Smith Auction Co. Findley Estate Auction

Downington, Pennsylvania April 26, 1997


The Smith Auction Co. conducted a large cataloged sale April 26, 1997, in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The sale included radios from the estate of long-time collector William Findley, W3FEA, of Parkesburg, Pennsylvania, plus selected other items. Widely advertised via the newsletters of the Delaware Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and New Jersey Antique Radio Clubs, and also in A.R.C. and posted on the World Wide Web, the catalog enjoyed 600+ "hits" by sale day. As a result, over 200 people attended.

Auctioneers Harold Smith and Dennis Childers kept the 448 cataloged lots, along with 124 uncataloged lots, moving along. New Jersey Antique Radio Club members assisted in cataloging and setting up the sale.

Material offered covered a wide spectrum, from "wireless" (a Signal Corps pigeon cage) to transistor sets and modern audio gear. Highlights of the sale included a massive Western Electric theater-speaker driver that sold for $1,050 and a charming Turner 1930s condenser microphone that brought an impressive $1,600. A pair of DeForest D-12 receivers, one with a crystal detector, brought $2,600 and $800.

DeForest D-12 receivers

One of these DeForest D-12 receivers in leatherette cabinets sold for $2,600 (with original crystal detector);
the other for $800 (with tube detector).

Early 1930s Turner microphone and assorted radio speakers.

This early 1930s Turner microphone (front center) brought $1,600,
and is surrounded by a large assortment of radio speakers up for bids.

Other significant sales included an Atwater Kent 10B at $900, a Kennedy XV at $975 and a Radio Shop Paramount-Echophone at $950. Battery sets, unless noted otherwise, were fully equipped with tubes having good filaments.

Prices listed here are rounded up to the nearest dollar. The auction house charged a 10 percent buyer's premium in addition.

A warning: Auction prices are not current values. A listing such as this cannot adequately include the condition of cabinets, chassis, transformers, tubes, the operating status of the set, and the inclusion of incorrect, restored or replica components, etc. Auction prices are the result of the excitement of the auction process, the skill of the auctioneer and the specific interests of the participants. Nevertheless, auction prices serve as useful references and as another element in the value determining process. The possibility of error always exists, and if we are notified, corrections will be reported.

e=excellent, vg=very good, g=good, f=fair, p=poor, BBT=brass-based/tipped, N.I.B.=new in box, NT=no tubes, WT=with tubes, nwk=not working, wk=working

