From Antique Radio Classified for September 1997
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No question about it the big season of radio events is underway. Reports of meets and auctions abound in our files, and we try to get them out there as soon as possible for all of you to savor.

But once in awhile, an event stands out as something unique, or at least extra special, and we must give it precedence. The Breed Collection auction reported in this issue struck me as one such event for many reasons. First, it is the largest private collection up for auction in my recent memory; second, its proceeds will go to a good cause scholarships at two educational institutions; and third, its owners, Arie and Catherine Breed, are still enjoying an active life and can participate in the recipients' pleasure in their generosity.

In addition, this remarkable auction seemed to contain something for nearly everyone breadboards, rare horns, novelty sets, Catalins, etc. In our report, you will note one very special category over 100 Zenith radios, including consoles, chairside, tombstones, and cathedrals, with one splendid Zenith Louis XV Model 15U273 selling for over $4,000.

Small wonder that so many at the Elgin, Illinois, Radiofest asked me when the Breed auction would be reported in A.R.C. Obviously this is an event everyone wants to know more about, and so we have done our best to give you the full flavor of a memorable day for the collectors lucky enough to have been there.

We also report on the smaller Boccelli auction in nearby Watertown, Mass. The A.R.C. "radio boys," Dick Desjarlais and Ray Bintliff, remind us not to forget to check out the estate auction ads because that's where they found 100 or more radios on the block. Unfortunately, many others read the same ad. Still, as we all know, such is the up-and-down life of a "radiophile."

On the up-side is Ted Depto's significant auction find a Modernola Delano Sheraton which also resulted in an article for A.R.C. readers. After successfully purchasing the Delano Sheraton 5-tube set, Ted researched the Modernola Company and even found that the factory building was still standing. An old newspaper ad for the set was a nice find too. He shares his research with us this month.

We're always glad to have Ian Sanders back with another British crystal set article this time, on the Fuller Sparta crystal set. Among the unusual features of this set were the availability of three colors, as well as long wave coils and a 1-tube amplifier.

For AC set collectors, Richard Arnold describes the General Electric Model S-22, 8-tube, tombstone radio, ca. 1930s. This early GE set was manufactured when RCA was marketing GE sets.

Arvin "Rhythm" sets seem to have caught the A.R.C. readers' fancy. After a letter in our June issue on the Rhythm Belle, a follow-up letter appears this month. And Ted Depto sent in a short piece on the Rhythm Maid, which we include as well.

Photo Review shows a surprise Hallicrafters set not a "boat anchor" communications receiver, but a sleek plastic table model with 2 bands. A rare Kodel 2-tube portable set and a radio card game are also shown.

Daniel Schoo presents another of his detailed repair articles testing and replacing selenium rectifiers. From 1938 to the late 1960s, these plate-type rectifiers were used in radios. However, today, they are very expensive when they have to be replaced. A sidebar by Blake Dietze adds to Schoo's discussion of the replacement of the selenium rectifier with the less expensive and easier-to-find silicon rectifier.

Radio Miscellanea is doing its job when it contains feedback on earlier articles, as well as an exchange of ideas about how to make sales transactions better with clearer information and common courtesy. Alton DuBois has built Gary Strelow's tube substitutes (A.R.C. February 1996), while Dave Gonshor opens a discussion about whether a set is priced with or without tubes. We're also glad to report that services advertised in A.R.C. are successful and that the pleasures of radio collecting are as far-reaching as Japan.

Coming Radio Events. With the Elgin, Illinois Radiofest '97 just past (we will report on this very successful meet in a future issue), collectors are looking forward to the September, 5-day, Antique Wireless Association Conference in Rochester, New York. Over 1,000 are expected to attend this event which includes the requisite flea market, plus seminars, banquets, museum visits, equipment contest, and 4 auctions. This is a show not to be missed.

And October brings the 3-day, Dallas area Vintage Radio and Phonograph Society Convention '97. A.R.C. will be at both of these events, so I hope that you will look us up and say, "Hi." Of course, there are dozens of other late summer and fall events all across the country. Since something is near everyone, there is almost no excuse not to get out and meet with your fellow collectors!

Happy Collecting!

John V. Terrey, Editor


Our cover features a Scott Philharmonic 30-tube receiver in a Warrington console cabinet from the Arie and Catherine Breed Collection. This classic sold for $6,050 at the auction held by the Tom Harris Auction Co. in Pella, Iowa, on April 26. Many beautiful examples of radio cabinetry were in evidence at this event, which truly offered "the best of the best."

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