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Cool April Fool Cover
Dear Editor:

All right youse guys!

My wife already thinks I'm a bit of a nut. Now you fool me with that Chinese transmitting tube. I told her all about it -- it was sooo cool! You should've heard her laugh when she found out it was a vase!

Oh, well. I've got the radio bug and it's incurable. It was a good one! Look forward to your next issue.

--Jim Fals, Eureka, CA

LA Wireless Shop Info Wanted
Dear Editor:

I am doing a story on the Wireless Shop of Los Angeles, 1910-1933. This company has a unique history of radio parts, kits and sets. I'd like to hear from collectors with literature about or radio sets from the Wireless Shop. Of interest is the 1925-1933 period, as well as the early years.

Both Jerry Finamore on the East Coast and Stew Oliver on the West Coast have been very helpful in supplying linformation and photos, particularly of the 1910-1923 era. I'm hoping to fill in some voids.

--Floyd A. Paul, 1545 Raymond, Glendale, CA 91201

A.R.C. on the Internet -- Pro & Con
Dear Editor:

I have mentioned it before, but guess it was a few years before its time. There are several ways to put A.R.C. in its entirety on the web where only subscribers could have access -- using a Newscape commerce server is the easiest. An alternative would be to post the articles on the web and use a mailing list for the classifieds. Either one would eliminate the biggest problem with A.R.C. -- the perception of "favored zip codes."

--A. Padgett Peterson, padgett@gdi.net

I agree, the technology is there. We are hesitant, however, to put the classified ads online because over 70 percent of our readers do not access the internet. Also, it is very difficult to obtain sufficient revenue from the site to cover the cost of maintaining it. This is an ongoing debate for us, and we continue to consider solutions that are fair to all.

As for "favored zip codes," delivery speed is entirely a U.S. Postal Service issue, and our studies show that different zip codes are "favored" each month. There is not enough consistency in delivery times to merit staggering mailings other than mailing local issues a day later than the rest of the country, as we do. (Editor)

Dear Editor:

In response to Edward Herrschaft's letter in the April A.R.C. regarding the Internet, I sell only to those who do not have Internet capabilities. Why? Because many are being treated like second class collectors. I have recently sold an Emerson Stradivarius, an early transistor, and a breadboard -- satisfactory dealings, and I have more to sell. Snail mail is still effective.

--Milt Faivre, Vero Beach, FL

Certainly there are criteria for choosing potential buyers -- friends, collectors you've met at radio events, geographic proximity, credit worthiness -- but eliminating over 20 percent of your market might be shortsighted. On the other hand, "to each his own" is still a good maxim. (Editor)

More on the 1L6 Circuit
Dear Editor:

RE: the Type 1L6 tube substitute article in the March A.R.C.: Some Trans-Oceanic-like, multiband radios employed 1R5 tubes; others, 1L6 tubes. Zenith also sold AM/BC, band-only radios that used a 1L6 instead of a 1R5; for example, the fabric-covered, wood-cased, "flip-up dial" Model G503, chassis 5G41, battery/AC set, mfg. 1950, used a 1L6 tube. The similar styrene plastic version used a 1A5 tube. Yet, an earlier (red) styrene plastic, coat-pocket, battery-only set also used a 1L6 tube in place of a 1A5. Others are likely -- a search of battery-tube radios by Zenith and other makers is in order.

--Jim Farago, Minneapolis, MN

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