Air Castle 831SP, g$45
Air Castle table, AM-SW, wooden, 1930s, vg35
Airline 115445, repainted Bakelite case40
Airline AC8C Neutrodyne, refinished,80
Akai M7SP reel-to-reel stereo tape recorder, g40
Altec W-5M amp, vg110
Ambler-Holman TR5, 3-dialer, p80
American Bosch 5A table, TRF, wooden, vg40
American Bosch 80 auto radio.20
American Bosch 575 tombstone, f50
American Bosch console, f30
American D44W mike, spring-mounted,
in case w/screen, e
AN/URM-25F signal generator, g25
Antenna insulators, vintage Pyrex, etc.20
Antique DC electric motor and water pump, 1890s-1900s, g120
Apex Electric Mfg. Co. 36 table, WT, g20
Arcturus blue tubes, (6)50
Astatic D-104 mike, (early), Shure 60N stand, f20
Astatic D-104 mike (late), on UG8 stand, g25
Atwater Kent 10B breadboard, w/book, tags, e900
Atwater Kent 20(?), in Pooley cabinet, vg65
Atwater Kent 20 big box, (2)70, vg, 110
Atwater Kent 20, compact, 3-dialer, g110
Atwater Kent 30, TRF, g80
Atwater Kent 35, TRF, vg50
Atwater Kent 36 table,no power unit, cable cut, p120
Atwater Kent 36, in Red Lion desk, vg160
Atwater Kent 40 console, TRF, e140
Atwater Kent 42 table, metal, TRF, vg40
Atwater Kent 44 table, TRF, vg45
Atwater Kent 52 consolette,TRF, vg.55
Atwater Kent 55, TRF, in Kiel table, vg275
Atwater Kent 55 metal table, vg35
Atwater Kent 89 console, g65
Atwater Kent 376 console, AM-SW, Deco, vg150
Atwater Kent 511 Tune-O-Matic console,
w/service manual, disassembled, g
Atwater Kent 711 AM-SW console, e200
Atwater Kent 854 tombstone, Deco, restored170
Atwater Kent Bakelite variometers, (2), vg40
Atwater Kent E cone speaker, driver g60
Atwater Kent E cone speaker, nwk, p30
Atwater Kent E2 cone speaker, less driver.30
Atwater Kent F4A cone speaker, driver open, e40
Atwater Kent factory service manuals, (4), g200
Atwater Kent H horn speaker, nwk45
Battery kit, 3-dialer, square-toroid coils80
Battery kit, TRF, in commercial cabinet, NT45
Bendix 111W table, e60
Bino-Dio Japanese novelty binocular radio, e45
Book(s): Amateur handbooks and servicing, (15)35
Book(s): Atwater Kent 1931 service manual, g25
Book(s): Consolidated Radio Call Book, July 1920, e35
Book(s): GE 6-binder tube manual, g120
Book(s): Grinder, Greenberg, etc., (14)30
Book(s): Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams, 1926-38, (2), g10
Book(s): NA(RT)B Engineering Handbook,
4th ed., 1949, vg
Book(s): Philco 1937 factory catalog, 11" x 14" leatherette case, 50 pp., e75
Book(s): Practical Radio, Williams, 3rd ed., 1922, w/dust cover, vg25
Book(s): Principles Underlying Radio Communication, Signal Corps, 1921 ed., vg35
Book(s): Radio Broadcast magazine, Sept. 1927, g20
Book(s): Horn Speaker Encyclopedia (Floyd Paul) and Radio Supply Catalog 1922 (reprint)35
Book(s): Radio's Master 1952, '53, '54, '56, e55
Book(s): Tube manual: RCA-Cunningham RC-1115
Book(s): Zenith service manual, ca. 1940,20
Book(s): Stromberg-Carlson equipment40
Bosch Ambotone 16" cone speaker, wk, vg100
Bose bookshelf speakers (pair)150
Brewster B10 FM tuner (prewar band), e90
Browning-Drake Junior kit, battery, in cabinet, w/construction drawings, WT, g55
Bunnell Western Union telegraph sounder25
Burton-Rogers tube tester, ca. 193023
Calrad mike in box13
Coca-Cola bottle transistor radio, w/box, g13
Columbia dry cell batteries (5), and B batteries, (3), old8
Confidence Automatic tube tester, g55
Control Products GMS401 Ni-Cad charger, vg20
Craig 602 transistor radio, vg35
Crosley 4-29, 4-tube, (3) good tubes, vg130
Crosley 50, 1-tuber, holes in cabinet, WT, g140
Crosley 51, 2-tube receiver, WT, f80
Crosley 52, (1) audio transformer missing, vg70
Crosley 58 Buddy Boy, Repwood cathedral, no knobs, needs speaker cone, g80
Crosley 167 cathedral, small, vg100
