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From Antique Radio Classified for June 2002
(Copyright 1996-2002 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

Once again Bonzo lends his musical talents to A.R.C.'s cover this time to celebrate our 18th birthday. In choosing him, we thought he reflected our pleasure in reaching a very respectable age for a specialty magazine. We might even have been a little smug as we began production, thinking that this issue should be a breeze. After all, with our long experience, we know how to do it. No problem.

Well, we all know about the best laid plans of mice and men. As the deadline for the printer loomed, we suddenly became seriously shorthanded, and a new product took center stage. Rachel Page Bryan decided to surprise her mom and dad with an early arrival on May 14. Mom is Cindie, whom many of you know as our assistant publisher responsible for production.

Of course, we too had to greet Rachel on her first day in the world with a visit to the hospital and flowers, promising not to bring a laptop for Cindie to continue work. We hope to see the two of them rejoining the A.R.C. staff before long.

But even before we were jolted out of our complacency by Rachel's interruption to our publishing schedule, we had an agonizing time with modern technology you know, that amazing tool that is supposed to make our lives so much easier. Not if you run a business that today relies a lot on communication by e-mail; not if your e-mail is lost for several days due to a snafu at the service provider. But, be assured that our e-mail is now up and running, so don't hesitate to use it.

However, May 7 to 11 were dark days. If at that time you sent ads, book orders, renewals, etc., that have not been acknowledged or filled, please resubmit your order. Also, please indicate that this is a repeat of an order sent on those problematic days.

Although we did notify advertisers whose orders we were expecting of the trouble we were having, we could not know of many other new orders. If you do not see your ad in the magazine, let us know, and we'll run it in the July issue. We managed to retrieve about one-third of the lost ads, but yours may not have been among them. We apologize for the inconvenience, but like everyone else, we're at the mercy of the provider.

Despite our troubles with e-mail, the articles in this issue have a fun component and picked up our birthday spirits. Wally Worth's Wurlitzer radios, made by the All American Mohawk Corp., reminded us of jukebox dancing days. Even the escutcheon on the "Navaho" model looks like a jukebox. Did these radios coincide with the production of jukeboxes? Some historian among us must know the connections.

And speaking of connections, Richard Arnold makes one between the manufacturer of the Lyric 546T the Rauland Corporation and the Mohawk Corp. mentioned above. Richard has had luck finding uncommon radios, especially when his wife is shopping for them.

Phil MacArthur's article on the Realistic Flavoradio alerts us to the demise of the era of commercially produced AM home radio. Phil surmises that there are millions of these sets hiding out there looking for new homes to brighten up, as they do his display area.

We're always glad to have one more little, personal story about sets discussed in an earlier issue. Thanks to Alton DuBois and Harley Ryan for their short pieces on Rembrandt and Muntz TVs.

All shapes and sizes seem to be represented in this month's Photo Review. A most interesting set is the ornate cathedral that we hope someone out there can identify. The 1933 grandfather clock is also unusual in that it is a TRF made by a lesser known company.

If you're at all squeamish about rodents, don't read Jerry Wieland's "wildlife" article. On the other hand, you'll miss a good tale (no pun intended) of the perils of repair work.

As always Ray Chase can be relied on to send reports on the many auctions he attends. All items in the Uniques and Antiques Auction in Pennsylvania were outdone by a single one an Emerson green Catalin selling at $3,300.

The Paul Corrette Collection Auction in Connecticut offered more variety, from early battery sets to cathedrals and consoles. Highlights were a Ware Music Master with a Brandes "Table Talker" horn selling at $410, and a1931 Victor radio banner selling at $250.

Radio Miscellanea shows that some folks like what we do, while others think we could do better. Mailing processses are an ongoing issue. We try to explain our choices and welcome your comments.

A.R.C. Benefits. A toll-free number, 866-371-0512; Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard accepted; books shipped free in the U. S. by book rate; and for current subscribers, a ten percent discount on all book orders. Let us know that you're a subscriber and please tell us your number. Shipping must be to the address to which we send your magazine.

Coming Radio Events. Many events dot the June calendar. Be sure to look for one in your area, as there is no better way to meet folks whose interests are the same as your own possessing and preserving old radios and their history.

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor

June 2002 cover

Our "For a Happy Birthday" cover illustration is from a postcard in your editor's collection. Like the cover of our July 2001 issue, it pictures Bonzo, the pre-1920 creation of British artist George Studdy. Not shown is the caption that reads, "May fortune broadcast a happy time for you." The copyright is Valentine & Sons, Dundee and London. On the back of the card is a message reflecting a bygone era, as the writer says she will "be along for tea tomorrow." Could we rely on the mails today to get a postcard delivered tomorrow?

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