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The interesting photo below shows Powel Crosley, sometime in 1926, testing one of his latest radios in a lab room of his factory. The photo was sent to me by Powel's grandson, Lewis Crosley, who resides in Sarasota, Florida, fairly close to the Crosley mansion, which is now undergoing a massive restoration process.

Powel Crosley, sometime in 1926, testing one of his latest radios in a lab room of his factory

In studying the photo, I came to the conclusion that this was probably some kind of promotional piece for two reasons: 1) There is such a variety of equipment shown, and 2) Powel's face definitely has been touched up. 

The radio on the radiator to his right is a 3-tube Crosley Super Trirdyn Regular, which appeared in the fall of 1925. The set under his right elbow is a Model RFL-60, which was a 5-tube set offered in early 1926. Powel's left hand is operating the "Crescendon" knob of a brand new 1926 Crosley Model 4-29, a 4-tube receiver.

The 1926 Crosley Model 4-29.
The 1926 Crosley Model 4-29.

Above the large power supply (manufacturer unknown) in front of Powel are two Crosley cone speakers -- a Musicone and a Super Musicone, which is turned around. The metal box to the left of the Model 4-29 looks like a prototype of the Crosley AB and C power unit, which was announced in April 1927. 

The spectacular Crosley mansion and grounds on the Gulf Coast at the Bradenton/Sarasota line will be open to visitors sometime in the year 2000. Exhibits of Crosley products, as well as those of other well-known entrepreneurs, are planned on a rotating basis. Watch for the announcement of the opening in a future A.R.C.

(Dave Crocker, 4B Beechwood Point Dr., Mashpee, Cape Cod, MA 02649)

Dave Crocker, a member of the A.R.C. staff, lends his skills as a graphic artist to the layout of the magazine. He has been actively collecting radios for over 29 years. Many of these years have been spent researching and collecting items manufactured by the Crosley Radio Company.

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