Crosley 305 table, AC, TRF, f-g60
Crosley 517 tombstone, e110
Crosley 527 2-volt "battery five" table, f23
Crosley chassis, w/book condenser15
Crosley M45 Dynacoil speaker, trim broken13
Crosley Super Eleven #1117 console, vg75
Crystal detectors, incl. Philmore40
Day-Fan 5046, w/built-in speaker, vg60
Day-Fan 5106 (OEM7) 4-tube, NT, f-g50
DeForest D-12 receiver, w/crystal detector
and loop, complete, wk
DeForest D-12, w/tube detector and loop,
complete, wk
Detrola 4-tube,TRF, AC, g50
Detrola 216 Pee Wee table, bottom cracked, vg90
DeWald C-800, AM-FM, vg20
Distantone Model B 3-dialer, w/card, cabinet f40
DuMont 304A oscilloscope, g10
DuMont RA346 Chinese style clock radio, brown/gold, (2)30, vg 70
Early mike, double button carbon, desk stand45
Early resistor decade, lots of brass25
Edison 7R, AC, TRF, chassis and tubes only, g35
Edison SRC3R1 console, TRF, w/book, vg200
Eico 232 VTVM, g15
Eico 377 sine/square-wave audio generator, e15
Eico 950B resistance-capacitor bridge, w/book, vg20
Eico 2080 stereo amp50
Electro-Voice Aristocrat speakers, (pair)100
Emerson "Universal Compact" table, TRF, f70
Emerson 3-dialer, w/(1) BBT25
Emerson 415 table, g55
Emerson 502 table, marbleized cabinet, f80
Emerson 520 Catalin, black/butterscotch, vg100
Emerson 540 Emersonette table, world's
smallest superhet, crack in rear, g
Emerson 555 transistor radio, e70
Emerson 652 table, vg15
Emerson, Catalin/plastic, like 520, vg160
Erla S-50 Monodic, vg55
Evershed resistance decade (English),
distributed by S. G. Biddle of Phila., vg
Farrand 15" cone speaker, g25
Federal '40s portable disc recorder/radio in field case, w/speaker, f-g25
Federal 110, 3-tube, w/instruction card, vg625
Federal 1540T Chinese style, tilt-down panel, vg100
Firestone 4-C-26 plaid-cloth portable, vg15
Firestone 4-V-24 clock-radio, g10
Firestone Air Chief mini-table. f55
Fisher 600 tube stereo receiver, vg65
Fisher CA-40 amps, (2), g35
Franklin Big Five, 3-dialer50
Freed-Eisemann 48, g120
Freed-Eisemann 147 cone speaker, nwk, g55
Freed-Eisemann FE-15, 3-dialer, e80
Freshman B eliminator, WT, g20
Freshman Masterpiece 3-dialer, early, g60
Freshman Masterpiece 3-dialer, vg70
Freshman Masterpiece, single dial, WT35
Frost Musette mini-horn speaker, driver g60
Gates Radio & Supply Co. broadcast remote board, w/3 carbon-mic inputs,
some internal modifications, from WDAE
(W. Palm Beach, Fla.), NT, vg
GE (by RCA) M-40 table, AC, TRF, g28
GE 160 2-volt portable, f-g13
GE 636 farm table, vg8
GE Coke-can novelty transistor radio, vg13
GE DP12 ammeter, 10/100 mA5
GE H634 table, AM-SW, vg15
GE LC638 radio-phono, f5
GE P761A transistor radio, g5
General Electric GD-52, g15
General Radio 650A impedance bridge, vg70
General Radio audio oscillator, 1930s, g10
Golden-Leutz PL10-6, 2-dialer, NT, wk275
Grebe MU-1 Synchrophase, w/orig. book,
card, and QSLs, WT, g
Grigsby-Grunow 572 table, less bezel, g50
Grundig Mini-Boy transistor radio, N.I.B.75
Grundig transistor radio, in box w/accessory speaker75
Hallicrafters plug-in tuning units, for HT-9 or similar, g50
Hand telegraph keys, (2)45
Headphones: pairs, (21)100
Heathkit AM-FM mono tuners, 1950s, (2)13, 13
Heathkit HWA-2036-3 12-V supply, wks, vg10
Heathkit IM-11 VTVM, g10
Heathkit IT-12 signal tracer, g30
Hoffman Solar transistor radio, e120
Home-brew loop tuner/wavemeter, w/loop antenna, General Radio parts60
Home-built amplifier for Shamrock set,
Crosley parts, unfinished
Home-built battery set, National dials60
Home-built crystal set, 1920s, oatmeal-box slider coil, vg90
Home-built Litz-wire loop antenna,60
Home-built (?) crystal receiver, w/plug-in coils (2), Kilbourne & Clark(?), e150
Homemade regenerative, NT25
Howard FM tuner (postwar band), vg23
IBM desk mike in box40
