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From Antique Radio Classified for June 2000
(Copyright 1996-2000 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

Anniversaries always prompt reflection. Sixteen years is a long time for a specialty publication to exist in a competitive market, and we have reason to be proud of our achievement. But, though we know how far we have come since 1984, we also know that the pressure is on to answer key questions: Where should we be going in this rapidly changing computerized world, and how can we retain your support for the services we offer -- services tailored to the radio-collecting community?

Service has always been the essence of A.R.C. What is different about our service is that it is not always based on the bottom line. In fact, we deliver what you ask for, not necessarily what is most profitable to us. For example, our books are not always selected for profit like the offerings of a big Internet distributor. Instead, we choose to let the most profitable books support those that may fill the particular needs of a smaller group of collectors.

We also provide a calendar of events, regional club listings, articles on a wide range of subjects, supplier and service information, and a central clearing house for ideas and memories. Some clubs may do what we do quarterly, but A.R.C. tries to report in a more timely and comprehensive way.

A.R.C. offers in a direct, personal way what cannot always be found easily on the Internet -- an intimate knowledge of the subject and a resource to answer your questions. In addition, we and our advertisers are clearly identified by name and address.

We do not want to forfeit these values -- values that are so much a part of A.R.C.'s identity. To retain them we need your support. Your ads are as vital today as they were in 1984 when Gary Schneider hit on a great idea -- a free ad with your subscription. Yes, the Internet is a wide resource, and you may elect to trade there for free. However, you may also trade using A.R.C., both in the magazine and on the Net.

Our lead article is a good example of what we do that is special. When Robert Kitchel submitted a photo of his huge Leutz Model L-6 to Photo Review, staff member Dave Crocker recognized it as something unusual. He encouraged Robert to write more about his set. Then, a Golden-Leutz catalog surfaced in my collection, and Ray Bintliff used it to write more about the company. Before we knew it, a 6-page article had developed.

Ray Bintliff's follow-up on his adventures in early TV is a sample of another familiar A.R.C. theme -- insights into the past from people who were there. Remember Cortlandt Street and the many responses those articles evoked? Recently, the Arrow Company contacted us for a photo of its Cortlandt Street store. Again we were delighted to provide a service.

A short article by John Provan asks for contributions to an American Forces Network (AFN) display being mounted in the Allied Museum in Berlin, Germany. The article tells us how far-reaching our radio community is, and how A.R.C. is often the connecting link.

When Carlos Gimenez, Sr., wrote hoping to find the original owner of his inscribed Zenith portable, we were ready to help. However, his son moved first and made a surprise connection with the owner -- all of which makes a satisfying story of loose radio ends tied up.

Donald Bisbee offers an interesting solution to a common problem many of us have had with deteriorating old recorded tapes. Though we haven't had a chance to test the process, you may want to give it a try.

It's great news that another club has taken steps to broaden the appeal of radio meets. Two-thirds of the Radiofest meet this year will be held on the weekend.

A tradition of Radiofest has been the tour of the Muchow Museum. Sadly, Dr. Muchow passed away in March, and we memorialize his contribution to radio collecting in a "Collector Profile." Our deepest gratitude to his son Steven for contributing this article.

Jerry Wieland's article on his Internet-assisted restoration project is exactly what we mean when we talk about integrating the traditional values of A.R.C. with the new world of the Net. Jerry used our Web site to connect with Russian and Swedish collectors to find out more about his Latvian-made Riga B417. And on another international note, thanks to staff member Tammy DeGray for putting together a Club Spotlight on a club in France that is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Jim Boellstorff reports on the 10th annual Harris auction where 150 buyers bid on 500 lots. Prices were good -- many items sold in the $500 range.

Photo Review offers a wide variety of sets from the 1920s to the 1950s and Radio Miscellanea contains a welcome kudo, responses to articles, and pleas for information. Richard Gleitz's prophetic 1934 birth announcement was irresistible.

The Internet. Classified ads are back on the Net! After about six weeks of repairing our Web site with Super Glue and baling wire, we assure you that you can access the ads again. You'll find the process faster, though not as flexible as we'd like. Still, it will tide us over until we can get it absolutely right. So go to it!

Coming Radio Events. June is the heart of the summer meet season. Start with the SARS Meet in Georgia, the IHRS Spring Fling in Indiana, MAARC's RadioActivity in Maryland, the CARS RadioRama in Kentucky and end with the REPS Radio Showcase in Washington. Take one of these summer weekends and travel to a meet; you'll be glad you did.

Our 17th Year: So, here we are moving into our 17th year, feeling nostalgic about the successes of the past and looking optimistically ahead. We are grateful for your loyal support and encourage you to continue it with your ads, purchases, letters, articles and photos. They will keep A.R.C. alive and well for many years to come.

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor

June 2000 cover

This month's cover is from the Golden-Leutz, Inc. catalog of new models for 1927. The 76-page catalog is the basis for Ray Bintliff's addendum to our lead article on Kitchel's Universal Trans-Oceanic set.

Here is a larger version of this month's cover!

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