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Once again the frenzy of radio activity means a special A.R.C. issue packed with event and auction reports. In particular, our focus is on the "big ones" Radiofest '97 in Elgin, Illinois, and the Antique Wireless Association's Conference in Rochester, New York. Fortunately, your editor was able to attend both of these events and bring back firsthand information. But, this month, as with all meet and auction reports, we have also relied upon input from subscribers. Ray Chase, Ludwell Sibley, Art Bilski, Dan Schoo, and many others have supplied additional reports, photos and information. Needless to say, we are always extremely grateful to all contributors for their help.

Many readers may not realize how much time and effort goes into these reports. We first seek out multiple sources of the information so as to create as comprehensive and accurate a listing as possible. Our goal is not only to report the facts about what was there, but also to convey the flavor of the meet.

In choosing photos, we concentrate as much as possible on unusual items or displays of general interest, rather than on officials and prizewinners, who seem more appropriately shown in club publications. We do, however, try to present a human side. Through our photos, readers can often put a face to a telephone voice or to a person with whom they have corresponded.

Our hope is to present a report interesting to everyone those who were there, those who were not able to attend, and even those who may not think they have any interest in meets. Perhaps our reports may even be enough to get another reader to a major meet next year or, at least, to more local events.

Our extensive meet coverage this month has limited our space for other articles, but we have made room for a "Staff Profile" on Lisa Friedrichs, our office manager. Lisa is leaving this month to become a full-time mother. If you have called A.R.C., chances are you have spoken with Lisa. She will be greatly missed.

Although this profile is again on a departing staff member, we hope to cover the rest of our staff while they are still here. Staff change is a rare event at A.R.C. where the average tenure is 7 years.

We also include Erwin Macho's report on the Dorotheum Auction in Vienna, Austria. Since U.S. sets are not very common in Europe, they sometimes bring premium prices, such as the Westinghouse RC which brought $1,000 four times its typical U.S. price.

Of interest in Photo Review is Wally Worth's ICA Universal "Mascot," a 1-tube receiver using plug-in coils. Radio Miscellanea will return next month.

Statement of Ownership. The required U.S. Postal Service statement appears below and shows that paid circulation is 8,118 for the September 1997 issue. Thanks to all of you for your support of A.R.C. throughout the past thirteen years.

Coming Radio Events. Although the holiday season is approaching, over 40 radio events are scheduled in November. Of note are the Southern California Antique Radio Society 2-day meet in Van Nuys, California, and a 2-day, 3-club event in Tempe, Arizona. Club activities are a great way to learn more about old radios and to meet with many of your radio collecting friends.

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


Pictured on our cover is the actual miniature wooden cameraman used on the 1950s "Kraft Television Theater." This model, about 5" tall, owned by Norman R. Smith, was entered in the old equipment contest at the AWA Conference in Rochester, New York a great connection to the conference theme.

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