Instructograph code-practice tape senders, (2),
1 wind-up, 1 AC-powered, w/tapes, g
Jackson 103 vintage tube tester, vg25
Jewett horn speaker, good driver, e150
Kellogg 70A horn speaker, good driver, vg100
Kellogg 505 B eliminator, g15
Kennedy horn speaker, good driver, e180
Kennedy XV Type 430, TRF, WT g, e975
Kenwood KC-6060A solid-state "audio lab-scope"45
Keystone Elect. Inst. Co. 300-V DC voltmeter, w/case f, e18
King (?) highboy console, e45
King 80A, WT, vg60
Knight SW receiver15
Knight-Kit Space Spanner, BC-SW, vg30
Kolster (Brandes) 6J table, TRF, vg45
Kuhn VHF receiver, 8 bands, e25
Lafayette J16 table, refinished, vg75
Lafayette tube tester, w/case.8
Lorgnette hand-held ear pieces (hearing aids?), (2)20
Machado & Roller Sage telephone-telegraph tone-bridge ohmmeter30
Maggard-Bradley Cosmograph portable 35mm projector, w/oak case, g110
Magnavox Model D, TRF, vg170
Magnavox R3 horn speaker, driver g, e110
Magnavox R3 Model B horn speaker, driver g90
Magnavox Telemegaphone 1153 Type L-2 horn speaker,
w/MC-1 control box, e
Majestic 50 TRF consolette, restored100
Majestic 461 table, Deco, vg80
Majestic GTS-33 transistor radio, w/case, vg30
Mallory UHF TV converter, e80
Mellow-Tone NR23 boy's radio, w/box, g35
Microphone ribbon-type built into 3" aluminum sphere, Navy inspection stamp275
Mike on desk stand75
Military key w/knee clamp35
Millen wavemeter set (Signal Corps I-129B), (4), e18
Military HF-VHF transceiver No. 19 MK II,
Russian/English marking, mfd. by Zenith
Minerva W119 table, AC, p-f10
Mirrortone 4B7, Bakelite, ivory35
Morris coil winder, complete, w/instructions50
Motorola 5J1U Jewel Box, portable, AC/DC, f45
Motorola VHF land-mobile base station, g.100
Motorola VT-71 TV set, 7", e60
Murdock variable capacitor, Mesco telegraph sets (2), (1) g, (1) missing coils,
Federal switches, nickeled panel labels, etc.
NESCO (National Electrical Supply Co.) CGR-5A Coast Guard 1-tube regenerative,
metal-cased version of IP-500, 40-1200 kHz, S/N 48, w/descriptive book, e
Newcomb-Hawley B3 cone speaker, f25
Norelco Protelgram projection unit, w/Emerson 637 TV set, w/Norelco book, g.90
NSK 6" vernier caliper w/dial readout, wooden case, e30
"On Air" sign, 4" x 16" lighted, modern40
Parts: Box lot:, antique knobs and vernier dial, 3-gang variable cap. w/vernier drive30
Peerless cone speaker, driver, (2), g20, 25
Peerless horn speaker, wk85
Peerless R-1581 Gothic cone speaker, f23
Philco 20 cathedral, AC, f80
Philco 38-7 table, AM-SW, vg100
Philco 38-14 table30
Philco 38-15 table, AM-SW, f25
Philco 40-115 table, superhet, wooden, vg35
Philco 41-250 table, AM-SW, f20
Philco 42-34 table, AM-SW, g20
Philco 42-321 table, g, vg20, 35
Philco 46-350 tambour-door portable, vg40
Philco 46-1201 "Bing Crosby" radio-phono, vg35
Philco 49-350 table, superhet, g40
Philco 49-1405 table, radio-phono, vg.45
Philco 51-631 portable, g13
Philco 60 cathedral, BC-SW, vg75
Philco 84 cathedral, refinished, g50
Philco 95 console, g65
Philco 220 BC-police table, g23
Philco 610 console, f-g20
Philco 610 tombstone, AM-SW, f-g220
Philco 7001 VTVM, g35
Philco console30
Philco E-60 cathedral, f70
Philco factory service manuals, 1928-38 sets30
Philco TH4 Transitone, g45
Philco tombstone pair: 620, cabinet g, no speaker; 37-610, discolored cabinet,120
Philips BX-326A receiver, 6-band, AM, SW, e140
Philmore diode crystal-set kit, w/instructions15
Philmore Little Wonder crystal set, Bakelite, vg45
Phono turntables, (1) 45 rpm, (2)18
Pioneer "Radio" parlor game, in box40
Pittsburgh Radio Supply House SP2, w/(1) g BBT tube, less (1) AFT, e.675
Precision 200C signal generator, vg20
Precision Apparatus 954 tube and set tester,
w/updated adapter
R.E. Thompson horn speaker, vg170
