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From Antique Radio Classified for February 2003
(Copyright 1996-2003 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

Do valentines and radios go together? Every year we ask that question when we start to think about our February cover. Certainly the creators of early 20th century valentines thought so, as we frequently find in our archives or have sent to us postcards with valentine-radio motifs. Our candidate this year didn't make the cover, and if you turn to page 23, you'll surely guess why.

Right. As a cover, given its sentiment, this valentine might be irresistible to "radio widows" who would tack it to the refrigerator door. To avoid that hazard, we feature instead the beautiful E.H. Scott 48-tube Quaranta as a welcoming introduction to the new second edition of E.H. Scott, the Dean of DX written by Marvin Hobbs, published by John Slusser of Radio Daze Press, and the subject of two lead articles in this issue.

An avid Scott collector, John Slusser became intrigued a few years ago with the idea of a second edition of the Hobbs book, first published in 1985. His enthusiasm was matched by Hobbs himself, and they were soon off on this exciting project that produced three new chapters, other additions throughout, and a color photo section.

The new book has also resulted in a 4-page spread for A.R.C.: first, an article by John Slusser about the evolution of the second edition; next, a review of the book by Norman Braithwaite, owner of the Scott 48-tube receiver; and finally, Norm's article on the receiver's first public display in an exhibit at the Turtle Bay Museum in Redding, California.

Coincidence, collaboration, call it what you will, but everything seems to have fallen together here at the right time -- the exhibit, the publication of the book, and the Quaranta on the cover of the book, as well as on our cover. In addition, there's the very interesting twist of having a book written by someone intimately involved with the company. Someone who was there often paints a clearer, sometimes very different picture.

And so it is with Gene Katz's article on Radio Row. Though appreciating the nostalgia of A.R.C.'s earlier tales of Radio Row, followed by the vivid portrayal of the World Trade Center tragedy, Gene thought it was time for an inside story. His is the view of an ordinary worker in a time before employee benefits, or even consideration, were a big part of any employment scenario. Radio Row for him and fellow workers was less than ideal -- not exactly “the good ol' days.”

Wally Worth takes us even farther back to the 1920s with his unusual 8-tube Haynes-Griffin superhet. Since this issue seems to be caught up in superhets, we'd like to challenge Wally to get his set working and then compare it to Norm's 48-tube Quaranta of the 1930s.

Again Photo Review has something for everyone. The Kennedy battery set will catch one collector's eye, while Ham, transistor, and military collectors as well will be intrigued. A British H.P.R. Wireless set reminds us that Europe also offers many interesting sets, as Girard Faasen's display of 1930s Philips receivers and posters proves in the next article. A visit to Holland should take you to Girard's front door. The radio museum and repair shop on his grounds will be a highlight of your trip, as I can personally attest.

The Dorotheum Auction in Vienna too should be a temptation for a trip abroad. Erwin Macho keeps us up-to-date on what is going on in Europe's radio world. Had you been there this year, you might have been somewhat hesitant about the Ingelen that went for $2,200 in just a few minutes.

Back to middle America and Fred Prohl's report on the Indiana Historical Society's meet and auction. Featured was the collection of Indiana radio celebrity George Kane, which included a Zenith chairside selling at $550, along with many other sets under $100.

We also have another John Hagman report on the New England Antique Radio Club's summer meet. You'll recall that John is the “tattoo man” whose style always makes his trips to New Hampshire seem like a fun time.

Another regular reporter is Alton DuBois whose article on his Eveready No. 2 restoration proves that persistence pays. Alton doesn't hesitate to search far and wide for parts -- a lesson to us all.

In Radio Miscellanea, be sure to note the correction to the resistance line cord schematic shown on page 19 of the December 2002 issue. Thanks to you readers for paying attention and helping us to correct errors.

And we come full circle to our choice of "Valentine of the Year," thanks to Ed Adrion. In case you're having trouble reading it, here is the text: "Radio Bug. Your head is just a peanut tube. Your voice is full of static. You're simply a loud speaker, with nothing in your attic." Hope it doesn't make your refrigerator door!

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Coming Radio Events. Winter events for February abound. Radio XXXIV highlights the New England agenda, if last year's sold-out event attended by over 800 people is any test. More winter meets and another Estes auction are all lures to other parts of the country. Be sure to attend at least one near you.

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor

February 2003 cover

Our cover pictures the E.H. Scott 48-tube Quaranta, courtesy of the Norman Braithwaite Collection. This rare set is also on the cover of the new second edition of E.H. Scott, The Dean of DX by Marvin Hobbs, recently published by John Slusser of Radio Daze Press. This is, indeed, a "classic radio."

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