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From Antique Radio Classified for March 2000
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Steinite Exhibit
Dear Editor:

The Atchison County Historical Society is in Atchison, Kansas, the hometown of Fred W. Stein, inventor of the world's first no-battery electric radio and a pioneer in the development of wireless phones. The society is creating a special exhibit of his Steinite Radio Laboratories and Manufacturing Co. and is seeking additional items to include in the display scheduled to open this spring.

Many have been willing to share their collections with us so that the thousands of annual visitors can have a memorable experience in Atchison. Steinite is still in business today, producing a moisture tester for grains, also a Stein "first," instead of radios.

On display now are three early console and tabletop radios and even a newly donated early crystal set, which we hope to have in working order for the exhibit. No doubt there are many more authentic pieces out there, and we would appreciate any donated or loaned items. We will also bid on items, but have limited resources and depend on contributions heavily. Please contact Chris Taylor at the Museum at (913) 367-6238 for information.

--Jack Hayslett, Atchison, KS

Loctal Tube Question
Dear Editor:

Some years ago, I read that the high frequency performance of loctal tubes could be improved if the metal ring around the base was removed. I have never tried this, so I don't really know. Does anyone else know?

--L. Schimmel, Spanaway, WA

Early Negative Feedback?
Dear Editor:

I have just finished restoring an Atwater Kent 40 receiver and noticed something interesting. The "low" side of the loudspeaker returns to the center tap of the 2nd audio filament shunt resistor and more or less to the first AF filament via a circuitous path instead of directly to ground.

When the low side of the speaker is connected directly to ground, the usual second order distortion is noted, as is typical of the battery sets. Some of this distortion is probably due to nonlinearity in the RF stages before the detector. However, when the low side is returned correctly, as in the diagram for the Model 40, the distortion is lowered and the low frequency response is notably improved.

I wonder, did Atwater Kent discover negative feedback in 1927 but fail to identify what it may have discovered?

--John Watkins, Jr., Richmond, VA

Ad Success
Dear Editor:

The last ad I ran sold five of seven radios advertised. Thanks!!

--Ray Schmidt, Austin, MN

Prefers the Web to Print
Dear Editor:

You are good! I like the new look and I will resubscribe now. I know you've been working hard on this venture, and collectors like me who deal mostly via the Web, appreciate your efforts. Your traffic will grow more because you are trying to keep up with the times. I would rather read about radios on the Web than in a magazine, mainly because my "hobby habits" are centered on the computer/Internet, not in a print magazine. It's a sign of the times.

--Gary Arnold, Marion, NC

Web Site Frustration
Dear Editor:

It seems as if most of the times I go to your Web site, it crashes. Finally I succeeded in getting your subscription form and discovered that you expected me just to give you my credit card number on a nonsecured page. Think again. As far as I'm concerned that's just bad business, and I'll have to find other sources for the information I'm looking for.

--Mark Richardson, Washougal, WA

Stability of all aspects of the site and security in the marketplace are two top priorities for our site. The editor's page and various articles in the past year have discussed the web-related frustrations we have had. However, by the time you read this note, our secure shopping cart may well be up. On the other hand, since 1995, with hundreds of orders, we have had no problems with the current system. We urge you to keep checking for the secure feature to be released. (Editor)

Web Archive Article Correction
Dear Editor:

I enjoyed reading about the Delano Sheraton radio in an article from the September 1997 issue on your Web site. One small point: At the end, you mention S.R. Leutz. I think that is was C.R. Leutz.

--Bill Meeker, Ames, IA

It's a pleasure to know that Bill and others are using the A.R.C. archival articles on the Web either for general reading or for research. An interesting Web advantage is that errors can be corrected, unlike those on a printed page. (Editor)

Superlative Web Site
Dear Editor:

I think your Web site is superlative -- and a bunch of other superlatives that I can't think of!

--David Skidmore, Akron, OH

Link success
Dear Editor:

Just a quick note to say thanks for the link you gave me on your Web site. In the approximately six months that it's been there, I've had over 2,400 hits!

--Zachary Taylor, Lincoln, IL

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