R.E. Thompson Neutrodyne, 3-dialer, vg80
Rada Cron table clock/radio,TRF, e200
Radio game, Bingo40
Radio Shop (Sunnyvale, Ca.), Paramount/Echophone A table, regenerative,
w/AWA contest ribbon, grille cloth p, vg
Radio table, '20s, w/built-in 8" speaker, e60
Radiola 25, w/loop, meter, refinished?, wk, vg145
Ramstone Tri-Tube battery set, w/card25
Raytheon 8TP-4 transistor radio, vg70
RCA 6X5, 5-tube, shocking pink, vg23
RCA 56X, AM, AC-DC, vg20
RCA 100 drum speaker, (2), f, g25, 30
RCA 100A cone speaker, driver g, e30
RCA 100A cone speaker, nwk25
RCA 100A speaker, repainted driver, g,20
RCA 103 cone speaker, trim paint odd, vg70
RCA 103A cone speaker, e90
RCA BK-6 lavalier mike (MI-11017), e23
RCA Radiola 16, vg80
RCA Radiola 18, less hood, vg30
RCA Radiola 18, on filigree cast stand, vg80
RCA Radiola 18, w/hood, g40
RCA Radiola 25 superhet, w/loop, meter, vg180
RCA Radiola 60, g80
RCA Radiola AR-812 portable superhet, vg100
RCA Radiola III-A, w/199 tubes, vg160
RCA small tube caddy, WT new & used28
RCA TVM-5 signal generator25
RCA UZ-1325 horn speaker, base p, driver g,80
RCA UZ-1325 speaker, driver open, f30
RCA Victor 2X61 table, vg23
RCA Victor 8X542, vg25
RCA Victor 9JY phono, 45 rpm, g35
RCA Victor 45EY3, 45 rpm phono, (2),vg35, 40
RCA Victor 56X, g20
RCA Victor 75X12, g25
RCA Victor 810T table, veneer loose,70
Readrite 700 tube and set tester, in case10
Readrite 720 tube and set tester, g15
Realtone TR-861 transistor radio, g35
Reception (Philadelphia), 3-dialer, g35
Regal Electronics 205, Bakelite, brown, g25
Regency AR136 VHF monitor set, vg15
Regency TR-1 transistor radio, red, e250
Regency tube amps, (1) large, (1) small20
Reylux boy's radio, small crack15
Rider's manuals, Vols. 1-20, w/indexes, g300
Rider-RCA Chanalyst, f-g35
Schneider-AES ARBE A-B-C supply, vg70
Sencore "Hybrider" tube/transistor tester, vg25
Sentinel 275T farm table, cabinet f5
Shamrock 1-tube receiver, BBT, g160
Shure 51 mike, floor stand f, e40
Shure 55 Unidyne mike on stand, gold finish70
Signal Corps BC-348N aircraft receiver,
power supply added internally
Signal Corps EE-8 field phones, (2)35
Signal Corps PG-102/CB portable pigeon cage,
new, (no pigeon)
Silvertone 4500A table, AM, g35
Silvertone 4500A table, f28
Silvertone 451945
Silvertone 4586 console, AM-SW, g175
Silvertone 4769 table, w/magic eye, cabinet g40
Silvertone 6071 table, radio-phono, g35
Silvertone 6424 table, g40
Silvertone 7038 table, AM-SW, g30
Silvertone 7166 lunchbox, portable, f15
Silvertone 8003, steel case, vg35
Silvertone 9005, Bakelite, brown, vg15
Silvertone Neutrodyne, 1-dial, WT, e70
Silvertone Neutrodyne, chassis-only, g25
Sonora Deluxe cabinet horn speaker, driver g, vg30
Spark coil, small, wood, HV winding, g25
Sparton 400 table, TRF, vg80
Sparton 867 console, g60
Sparton AC62 table, TRF, McCullough AC tubes, w/book, vg150
Spica ST-600 transistor radio, e45
Standardyne, 3 dialer, WT, g120
Stewart-Warner 300, 3-dialer, catalog, e120
Stewart-Warner 801 table, TRF, g25
Stewart-Warner R180A table, AM-SW, e100
Stromberg-Carlson 325H table, AM-SW, vg70
Stromberg-Carlson CCT-522210 (Navy ATA) transmitter, unconverted, vg20
Stromberg-Carlson hi-fi sign, lighted, 1960s110
Stromberg-Carlson portable, plastic/leather40
Stromberg-Carlson AM tuner, tube-type, N.I.B.25
Superior Electric 22A Powerstat, 0-140V, e20
Superior TV 11 tube tester, wooden case25
Supreme 89-D tube and set tester, g40
Supreme 599A tube and set tester10
"Talk Through Radio" mike, N.I.B.30
Telegraph straight key, Bakelite base110
Trancel 7TM-312F transistor radio, vg55
Transcontinental ZR-4, partly disassembled80
Trav-Ler table, TRF, f45
Triplett 630 VOM, vg20
Triplett 1612 tube tester, 8" meter, f20
Tube cartons: Box lot for display40
