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Although the old song says, " 'Tis the season to be jolly," we've decided to make bountiful our 1997 holiday word. Bountiful certainly comes to mind in describing this December issue, which abounds in articles and ads. It is eight pages longer than the usual A.R.C. and offers plentiful holiday reading as our gift to you.

In fact, good holiday reading may be your message to Santa when you read the three book reviews in this issue. One is by Bill Harris on the new Cones and Bryant book, Zenith Radio -- The Early Years, 1919-1935 the basis of our lead article. The other two by Dick Desjarlais review the Bunis fourth edition and the related Radio Collector's Foto Finder by Ray Bintliff. You might try leaving the December issue around the house open, of course, to the review pages or the lead article and thereby head off another wild tie under your tree.

In our lead article, Cones and Bryant preview the information in their new book on Zenith's earliest years. Then called the Chicago Radio Laboratory or CRL, the company manufactured and sold a variety of radio equipment for the amateur and the home. Those early days of expansion into a consumer market make interesting reading.

In the review of the book, Bill Harris reports that Cones and Bryant not only cover the early history of Zenith, but also include over 30 pages of color photographs of Zenith products, as well as a catalog and data base of early sets.

Bill treads gently on the controversy surrounding this and the authors' previous book The Zenith Trans-Oceanic. He comments that "...some may take issue with certain parts of the book...." (The authors themselves in their "Afterword" even take a potshot at "a few hobby writers," calling them "ill-informed individuals.") But, I conclude that this is a fine book, and I look forward to the two follow-on volumes on Zenith.

It is with sadness that we report that Bruce Kelley, the "champion" of the Antique Wireless Association, passed away on November 6th. Combining several sources, including a 1959 article by Bruce himself, Dorothy Schecter, our managing editor, has assembled a tribute to this legend among radiomen.

This month, Ray Bintliff begins a multipart look at capacitors. I expect that this series will both educate the novice and refresh the memories of many others who strive to keep their old radio treasures working.

As with many collectors, Joseph Jackson remembers his grandfather's old radio--a Columbia 31. His need to find it and get it working creates a story we all can relate to with ease.

Al Klopman reports on a blue-mirrored, rare Sparton radio that he found while on vacation in Paris. Of course, he couldn't resist purchasing it, but meeting the challenge of carrying it without damage for two weeks should win Al and his wife a medal.

Three auction reports are included this month. "Better late than never" should be the introduction to the report on the May Houston Vintage Radio Association auction. Zenith radios drew the big bids here and gross sales were over $16,000. At the Colorado Radio Collectors Antique Radio Club auction in September, Zenith items shared the spotlight with Atwater Kent and Gloritone items. A brief report on the Morgan Radio Shop auction in August shows that bargains can still be found at some country auctions.

Several short items are also featured in this issue. Ray Bintliff presents an interesting story on Bill Bell, whose illustrations appear on all four of the Bunis book covers. A short piece by Ray Mediema describes the Electronic Labs' Radio Utiliphone, a combination permeability-tuned radio and intercom. In addition, Gerald Schneider comments on the subject of club newsletters vs. journals, while George Shields writes about radio business etiquette.

Photo Review includes items from Europe, plus an early Remler audion control panel. Radio Miscellanea features an announcement of importance to A.R.C.'s staff the arrival of Ryan Nelson Friedrichs.

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Coming Radio Events. Almost three dozen events are scheduled for the radio collector during December and many clubs are holding holiday events. Attention, noncollecting-spouses! Here is a chance to learn a bit about your collector-spouse's passion and perhaps even share some of the enjoyment of collecting.

It's not too soon to be looking forward to 1998 and its offerings. Of special mention are three events just a few months away the New England Antique Radio Club meet in Nashua, N. H., Radio XXIX in Westford, Mass., and the 3rd annual ski/radio meet at Crested Butte, Colo. I hope to see many of you at these events.

Happy Collecting and Happy Holidays from all the A.R.C. staff! Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


Our cover reproduces a Zenith card for the 1956 holiday season depicting the Zenith Design Salon in Chicago a showroom for Zenith's new products. In the '40s and '50s, the well known artist Pierre Nuyttens produced these corporate cards, as he had produced personal cards for his friend Eugene F. McDonald, Jr., founder of Zenith. An additional tie between McDonald and Nuyttens was the Zenith radio station WJAZ located at the Chez Paris, a renowned Chicago restaurant owned by Nuyttens.The card is courtesy of Zenith.

A larger version of this month's cover.

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