From Antique Radio Classified for December 1998
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Although full of anticipation of good things to come, the holiday season also evokes memories of the past -- a topic made-to-order for antique radio collectors. In this holiday issue, three articles fit readily into that category. We begin with Jack Ward's article on the history of the transistor. This article is not only interesting, but timely, because 1998 marks the 50th anniversary of the June 1948 public announcement of the transistor's invention. Communication, calculation, and all things electrical have not been the same since.

A serious collector of transistors themselves, Jack combines the history of early transistor manufacturing with suggestions for putting a transistor collection together. He describes transistor types and their advantages and disadvantages vs. those of vacuum tubes. Perhaps this first A.R.C. article on transistors may encourage others to join Jack in his pursuit.

Complementing Jack's article are reminiscences from Roy Blackshear about how he met John Bardeen, the transistor's co-inventor and Nobel Prize winner. Included are Bardeen's wife's enjoyable recollections of his casual mention one evening of the invention and of his appearance at the 1986 AWA conference.

Our history-memory theme continues with Fred Geer's story of his 1895 Berliner phonograph disk master. Fred's ten-cent purchase turned out to be every collector's fantasy-come-true -- to find something rare. He subsequently contributed his treasure to the Smithsonian so that millions can enjoy it.

Frederick Ringwald's article on Cliff Gardner explores an aspect of television history. Gardner, who worked with Philo Farnsworth on early television, was the engineer who actually made the intricate television camera, picture, and other tubes for the Farnsworth image dissector television system.

Many of you may have thought that Ray Bintliff's additional articles on capacitors had been forgotten. But, "Capacitors in Old Radios, Part 2" is finally here. Ray continues his tutorial, focusing on paper capacitors. He shows their various types of construction and describes the manufacturers making them. He also suggests strategies for replacing paper capacitors. Ray assures us that the series will continue.

Photo Review offerings this month range from a tiny speaker and crystal set to a cardboard cabinet cathedral. Radio Miscellanea indicates that the internet issue is much on readers' minds, as we easily filled a page with your views. And our look back to A.R.C.'s first year is a page from the December 1984 issue -- "Collecting Radio Novelties" -- showing vintage radio games. We also include one of Ron Boucher's "Gridley" cartoons to add a light touch to this seasonal issue.

Classifieds on the Internet Soon. Get ready for A.R.C.'s ads on the internet. Make sure that you are a subscriber because A.R.C. will soon be allowing access to the classified ads via the internet -- for subscribers only. This is an excellent way for both groups of collectors -- the hard copy devotees and the computer fans -- to widen their buying and selling horizon. Currently, each group is missing the other's action. A.R.C.'s web site at http://www.antiqueradio.com will bring these two groups together. And, the paper version will continue!

15th Year Specials. Full-year packages of past A.R.C.s are being offered at a 60 percent discount. For only $24, U.S. postpaid, you can get 12 original issues for an entire year. (Issues prior to April 1987 are reprints). Look back at what was collectible, what prices were, what articles you missed, etc. A super holiday gift for both the new and the seasoned collector.

1999 -- No Rate Increases! As our holiday gift to our subscribers and as an effort to balance benefits to all readers in our expansion to the internet, our advertising rates will not increase for 1999. And in spite of the promised postal increases, our fifteenth-year special subscription rates will continue throughout 1999.

Coming Radio Events. Although December could be a quiet month for radio events, many radio clubs are having holiday gatherings for their members. This is a chance for you to share the holidays with your radio friends, and to introduce your family to them. Perhaps your family will then better appreciate your love for old radios and join you at the next collector gathering.

Thanks to all you supporters of A.R.C! Your ads, articles, and purchases have made A.R.C. the leading publication in the world for the radio-collecting community. We invite your support and participation as we embrace the technology of the internet, which, incidentally, was made possible by the invention of the transistor. With each new invention, our means of communicating among ourselves about the things we collect and love has improved. We continue to combine the best of two worlds -- the old and the new.

All of us wish all of you the best of holiday seasons and a safe and fruitful New Year.

John, Cindie, Tammy, Laura,
Dorothy, Bobby, and Dave


In keeping with the season and with our lead article, our cover shows two fine examples in red and green of the most collectible transistor radio -- the Regency TR-1. Thanks to George Kaczowka, who lent us the radios for photographing, we show them as they might have been introduced in the stores for the 1954 holiday season. The TR-1 was the first commercially sold radio using the then new transistor technology.

A larger view of this month's cover!


With the millennium coming, we must be sure of our numbers! However, two numerical errors crept into our last issue. On page 19, although the information Don Hauff gave us at Radiofest clearly said, "McMurdo-Silver Masterpiece VI," we mistakenly printed "VII."

And the printer must have wanted to see if we could count when he swapped pages 80 and 81.

I'm sure the vigilant among you caught these errors.

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