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From Antique Radio Classified for February 2000
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More on Raytheon Tubes
Dear Editor:

I have congratulated Phil Whitney on his interesting article about the labeling of Raytheon tubes in the October 1999 A.R.C. He mentioned that Raytheon occupied the plant used earlier by the makers of the famous Liberty airplane engines found on World War I bombers. I had never heard that story before. I wondered if that was the Lowell, Mass. plant formerly known as the Davis Aircraft Company. If not, where was this plant located and what was its name? Phil's photo of the tube with "Raytheon" stamped on the metal plate inside the tube is very good. I have only one such tube in the Raytheon archives here in Lexington, Mass., and it is quite unusual.

One of the reasons the tubes were branded "Eveready Raytheon" was that National Carbon, owner of Eveready, signed an unpublicized option in 1929 to buy Raytheon for $15 to $19.5 million within a few years. The company agreed to invest $500,000 to cement the deal, and Raytheon agreed to make a line of standard receiving tubes with half of them marked "Eveready Raytheon."

When I joined the company in 1935, National Carbon had let the option go in the early 1930s and never acquired Raytheon. By 1935, we were "private branding" many of our tubes with Philco, RCA, GE, Silvertone, Motorola, etc. No one tube company was able to tool up for all the tube types, as it was not economical. Enjoy your magazine each month and circulate it to three people here at the Lexington plant.

--Norman B. Krim, Archivist, Raytheon, Company, Lexington, MA

Who Was Ulysses A. Sanabria?
Dear Editor:

In response to the inquiry in the October 1999 A.R.C. about TV pioneer Ulysses A. Sanabria, I offer the following information: I am a graduate of the American Television Institute of Technology, which Mr. Sanabria founded. Enclosed is a copy of the commencement program for the class of 1952. U.A. Sanabria is listed as President and Founder, J.M. Sanabria as Vice-President, and H.N. Sanabria as Treasurer.

Others listed are Col. George Engelthaler, as Director of Training, Milton Goldstein as Dean, and Col. Paul G. Armstrong, and Park Livingston as trustees. None other than Dr. Lee De Forest is named as Director of Research. Perhaps some of these names can be traced and will lead to more information about U.A. Sanabria.

--Donald G. Spencer, Burney, CA

Without A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

Our radio hobby wouldn't be as exciting or productive without your great A.R.C.

--Bill Olson, Filer, ID

Con Auction Reports
Dear Editor:

I'm annoyed! Every issue has pages and pages of results of distant auctions. I couldn't care less that someone paid more than a radio is worth.

I would like to see more technical articles with information on restoration and articles on the history of sets. If anyone seriously wants a list of auction results, put it on your Web site. Don't take up the limited article pages.

--Alton A. BuBois, Jr., Queensbury, NY

Unfortunately, we can't always please everyone. However, we always insure that our meet and auction reports include more than just prices. The November 1999 Rochester & Elgin Issue, for example, included 14 photos from a special Zenith Exhibit including three Zenith Stratospheres; one Stratosphere was shown in color on our cover. Numerous unusual and/or rare sets such as the Pocket Radio, Paragon RA-6, Victory-Grantone, Pierson radio, etc., were included among the 64 photos in that issue.

We also run these meet and auction reports to encourage collectors to attend these events where they meet and talk with other collectors and learn more about old radio, which we all enjoy.

By the way, auction prices are included on our web site. (Editor)

It's Not The New Millennium Yet!
Dear Editor,

I just saw the front cover of A.R.C. and the first sentence of your comments. I am sure you must know that the 3rd millennium and the new century does not start until next year, 2001. Have you fallen for all the hype put out by the media, Madison Ave, and the computer people into believing the we are in the 3rd millennium now??

If A.R.C. were not somewhat of a historical magazine, I would not think too much about it, except that here is just one more organization going along with all the incorrect hype. It is disappointing to see A.R.C. fall in line with all the rest of the sheep.

I like history, and dates are important. The way I see it, by accepting the insertion of a "zero" year before year 1 A.D. which conveniently, although wrongly, makes year 2000 the first year of the new century and of the 3rd millennium is like trying to revise history. There was no "zero" year!

Oh well, I know my voice is just a feather in the wind. I am happy though that there are more folks out here such as myself that are trying to keep the truth alive and well concerning what century and millennium we are experiencing.

--Allen W. Steiner, Burlington, KS

I guess that in a weak moment, A.R.C. succumbed to the millennium hype. See the "Editor's Page" in this issue for more comments. (Editor)

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