From Antique Radio Classified for November 1995
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Two radio events that can only be described as "super" share the A.R.C. spotlight this month - the annual AWA conference and the Henry Ford Museum auction in Dearborn, Michigan. At both events, many collectors saw an unprecedented array of early equipment.

The annual 4-day AWA Historical Radio Conference was attended by nearly 1,000 collectors who enjoyed a continuous flea market, four auctions, seminars, a banquet, and other activities. "100 Years of Radio" was the conference theme, and the presence of Marconi's daughter, Gioia Marconi Braga, enriched the event.

Highlights of the extraordinary Henry Ford Museum auction are reported this month with a full report to follow next month. For the first time, at least in the U. S., a single radio sold for $49,000, while 12 others sold for over $10,000 each. The auction total was $590,693. Even more significant than the dollars spent, however, was the rarity of many of the items on the block. Even the most sophisticated collector had to be impressed.

More than 300 attended this auction, and about 85 relaxed and exchanged stories of the day at A.R.C.'s first "Radio Bash" on Saturday evening.

Although the rarities seen in these events are hard to top, another article in this issue proves that there is always something different out there to make us sit up and take notice. Francis Yonker's massive, 20-tube Philco 37-890 does just that. This unusual set appears to have seven speakers, but four are resonators.

Rewinding 1920s transformers is the topic of Stephen Imms' article. Stephen offers detailed solutions to this prevalent problem.

The issue is rounded out with Photo Review, Radio Miscellanea and a club spotlight on the 25 years of the Buckeye Antique Radio Club.

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Coming Radio Events. Even though the holidays are approaching, there are still 40 events for the collector during the month of November. And for your 1996 planning, we have added many 1996 radio event dates to our "Mark Your Calendar" list.

Happy Collecting.
John V. Terrey, Editor


Although old, dirty, and modified, this 1913 Marconi Type 101 tuner brought the top bid at the Henry Ford Museum auction in Dearborn, Michigan, on October 7-8, 1995. The photo proves that Auctioneer Richard Estes was also on "top" of his job.

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