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1999 -- a new year, approaching the end of the 20th century -- a reality that has an almost solemn ring to it. Some of us have lived through much of the 20th century, during which we've witnessed phenomenal technological developments, not the least of which is radio. The history of radio extends beyond 100 years, and we like to think that Antique Radio Classified has played an important part in the recent preservation of that history.

The advent of 1999 is also the halfway mark in A.R.C.'s 15th year, and we look forward to a special anniversary issue in June. Like our 10th anniversary issue in 1994, this will be another that we consider historic. We hope that many new, as well as past contributors, will put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to help us continue our delivery of information to collectors and historians. Articles on radio history, manufacturers, sets, restoration, repair and events -- all will be considered, and we'll try to choose carefully what is most appropriate for the occasion.

Back to the present and this first issue of 1999. The classic Reinartz receiver, so popular in the early 1920s with home brewers, is presented by William Corkutt in our lead article. In addition to describing the circuit, Bill includes a number of examples of Reinartz sets from his collection.

Dick Desjarlais shows us a way to spice up an otherwise ordinary looking 1920s radio collection -- add a cone speaker that is built as a ship model. For you antique shop browsers, ship models should grab your attention -- they might be radio-related.

E.H. Scott and Midwest are known for their massive, multiple-tube radios. However, Fred Geer introduces us to sets by the Emerson, Ansley, Pilot and Garod companies, all of which also manufactured sets with numerous tubes. Fred questions whether all of the 14 or more tubes in these sets were really necessary.

This month's Photo Review includes a sign, a calendar, a crystal set, battery sets, and AC sets, proving that radio collectors enjoy variety. Coincidentally, our look back to A.R.C.'s first year is the first Photo Review from the February 1985 issue. And Radio Miscellanea, in addition to the continuing Internet discussion, includes letters on browsing through old magazines, article kudos, and thanks from a retiring advertiser.

Richard Estes reports on his October 31, 1998, radio auction which totaled over $38,000. Phonographs and televisions shared the high-bid spotlight with radios -- a Temple TV brought $750. Richard promises an even larger auction featuring novelty radios this month.

Something that we should all heed is presented by Kris Gimmy -- tips on carrying radios to, from, and at meets. Kris suggests how to avoid the damage done all too often to radios by careless handling.

Ray Bintliff reviews Tusa's AM-100 link transmitter this month. Here is just the device you need to broadcast those old radio show tapes to the vintage sets sitting on your shelves.

15th Year Specials. We continue our discounts on full-year, back-issue purchases and add free shipping on all book orders through February 28th. As you may have noticed, our 15th-year subscriber rates are now standard, and no increase has been made in advertising rates for the new year.

Our Internet Plans. Confused? Quite understandably, there is confusion as to exactly what A.R.C. will do regarding the Internet, especially since we have encouraged discussion in our pages for months, if not years. However, any expansion of our already popular Internet site, which currently draws 5,000 visitors per month, will take into account the concerns of everyone -- those who prefer reading A.R.C. in their easy chairs and those who prefer reading it on their computer screens. We hope to satisfy both groups.

Although our plans are not complete, we can say the following:

Today's Web Site is available to all Internet users. It includes the Editor's Page, Radio Miscellanea, Event Calendar, book reviews, links to other radio sites, the cover and an article or two. All are invited to use the site to subscribe, renew, request a sample copy and place their book and video orders.

Classified Ads When? We expect to add classified ads to our Web site in early 1999.

How It Will Work. The ads will be available on the Internet on our "target day" for First Class mail, not sooner. The "target day" is the first day mailed copies are received and can be read.

For Subscribers Only: Only subscribers will have access, via a password, to the ads on the Internet.

The Hard Copy Will Continue. Don't worry, regardless of what we put on the Internet, subscribers will continue to receive their issues in the mail.

A Larger Marketplace. We expect ads on the Internet to broaden our readership, as we gain subscribers from Internet users who don't subscribe currently, and regain some who have left A.R.C. The marketplace for both groups will increase.

Coming Radio Events. Over thirty regular meetings, some with swap meets, are listed this month. The Estes auction on January 16 promises to be a big one -- more than 600 novelty radios will be offered. Also included this month is the list of U.S. club-contact information. If your club does not appear, please send us your information.

Happy Collecting in a Happy New Year!

John V. Terrey, Editor


To celebrate a New Year's Eve nearing the end of the century, our cover illustrates that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Like the folks depicted on this back cover of the 1924 Sears Roebuck catalog from Alan Douglas' vast collection, most of us still look forward to a New Year's Eve party. Inside the catalog, Silvertone, Meteor, Crescent, and Multidyne sets are advertised, all Sears house brands.

A larger view of this month's cover!

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