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On the Remler Infra+Dyne Amplifier
Dear Editor:

Regarding the Remler Infra-Dyne amplifier (A.R.C. March 1999, p. 11), this is an avant-garde IF amplifier, ca. 1926, using three Type UX199 tubes with a frequency of 3.5 MHz. This IF amplifier is used in the Sargent-Rayment Infradyne, etc. (See Radio, August 1926 and January 1927). Also, see my article describing the Infradyne superhet that I built (AWA OTB, March 1981). This radio was outstanding in its performance. A collector bought it, added tubes, batteries, speaker, antenna, and ground, and reported receiving West Coast and other DX.

Anyone who builds an Infradyne "by the book" will be well rewarded.

--Rodney Schrock, Somerset, PA

I wondered if the spelling was Infra-Dyne or Infradyne, so I looked up "Radio" for August 1926. The article by E.M. Sargent on how to build the radio used only "Infradyne." The ad for Remler (manufacturer of the amplifier) used both "Infradyne" and a new-to-me spelling "Infra+Dyne." The ad for L.C. Rayment (seller of construction blueprints for the complete radio) also used both. I then counted four additional ads for firms selling parts for the radio; they all used both spellings. My conclusion: "Infra+Dyne" or "Infradyne," yes; "Infra-Dyne," no. (Editor)

Auction on A.R.C. Web Site?
Dear Editor:

Just a quick note to see if a date has been set for direct bidding on the Internet. I was curious to know if A.R.C. subscribers will choose a code name or if it will be issued by your department. Will all A.R.C. members have the same identical starting point when the bidding process starts? Thanks.

--Michael Harrington, Little Rock, AR

Sorry if there is any confusion, but there are no current plans for an auction on A.R.C.'s web site. However, A.R.C.'s classified ads will go online in a few months. The ads will be available to subscribers only, just like the magazine. (Editor)

More on Pot Lubrication
Dear Editor:

In response to C.J. Poulos' inquiry in the March 1999 issue, I want to suggest the following: WD-40 worked for an electronic engineer who recommended it to me. Subsequently, a friend, who is a radio collector and an aviation mechanic, brought me a can of LPS greaseless lubricant, manufactured by LPS Labs, Tucker, GA 30085-5052. I tried it with excellent results. I still use both because the LPS is very expensive here. I'm not necessarily recommending the product, but readers should try it and decide for themselves.

--Carlos Martinez, Cayey, PR

On Meet Procedures and Attitudes
Dear Editor:

Thank you for addressing radio swap meets several issues back (October 1998). Some organizers forget the importance of general public attendance and the timing of events so that the major event day of the meet actually falls on a weekend when most people could attend.

After many years of radio collecting, I was finally able to arrange my schedule to attend a major meet last summer. What a disappointment! Costs were far from reasonable, and having to be there by at least Wednesday, I witnessed a sad event. Almost everyone commented, "It's not like it used to be."

Forcing people to register and to wear a name tag or get kicked off the field was the worst example I have ever seen of discouraging public participation. While great for the chapter treasury, it certainly drove away the general public. Gone was the chance for the public to bring in a radio for appraisal. Gone was the opportunity for the general public to walk through the meet and buy a radio -- there were plenty for sale.

After repeated attempts to talk to someone at the registration desk and express my opinions, I quickly got the meet's attitude: Who cares about you -- this is the greatest and only radio swap meet on earth! As a result, I will never attend this meet again. It was not worth the time, effort, and expense, and I will simply use the same funds to buy local radios for my collection. This event certainly put a bad taste in my mouth about the hobby and some of its major players. Maybe someday they will finally realize that many of us collectors aren't retired, have things other than radios in our lives, devote our vacations to places other than a big meet, and don't have unlimited budgets for radios.

Again thanks for your article. Let's hope that our comments will finally hit home to meet organizers.

--Harvey Leners, Omaha, NE

Note that we edited out the specific meet which was the subject of this letter. However, it is unfortunate when attendees have an unpleasant experience at any meet, particularly if organizers are not understanding or courteous. But, we must also remember that meet organizers have to be concerned about security, liability, tax status, paying for the meet, etc. Still, attention should be paid to the issues raised, particularly the lack of weekend activity at meets starting midweek, as well as how to make the general public feel welcome. (Editor)

On A.R.C. Ads and Articles
Dear Editor:

Thanks! Response to A.R.C. ads is the very best I get!!

--Glenn Hendrix, Ardmore, OK

Dear Editor:

Hello. I want to thank you. You have a great magazine -- it's a model for all others!

--Gordon Wilson, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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