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In the grand scheme of things -- or in the history of radio -- 14 years may not seem a very long time. But, after celebrating A.R.C.'s 14th anniversary last month and embarking on our 15th year, we decided that this is a milestone. We needed to do something extra for a magazine that has fulfilled the implicit promise on the cover of the first June 1984 issue -- "Watch Us Grow."

To say the least, we have grown from that first 16-page issue, consisting almost entirely of classified ads, to an average of 100 pages, covering a whole spectrum of radio topics. To celebrate this progress, we've decided to reprint a page from that first year each month. Our reprint choice for this month is the first Radio Miscellanea, which appears, appropriately enough, on page 15 of the June 1984 "Sample Copy."

In the spirit of an entrepreneur, Gary Schneider, A.R.C's founder, mailed that free sample to several thousand collectors, hoping they would subscribe. By September 1986, when your editor purchased the magazine, 1,800 had responded. Of the about 8,000 current subscribers, we are proud to say that many still trace their support for A.R.C. to that first year.

It didn't cross our minds back then that we'd someday be thinking about A.R.C. in the year 2000 and beyond. But, here we are, moving into the 21st century and meeting head-on the same computer "Year 2000 Problem" that the rest of the world faces.

However, be assured that we have now made the necessary software changes to our subscription database and can properly handle expiration dates for the year 2000 and beyond. To the over 400 of you who have already subscribed beyond November 1999 and who for some time have seen an incorrect date on your label, we thank you for your confidence and your patience.

In our lead article this month, Bill Moore takes on the challenge of researching both the U. S. and British Pilot radio manufacturers. In addition to a chronological history of the two companies, he describes how Pilot tailored the sets, which are very similar electrically, to the different British and American stylistic expectations.

It's been some time since we've had a "Gridley Radio Shop" cartoon, and we're delighted to have space for another example of Ron Boucher's radio humor.

We've come to expect articles on cathedrals and tombstones from Richard Arnold, but this time he has surprised us. The unusual Motorola Model S-10 Lazyboy is a radio with a remote-control box separate from the large amplifier and speaker cabinet. Richard gives us four nice illustrations detailing all of the components of this interesting radio.

As always, Alan Douglas keeps us thinking. He'd like to know more about his home audio system, using 1930s vintage WE horn speaker drivers, of course. Some of you may want to respond to Alan's inquiry.

Photo Review takes us from bedroom to automobile. A motel coin-operated radio must have given many a traveler a "Slumber Hour" tune for a dime. Furthermore, he could tune in while lying in bed, as the radio was mounted upside down. A detachable transistor car radio to be mounted in or under the dashboard would assure him of radio entertainment throughout his trip!

In his AC/DC restoration article, Bill Turner presents two case histories of repairing sets with related problems. His work encourages us to recognize how the same problems appear in many radios and can be solved by the same methods. Bill's additional tips for general repair are also very helpful.

And we're grateful to Chris Kocsis for following up with more information on Robert Enemark's article on Edison's incandescent bulb in the May 1998 issue. Many of us now can better identify the lamps in our own collections. Your editor, for example, can safely say that he has a 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee lamp.

We report on three public auctions conducted by professionals -- a trend that seems increasingly common even among the clubs. Auctioneers, such as Richard Estes, Gene and Tom Harris, and Robert Arner, add to the confidence of buyers with their preauction preparation and execution. We're especially pleased when they supply us with excellent photos.

More than 400 from several states attended these auctions. Highlights included TV items, such as a Philco Predicta selling at $750. Atwater Kent breadboards were back in the action selling up to $900, while Art Deco and Catalin sets went for as high as $2,000.

In Radio Miscellanea, the Internet debate goes on. People really do care about this issue -- and, as a sign of the times, two of the letters were sent by e-mail.

For Philip Collins book lovers, his The Golden Age of Televisions is reviewed by Irene Ripley. Everyone appreciates a Collins book -- it is handsome to look at and reflects popular culture. In addition to the well known Radios: The Golden Age and Radios Redux, you may be surprised to know that Philip has written other books "for fun and profit," such as Classic Cocktails of the Prohibition Era and Cigar Bizarre.

Coming Radio Events. The big radio event months are upon us, and we urge you to attend Extravaganza in Lansing, Michigan, July 9-12; Radiofest in Elgin, Ill., Aug. 5-8; the AWA Conference in Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 2-5; and VRPS, in Dallas, Tex., Oct. 30-Nov. 1. Unfortunately, A.R.C. cannot make it to Extravaganza, but we will attend the others. We also hope to see you at the NEARC meet in New Hampshire on July 18.

Happy collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


Sometimes companies like the Harris Auction Company in Marshalltown, Iowa, send us such wonderful photos that we regret not being able to use them all. This time we decided to select four photos of choice items sold at the Harris April auction for our cover. They include (clockwise from the bottom) an Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard selling at $900, a Sparton salesman's sample "Grip the Wind" windcharger at $200, an Emerson AU-190 at $950, and a Radio-Glo Art Deco at $2,000.

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