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From a "Crazy" Guy in Spain
Dear Editor:

First, I want to congratulate all the people that make it possible for a person like me who lives on the other side of the Atlantic to receive your magazine every month. Also, I find the different articles about the history of radio very interesting. I sometimes think that I am alone in my love for antique radios, and it is very important for me to know that there are more "crazy" people like me in this world!

--Aitor de Elejabeita Garcia, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Atwater Kent Articles and Cover
Dear Editor:

Your Atwater Kent articles and the beautiful cover reminded me of the first antique radios I collected. Since I grew up in Philadelphia, the manufacturers were Atwater Kent, Philco and Music Master. A year ago, I tracked down Building No. 1; sadly, I missed Building No. 2.

I am wondering if the occupants in Building No. 1 realize where they are, and if the City of Philadelphia is going to make sure that this building is preserved.

Unfortunately, the article missed one important detail. How about the original site on Stenton Ave.? I believe that is where the early breadboards and other earlier gear were built.

I wonder if there is a chance of expanding this article. No book of the quality of the Dachis Hallicrafters book exists for Atwater Kent. Perhaps Ralph Williams will take on these projects.

--Jeff Phillips, Kingston, NH

Alan Douglas, in his "Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 1," devotes over 20 pages to Atwater Kent. The "AWA Review" also contains much coverage written by Ralph Williams: Vol. 1 contains 26 pages; Vol. 2, 24 pages; Vol. 3, 28 pages; Vol. 10, 70 pages. Unfortunately, the AWA has not kept these valuable publications in print! However, Vol. 12, expected this fall, will be devoted solely to Atwater Kent. (Editor)

Kudos to Katz
Dear Editor:

I want to commend Laura Katz for the excellent job she has done with the A.R.C. Web page. Her article in the May 1999 issue clarifies how to use the Web site and get the most out of it. This opens a whole new world to collectors like me. I am new to the Internet and did not find much of value to me on it before reading her articles. Thanks for all the effort and hard work.

--Jerry Mundel, Scottsdale, AZ

Likes A.R.C. Both Ways
Dear Editor:

I want to tell you that although I use the Internet to buy radios, I will still continue to buy A.R.C. Keep up the good work.

--Marvin Nieman, W. Rapids, WI

The Other Side of x()()e Meet Issue
Dear Editor:

In response to the letter in your May 1999 issue about radio meets, I thought your readers might be interested in hearing the other side of the issue from someone directly connected with a "meet," as I have been for over 20 years. The Carolinas Chapter of the AWA has two kinds of meets: smaller swap meets and the "Spring Meet," of which I have been Chair for 15 years, and which is a conference, not just a swap meet.

There is a lot to this conference besides selling radios in the parking lot. It is a 3-day event offering many programs, a contest, an auction, a reception/open house, a luncheon, and it costs well over $4,000 to put on. As for being "great for the chapter treasury," the profit has been about 10 percent -- a little over $400 -- for a full year of work and hundreds of hours put in by club members. True, we are not a business, but we have to make enough to support the club and account for price increases that surely will come next year.

Much thought has been put into the subject of including the public in our events. During the year we host four swap meets fully open to the public. No admission is charged. At two of them we charge sellers a fee when we have to pay rent for a site to hold the swap meets. These swap meets are on Saturday mornings only, and typically have 30 to 60 vendors; 150 vendors show up for the Spring Meet.

My suggestion is that people try to understand the realities of what it takes to put a major meet together, or else stick with the smaller, 1-day, weekend meets.

Collectors travel from all over the country to attend the Charlotte event. To see how a meet is done right, come to the 2000 Spring Meet in Charlotte, N.C.

--Ron Lawrence, Matthews, NC

As Ron relates, hundreds of hours are donated by dozens of collectors so that they and others can enjoy their collecting hobby. All collectors should find some way to participate in running a meet occasionally so that these events can continue. (Editor)

Down-Under Kudos for Leacock
Dear Editor:

The Leacock story was terrific! Bravo to Harry Schecter, who came across this treatise on love and the lazy Hertzian waves. As a lifelong fan of both Leacock and radio, I enjoyed their meeting in the pages of A.R.C. enormously. Such editorial thinking gives the magazine a great lift -- as if our favorite periodical needs any elevation!

Another of Leacock's radio stories is "Broadcasting the Norman Conquest," which is also great fun. Leacock is my favorite Canadian and, along with good old Sam Clemens [Mark Twain], my favorite North American.

Thank you for the idea and the piece.

--Richard Begbie, near Canberra, Australia

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