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VOLUME 26               JANUARY 2009                NUMBER  1


From Antique Radio Classified for January 2009
(Copyright 1996-2009 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

It's a new year, and like the rest of the country, A.R.C. is ready to ring in a year that is full of change for the better. But change usually involves a bit of the old to mix with the new. First, the old -- we intend to put greater emphasis on growing our original base -- classified ads -- as our name, Antique Radio Classified, signifies.

Recognizing that classified advertising has largely migrated to the new media, we believe, nevertheless, that there is still a place for print advertising. In addition, we are aware of the need to reach those collectors who are not on the web, though their numbers are diminishing.

Now for the new. To encourage you subscribers to increase your advertising, here are the new rates: 50 words free on your first ad, up from 20 words free, and ten cents for each extra word, down from 29 cents. If you add a photo to your ad, the price will drop more than one-half -- from $23 to $10. As we all know, sometimes a picture makes the sale. Actually, these rates hark back to 1986 rates, so we could say that there is something old here mixed with the new.

More good news -- we will not raise subscription rates this year, despite the continuing rise in costs of production, printing, and postage. Obviously, like all publications large and small, A.R.C. wants to do everything possible to survive in today's challenging economic climate. Your increase in advertising will help us to reach that goal and move us beyond a major milestone in our immediate future -- the celebration of our 25th anniversary in June.

Another note of good cheer -- Radio XL (40 to us non-Romans), our annual radio show in Westford, Mass., is scheduled for February 15. If you haven't already noticed, details are on the inside cover. We hope all of you who can make it will join us in celebrating the 40th gathering of collectors for this major show, which always seems to give everyone a lift in the midst of the winter doldrums.

Discovering new information about a special radio is the greatest lift to an interested collector. Once again, Dan Schoo has been presented with more information about the uncommon, high-end Leutz Phantom, this time in the form of a dealer circular. This set in a metal cabinet is obviously unusual enough to excite a lot of interest, as Dan has received unsolicited material enough for a second follow-up. Dan does a great job sharing whatever comes his way with our readers.

Your easiest way of sharing favorite sets is through Photo Review. Dave Crocker's Atwater Kent 92 cathedral has an eye-catching trim, and Clark Trissell tells us a little more about the history of the Westinghouse Model RC. Information, big and small, is always welcome.

New information in the horn speaker department is always forthcoming from Dave Crocker. Dave has picked up Floyd Paul's enthusiasm for horn speakers, and at Floyd's request, has continued his special speaker column in the AWA Journal. Floyd has also written for A.R.C., and many of you know his excellent books on horn speakers. Dave tells us about the unusual Town Crier speaker, a classic case of marketing failure in the 1920s.

Failure is not in the lexicon of the Kutztown Radio Show sponsored by the Delaware Valley Historical Radio Club every spring and fall. We have Stan Saeger's official club report and John Hagman's very personal take on the event. Both convey the success of this event and the pleasure everyone takes in it.

It so happens that these reports contain photos of collectors whose names appear fairly often in A.R.C. It's always interesting to be able to put faces with names -- in this case, John Hagman, Mike Koste, and Mark Oppat.

Another familiar name, Ron Ramirez, is the byline on a report of a familiar annual auction -- once Eric's Auction, now the John Wiley Auction. Bargains were plentiful at this well-attended event.

Ron reminds us of how important it is to keep a traditional event like this one going even when the original operator can no longer do the job. In this case, Wayne Martin found the Wiley Service to take over from Eric Bruner, and everyone in the hobby is the better for his effort.

A.R.C. Benefits. Be sure to take advantage of A.R.C. benefits: a toll-free number (866) 371-0512; Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Visa accepted; the Web,; books shipped free in the U. S. by USPS media mail; and for current subscribers, a 10 percent discount on all book orders

Coming Radio Events. In midwinter, folks may hunker down a bit, but collectors still manage to do their favorite thing -- meet and talk about old radios. This month there are many opportunities to do that. The schedule includes 8 meets, 29 meetings, and 4 auctions. Be sure to make at least one of these gatherings.

Happy Collecting and Happy New Year from everyone here at A.R.C.

John V. Terrey, Editor

January 2009

A vintage advertisment sent in by Dave Crocker for his article on the Town Crier speaker seemed most appropriate for a New Year's cover. We hope to "ring in" better times for everyone.

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