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From Antique Radio Classified for October 2000
(Copyright 1996-2000 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

Did you notice? The times they are a changin' -- and so is A.R.C. We have a new look, both on our cover with its "cover lines," as they call them in the trade, and with some inside rearrangements.

This editor's page is no longer the first thing you see as you flip open your copy of A.R.C. Instead, pages at the front and back of the magazine will now be available to advertisers, who generally covet this space. Our ad policies and rates, as well as publishing guidelines, once on the inside front and back covers, now are found near the beginning of the classified ads. And we have added a table of contents, something many readers have requested.

These changes are a first step toward initiating a plan long on the A.R.C. drawing board -- to put the magazine on the newsstands sometime in the coming months. Over the years, we have had many inquiries about whether the magazine is sold at newsstands, so we are convinced that there is a market out there. But, to move in that direction, A.R.C. must have a more traditional format. Look for more changes in the coming months.

We foresee that many will again ask, "Why not go wholly to the Internet?" Of course, the Net has pushed the issue of attracting new readers, thus leading to the advancement of the newsstands plan. However, we remain committed to providing options to all potential readers -- those who want only an Internet subscription (a policy under consideration), those who still want to put the hard copy in a back pocket, and now, those who want to pick up a newsstand copy and might become new members of the radio-collecting community.

In the spirit of change, we've moved the Radiofest report into the October issue, rather than combining it with the AWA report in the November issue as in the past. We really wanted to single out the success of Radiofest with its public-friendly schedule and policies. Congratulations are in order.

Moving to West Coast activities, we present Hank Brown's report on the fifth annual meet of the Military Radio Collectors Group (MRCG) in California. With all the additional information Hank provides about individual sets, his articles have become an ongoing tutorial on collecting military equipment.

Whenever we read about this group's annual gathering, we think of a perfect slogan for them -- "Old military guys never die; they just have fun!" Read about the hiding place for the transmitter in the annual hunt, and you'll see what I mean. Also their seminar speakers are apt to be unique, as in the case of Bjorn Forsberg, alias the Red Baron, whose photo you won't want to miss.

Thomas Wiegand's article on Nordmende radios broadens our view of foreign sets, especially when they have operatic names! Tom makes a convincing case for these sets to be worth a second look in flea markets.

Many of you are familiar with the Crosley book capacitor, a type of compression capacitor. This subject intrigued Dale Davenport enough to wonder about others out there. When our writers keep thinking, there's no telling what new information might surface.

Two sets are guaranteed to jump out at you in Photo Review this month. At first glance, the Telefunken Navy receiver and the 1918 spark gap don't look as if they belong on the page. But, these unusual items are undeniably a part of radio history.

Radio Miscellanea contains much additional information on past articles -- everything from the Musette to early TV repair experiences and Pepsi radio decals to a new address for a cable-making company. Frustrations about the shortcomings of e-mail are also given vent. But, on a happier note -- satisfaction with A.R.C. comes from across the sea.

The Internet. For several months, our goal to get the classified ads up on the Web on a timely basis has been met. It's rewarding to see how many people are logging on to our Web site -- 10,000 hits monthly on the home page and 1,800 on the classifeds. A total of 60,000 Web pages are accessed monthly. Where are these people coming from? The answer -- from over 60 countries.

Techies out there might enjoy knowing that most folks are using PCs, 6 percent are on Macs, and 2 percent follow Dick Desjarlais' example on WebTV. The most popular choices on the site are, of course, the classifieds, followed by links to other radio sites.

Look for additional enhancements to our Web site in the months to come. And be sure to check the site about 10 days before the end of the month to find out the date the new ads will be posted.

Coming Radio Events. The month of October offers 55 meets, including the Buckeye Antique Radio and Phonograph Club's show in Akron, Ohio; the Indiana Historical Radio Society's meet in Greenfield, Indiana; the Museum of Radio and Technology's show in Huntington, West Virginia; and the Carolinas Chapter of the AWA's meet in Jamestown, North Carolina. In addition there are auctions in Vermontville, Michigan; Seville, Ohio; and Olney, Illinois. And, as always, A.R.C. will be attending the New England Antique Radio Club's Swap Meet in Nashua, New Hampshire, on October 21. Stop by our table to say, "Hi!"

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


A.R.C. has received reports from four individuals who have sent funds to Paul Etheridge of Mississippi. They did not receive the items for which they paid. Two problems were rectified after considerable effort. A.R.C. serves as a clearinghouse for complaints if readers have not been able to resolve the problem themselves.

October 2000 cover

Radio collecting covers a wide spectrum from early wireless sets to a current hot trend -- novelty radios, which are shaped like animals, media personalities, bottles, cans, etc. The colorful and amusing novelty M&M radio, an item in the Radiofest auction, was an irresistible choice for our October cover.

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Copyright © 1996-2000 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.
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