Tube(s): 01-A to 27, in cartons, (60±)60
Tube(s): 01-A, (14)110
Tube(s): 01-A, 47, 71, etc., in cartons, (35±)60
Tube(s): 1L6, VT-25A, 5693, etc., fils g, (13)55
Tube(s): 2A3, used, g, (3)55
Tube(s): 6B8 to 6Z7, octals, in cartons, (60±)15
Tube(s): 10 (1 S-bulb, 1 ST), used, boxed, (2), g55
Tube(s): 10 (4), VT25 (2), 874 (1), Tungar (1)50
Tube(s): 27 to 78, in cartons, (60±)60
Tube(s): 45, N.I.B., (5)110
Tube(s): 45, used, g, (8)70
Tube(s): 50 (1), 45 (3), 81, (2)35
Tube(s): 50, used, boxed, emission tests g, (2)130
Tube(s): 78 to 6B8, in cartons, (60±)20
Tube(s): 201-A, (14)110
Tube(s): 250TH on wood base, (2)28
Tube(s): Big-pin (about half modern rectifiers),
in cartons, (40±)
Tube(s): Metal-octal steel-stamped 1935, (28)45
Tube(s): Metal-octal, steel-stamped, 1935,
(6A8, 6C5, 6F5, 6F6, 6H6, 6J7, 6K7), (21)
Tube(s): Mullard EL37, 1 new, 1 used, (2)15
Tube(s): Rectifiers and HV types, in cartons, (25), plus vibrators and lamps20
Tube(s): Transmitting 203, 814, 866, TZ-40, etc., mostly new, (34)100
Tube(s): WD11, (4)65
Tube(s): WD12 (4), UV199 (4) (3 BB), 201A BB (1)65
Tube(s): Western Electric 205Ds, fils g, (2).190
Tube(s): Western Electric 215A in box and 217A, fils g.60
Tube(s): Western Electric 217A and VT-2, fils g.130
Tube(s): Western Electric 231D (3), (1) open, (2), fils g25
Turner condenser mike, early 1930s, w/preamp box, nickeled base,
styled like RCA 4AA, w/home-built supply, finish e
Variable capacitor, huge, old20
Variac, bench style30
Vibroplex bug key w/carrying case, vg130
Vibroplex bug key, less small parts, f85
Victor Victrola VI table, crank phono,
converted to horn speaker w/WE driver
Wega 1809 (?) table, AM-FM, case chipped20
Wega 1809-1 table, AM-FM, vg35
Wells-Gardner Navy RBL-3 VLF-LF, military,
w/WWII nameplate, (USS New Jersey), vg
Western Electric 20AL candlestick telephone, made into lamp but recoverable80
Western Electric 555W theatre horn-speaker, coils continuous, driver vg1,050
Western Electric manual candlestick phone, bulldog transmitter,
w/head receiver.
Western Electric manual candlestick phone, bulldog transmitter.70
Western Electric TS-51/U radar frequency meter and wattmeter, vg25
Western Union sounder45
Westinghouse AC amplifier, w/199 tubes in adapters, new hinges and lid clasp170
Westinghouse DA det/amp, NT, e170
Westinghouse H-104 console25
Westinghouse H-125 refrigerator, green, g75
Westinghouse H-126 Little Jewel refrigerator, g75
Westinghouse H-130 table, vg15
Westinghouse H-621 transistor radio, vg5
Westinghouse RA tuner, e150
Westinghouse WR-184, 5-tube, g80
Westinghouse WR12X4 table, g25
Westinghouse WR15 grandfather clock, vg300
Weston 519 tube and set tester, case f, vg33
Weston 519 tube and set tester, g18
Weston 547 tube and set tester, Bakelite, g25
Weston Model 1 DC volt-ammeter, e, w/case, f45
Zenith 2542 AM-FM table, vg10
Zenith 5S127 tombstone, AM-SW, AC, g120
Zenith 9S367 console, g85
Zenith Deco console, g35
Zenith H-500 Trans-Oceanic, vg90
Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic, original diagram and book, vg110
Zenith H511 table, vg30
Zenith H624 table clock-radio, g18
Zenith J504 portable, g20
Zenith M505 portable, e10
Zenith Royal 500 transistor radio, vg50
Zenith Royal 2000 transistor radio, vg40
Zenith Royal 3000 Trans-Oceanic, g35
Zenith Royal R705Y transistor radio, f5
Zenith Trans-Oceanic90
Zephyr ZR-620 transistor radio, vg80

A Rada Cron cathedral

This Rada Cron cathedral in excellent condition brought a bid of $200.

Photo credit: Robert Thomas, W3NE.

(Ray Chase, 1350 Marlborough Ave., Plainfield, NJ 07060; Ludwell Sibley, 44 E. Main St., Flemington, NJ 08822)

(Smith Auction Co., 1415 Horseshoe Pike, Glenmore, PA 19343)

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