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In late summer and fall, the antique radio collecting community automatically goes into high gear. Two major events of the season -- the Antique Radio Club of Illinois' Radiofest and AWA's Annual Conference -- always preempt most of the editorial pages of the November A.R.C. There is just so much to report that this issue becomes a "Rochester and Elgin Special."

We also report on two California events. Dale Donalson contributes an account of the Southern California Antique Radio Society (SCARS) Auction in February. Your editor reports on the California Historical Radio Society (CHRS) Meet in Los Altos Hills, his first opportunity to attend a West Coast meet.

In preparing the reports on these events, we have been reminded of how much we rely on careful recording by collectors like Ray Chase, Dale Donalson, and Harry Blesy in this issue, and others whose names have appeared in previous issues. We've lost count of the reports over the last year by the tireless Ray Chase, who hits as many auctions as possible and never fails to fill us in. Ray is a lucky man -- he has both the time to attend these events and a tolerant "radio wife."

Photos too are invaluable. We thank Daniel Schoo, Harry Blesy, and Bill Ross for their contributions to this issue. Though your editor also takes pains to record these events and to fill in the gaps with many photos, we rely on multiple sources to present accurate reports.

Another important aspect of these reports is to convey the general ambience of the meet. The ultimate goal, of course, is to present a report interesting to both the dedicated and the casual collector, and maybe even to capture the attention of a new collector.

Even our anniversary year reprint is a report on AWA -- in 1984, our first year. It's hard to believe that, in 1984, $490 would buy a WE14-A, a Westinghouse RC and Aeriola Sr., an Amplion horn speaker, and a Philco 20.This year, the same items totaled $1,595.

Related to the November auction theme is Mark Oppat's article on how to improve the promotion of swap meets. Mark presents many ideas and suggestions, not the least of which is the need to readjust the schedule of meets so that major activities occur on weekends.

Photo Review offers a broad range of early to late radios and novelties. Radio Miscellanea presents a response from Cones and Bryant on the Zenith radio debate. Letters on safety issues, as well as an announcement of a tape recorder exhibit in Massachusetts, are also included

Internet. Plans for putting A.R.C. online are underway. We are looking forward to this new opportunity to connect with fellow collectors.

A.R.C.'s 15th Year "Specials." Our special periodical rate of $39.49 continues. Watch for future "specials."

Statement of Ownership. The required U.S. Postal Service statement below shows that paid circulation is 7,645 for the September 1998 issue. Thanks to all of you for your support of A.R.C. throughout the last 14 years.

Coming Radio Events. Though the holidays are near, 37 events are scheduled in November. Among them are the 2-day SCARS event in Carlsbad, California, and the VRPS Convention near Dallas, Texas. Your editor will attend the latter and hopes to see you there.

Happy collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


We think our cover conveys the full flavor of the AWA Conference and Auction this year booming business and a noticeable increase in family participation. The Delauters of Metamora, Ohio, certainly seemed to be having a very good time. Pictured are Jeannie and Mark Delauter with their sons, Evan, left, and Caleb, right.


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