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Well, here it is A.R.C.'s very own "rogues' gallery." The photo below was taken at a fond farewell party for Chris Frederickson, our Radio Events Editor, and the subject in this issue of the first A.R.C. staff profile. The rarity of our all being together in one place with a camera also inspired the photo. And at last, we could fulfill a wish expressed often by some of you to put a face to the voice on the phone or the signature on a letter. Perhaps we should have called in a Life photographer to show us in our usual perpetual motion, but we'll save that for next time.

While we are in the celebratory mood prompted by our recent party and the many summer radio events, we remind you of our "International Collector Reception" at Radiofest XVI. We are hoping to see you all poolside at the Holiday Inn on Wednesday, August 6, at 5:00 p.m. We'll meet Jonathan Hill and friends from England, among others from abroad and around the U. S., and enjoy a relaxing hour, topped off by the fun of prize drawings. See you there!

Bob Merriam reminds us of a February good time in his article on the Radio XXVIII meet here in Massachusetts where he had a reunion with a Philco 66. As curator of the New England Wireless & Steam Museum, Bob will sponsor the annual "Yankee Radio Tune Up" on August 9, in Rhode Island. This and the many other August radio events will make interesting summer excursions for all you collectors.

Our lead article by Dave Gonshor is about the De Forest Models D-10, D-12 and D-17. In Ray Bintliff's article, he presents the construction details for an AC line control box. Ray shows that he practices what he preaches in handling the potential dangers of the 110-volt AC line.

Don Hauff reports that Catalin sets brought the highest bids at the Radio Daze '97 auction. McMurdo Silver items were hot at the seventh annual Gene Harris Vintage Radio Auction, while a Story and Clark grandfather clock radio brought the highest bid at a March estate auction in Connecticut, according to Ray Chase.

For the computer buffs out there, Ray Bintliff reviews Radio Era Archives' first CD-ROM Radiophile, Volume 1. Over 3,800 pages of early radio documentation are available for viewing, yet they occupy only 3/8 inch on the shelf!

Photo Review features a striking French battery set, and Radio Miscellanea includes several items on shipping, along with other reader feedback.

Happy collecting, and I hope to see you at Radiofest!

John V. Terrey, Editor


In keeping with this month's lead article on the De Forest Radiophones, our cover features an advertisement for the D-12 from the February 1925 QST. The big features lauded by the ad are the set's movability, its simplicity of operation, and the fact that it came complete with batteries, tubes, and De Forest loudspeaker. Prospective buyers had to realize, "There is nothing quite like it."

The A.R.C. Team

The A.R.C.Team. Front row, left to right: John Terrey, Editor; Scott Young, Production Manager; Lisa Friedrichs, Office Manager; Dave Crocker, Editorial Staff; Bobby Lyman, Office Staff. Second row, left to right: Dick Desjarlais, Editorial Staff; Ray Bintliff, Editorial Staff; Jean Meldonian, Office Staff; Cindie Bryan, Advertising Manager; Chris Frederickson, Radio Events Editor; Dorothy Schecter, Managing Editor.

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