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From Antique Radio Classified for April 2001
(Copyright 1996-2000 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

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E-Mail Snag?
Dear Editor:

Just a note of interest. When I e-mailed my ad for the January 2001 issue, my e-mail came back undelivered. By the time I had received the returned e-mail, it was too late to resubmit the ad. Apparently, at least on my server, the first three upper case letters of your e-mail address do not correspond to the same three lower case letters. This month, I typed in the same e-mail address using all lower case letters, and you received my ad. I only mention this because your published e-mail address using, upper case "ARC," may be causing delivery problems. Others may be experiencing the same difficulties.

--Michael Cutler, Galveston, TX

We appreciate your concern, but the problem must have been caused by something else. Any form of "ARC" -- upper or lower case, with or without periods -- even any other word placed before "" is always sent to us because we own the domain name "" (Editor)

Caveat Emptor on the Internet
Dear Editor:

I've been in the antique radio hobby for about 15 years and an electronics enthusiast for at least 40 years. I'm writing to warn your readers to be very careful when purchasing radios or related items on the Internet. Most of the sellers readily admit knowing nothing about what they are selling, so asking questions prior to a sale does not mean you'll get an educated answer. Go into these auctions with your eyes wide open and expect the worst.

An Atwater Kent 145 I purchased at auction was described as "complete," except for the power plug and dial cover. I soon found out why it was missing the plug -- almost all the under-chassis wiring had to be replaced due to insulation dry rot; even the power transformer had to be disassembled and its wiring replaced before I could consider powering it up.

Remember you're not usually dealing with radio people on the Internet-- just people out to make some money. My best experiences have been from buying and selling right here in A.R.C. or at one of the meets advertised. Radio people are honorable, and I have yet to be disappointed -- at least, we all speak the same language.

--Gary Haberman, Plainview, NY

Although the seller you encounter via A.R.C. usually is more knowledgeable, often he too may not be knowledgeable about the particular item he is selling. So, on all purchases not made in person, try to ask the right questions so you will not be surprised when you receive the items. And, make sure that the seller will honor the A.R.C. return and refund policy. (Editor)

Muchow Auction Preparation
Dear Editor:

When I had the wonderful opportunity to conduct the Henry Ford Museum Auction, I felt that this would be the sale to outdo all my other radio auctions. Until now, that was the case. But, when the invitation came from the Muchow family and Bob Dobush and I went to view the items in the late doctor's museum, I felt like a child turned loose in a toy store. I have seen thousands of radios, and as most collectors must feel at one time or other, I felt that I couldn't be surprised, excited, or awed by anything radio-related anymore. Boy, was I wrong! When we arrived at the museum, David and Steve Muchow gave us a complete tour and had all the displays lit and working for us. I don't think I can explain in words how impressed we were at the quality and variety of the Muchow collection. Steve gave us a very nice background history of the museum and also gave us a personal insight into the family's total involvement in restoring items for the museum and helping their father transport and handle bulky items. We spent the entire day at the museum.

Since that time, we have been back there working on details for the upcoming auctions, and each time we return, I see something I missed before. So, each visit is a totally new experience. I would be proud to have met Dr. Ralph Muchow. The radio-collecting community has lost a great individual who won't be easily forgotten.

--Richard Estes, Medina, OH

Collectors should note the place, dates and times of the Muchow auction: Hemmens Convention Center, Elgin, Illinois; August 3 at 4:00 p.m. -- tubes; August 4 at 10 a.m. -- everything else. More information will follow in future issues of A.R.C. (Editor)

Oops! -- "Wimshurst" It Is
Dear Editor:

The great looking electrostatic generator on page 12 of the March 2001 issue of A.R.C. is a "Wimshurst," not a "Whimhurst," machine. I believe that such an old, noble device as this should have its name spelled correctly.

--William H. Richards, Richmond, VA

We agree. (The Editor)

A.R.C. Ads Pay Off!
Dear Editor:

I read your publication from cover to cover as soon as it arrives, and it pays off! I received the February 2001 issue on January 29, late in the afternoon and started reading it. On page 30, I saw an ad for a Sparton Bluebird for sale by an advertiser from Nevada. I have been looking for a Bluebird for a long time, so I called him immediately and bought it. Thanks for your help.

--Ted Rogers, Syracuse, IN


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