A.R.C. received a press release by fax today from the British Science Museum shortly after its meeting with GEC-Marconi, the Essex County Council, and the Chelmsford Borough Council. After five weeks of discussion, the parties agreed in principle to keep the Marconi Collection intact and in the U. K.

The press release states, "GEC will donate the Collection, valued at £3 million, to the nation, subject to certain assurances of safe keeping and public access. Ownership of the Collection is planned to transfer to the Science Museum."

In turn, the Science Museum will loan all or some of the objects in the Collection to the Chelmsford Borough Council where they will be available to the public in a new, first-rate facility. The Science Museum will also create a complete inventory of the Collection, take responsibility for its conservation, and arrange the loan of objects to other museums of standing.

Sir Neil Cossons, Director of the Science Museum, said that this collaboration with Chelmsford is only one of many that the museum enjoys. He views these arrangements as "an effective and responsible way to ensure maximum access to collections and objects of importance."

Since Marconi created the first radio factory in Chelmsford, Mr. Martin Easteal, Chief Executive of the Borough Council, said, "We are all very proud of our connection with him and with the Marconi Company, and we feel that it is right that the people of Chelmsford will in future have such good access to the Collection."

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