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From Antique Radio Classified for June 2001
(Copyright 1996-2001 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

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Electromatic TV - Three Ideas
Dear Editor:

The Electromatic TV in the Photo Review section of the April 2001 issue is probably a Model 101, assuming it has a 10" picture tube. It is in Rider's TV Manual, Volume 5, which makes it about a 1949 model. It is a pretty conventional, transformerless set of the period (selenium rectifiers in a voltage doubler configuration) with intercarrier sound and electromagnetic deflection. The chassis uses 20 tubes. The cabinet looks suspiciously like a Farnsworth of about 1947, but then, that humpbacked style was used by several manufacturers, most successfully by GE in its 800 series.

Thanks for featuring a TV set in the Photo Review pages. I am a collector of TV signal boosters and UHF converters - God help me!

--Mark Nelson, Natick, MA

Dear Editor:

The Electromatic TV cabinet is apparently the same used by Farnsworth (1947-1949), shown in Rider's TV, Vol. 1. The two appear virtually identical. Judging from the spacing of the control knobs and the overall verticality of design, I would venture a guess that the chassis may be a Hallicrafters, who sold its chassis to companies that repackaged them.

--Fred Ringwald, Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Editor:

As soon as I saw the TV in the April issue of A.R.C., I dug out a Farnsworth TV brochure, which appears to be from 1945 or 1947. On page 18 of the brochure is a photo of a "Farnsworth table model TV receiver" that has a shape similar to Ross Mason's set. I wonder if Farnsworth, in its Capehart factories, was making private-brand TV sets early on.

--Norman H Lehfeldt, San Francisco, CA

We wish we had more television contributions since the interest in television is high. (Editor)

Never-Too-Much-Praise Dept.

... Your publication is superb - in content, format, editorial, etc. As a longtime reader and advertiser, I want to express my appreciation to you and your entire staff.

--Ed Crockett, Harrisburg, MS

... You have a really helpful magazine. Keep it up!

--Jeff Matthews, Morris, IL

... I'll never stop subscribing, no matter what. The function that you serve could not be replaced by the Internet. You are doing so many things for the hobby.

--John Dilks, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ

Oops! It's Dale, not Jim

It is Dale Davenport, not Jim Collings, whose JVC Quadrophonic Demodulator display appeared in the May issue. If you have original records, please contact Dale at 622 S. 18th Street, Ft. Smith, AK 72901. (Editor)

June Catalin Radio Auction

We have preliminary information on an event to be held in late June at which over 40 Catalin radios will be auctioned. Give us a ring here at A.R.C. if you are interested in more information. (Editor)

Postcard-Inspired Memories
Dear Editor:

When I saw the picture of WXYZ in the Maccabees Building, Detroit, in the May A.R.C., many memories were stirred up. The Lone Ranger and Green Hornet both originated from WXYZ, first locally and then nationally. As a young teenager in the 1930s, I had the good luck to see a Lone Ranger broadcast in the WXYZ studio on the ground floor of the building.

I don't recall the flat top antenna on the building, but I do remember the typical vertical antenna on the roof.

In the late 1940s, the station transmitter was moved to a nearby suburban area for better coverage and with increased power. As an electrical engineering student at a local college, I conducted radiation resistance tests on the vertical antenna. Part of our test setup included connecting a broadcast receiver to the antenna. Needless to say, we heard signals from stations that we thought existed only in White's Radio Log.

The call letters WXYZ no longer exist, except as WXYZ-TV. The AM station was sold to Infinity Broadcasting, and its call sign has been changed to WXYT - now an all sports station.

--Ralph Michelson, KG8FA, Brighton, MI

To Renew or Not to Renew
Dear Editor:

Your magazine is really "well read." Although I am new to the hobby, from previous advertisements I have placed, I've literally had calls and letters from around the world. One hundred percent of those I've dealt with are very honest, and their backgrounds are quite interesting. I do plan to renew my subscription. Thanks much.

--Roy B. Goshorn, Bellwood, PA

Dear Editor:

This will be my final subscription to your magazine. As I read each copy, I have noticed a big change (for my money) in it that does not continue to appeal to me. Your own full-page ads have taken over the back part, and there is a lack of pictures and special articles on good topics that are just no longer there. So there it is, and I have enjoyed the ride, but now it's over. Thanks.

--W.D. Triggs, Sr., Orange, TX

Thanks for the kind words from new subscriber Mr. Goshorn. And, we appreciate Mr. Triggs' nine years of support. As for the numerous "house ads" for books, it is the sales of books which help to make up for the drop in subscriptions and advertising from those looking for a "free ride" on the Internet. Please don't forget to check out our own site at (Editor)


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