker; a Tower "Ship Speaker"; and a Tower "Castle Cone." On the Chidesters' book rear cover, a photo reveals a major collection in their home. At AWA, they looked as if they were having such a good time that your editor decided a photo was in order.

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