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From Antique Radio Classified for August 2003
(Copyright 1996-2003 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

"Antique Radio Classified" invites its readers to contribute letters and information for inclusion in "Radio Miscellanea" and elsewhere in the magazine. "In The Marketplace" is based on information submitted by the businesses themselves. All topics should be of general interest and sent to A.R.C., P.O. Box 2, Carlisle, MA 01741. All material submitted should be verified for accuracy and may be edited for publication, which is not guaranteed. See the masthead for more details.

Web Search Problem

Dear Editor:

Giving feedback to improve things, not complaining.

I tried to search your ads, first using AOL, which did not work for me, and then Internet Explorer browser Version 5.5, which gave these coupon pop-up ads that just wouldn't quit, so I gave up. I have never found a Web site that didn't have a search function, and I'm not smart enough to use the browser search yours mentions. If your Web site provided a little bit of an example, it might help others besides me and give your site more use.

I was looking for Walter Ashe Ham gear.

--John Shell, from the Internet

There are three ways to search for items:

1. Browser. Go to a particular category of classified ads and under "Edit" (usually), click "Find." Enter your search word, such as "Walter." Note it's best to try only one word at first, and the first occurrence will be highlighted. Click "Find Next" to get the next occurrence, etc. When finished with that page of ads, go to the next page of ads and repeat the procedure.

2. Word Processor. Go to the classified ad page, and under "Edit," "Select All," and then "Copy." Open a word processor (WP), Word perhaps, and "Paste." Go back to your browser and move to the next classified ads page. Again, "Select All," "Copy," go to your WP and following the first group of ads, "Paste." Repeat until you have all of the ads pasted in your WP document. Then use the "Find" feature in your WP.

3. Search Engine. In Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc., click on the "Advanced Search" function and search only the A.R.C. domain for the ads: (Note the "1" after antiqueradio.) This will search only the previous month's ads; search engines cannot access the subscriber-only ads. Also, the search engine may not have yet indexed the A.R.C. ad pages. Good Luck. However, I searched over all of the classified ads for A.R.C. in 2003, I did not find a single occurrence of Walter Ashe. Sorry! (Editor)

Great Publication

Dear Editor:

Just a note to let you know that I have just renewed my subscription to A.R.C. for another year. Each month I await the next issue to arrive. I read with regret the number of people who express dissatisfaction with your publication. I have every issue since the first one arrived many years ago. They are still a source of invaluable information, and I browse through them whenever I have a problem with a set. I almost always find an article that is of help or refers me elsewhere. Thanks for all the pleasure and help that A.R.C. has provided to me and many others. A.R.C. is truly the first source of information, help, items, and pleasure. Many thanks to you and your dedicated staff for a great publication.

--Joe Burke, Weehawken, NJ

Philips L6X38T Disassembly

Dear Editor:

In the July 2003 edition of your magazine, you published a letter form John R. Bartlett concerning the disassembly of a Philips L6X38T. I have one of these sets, and it's a great performer.

Disassembly is as follows:

  1. Remove all knobs from the front panel. These are held on the shaft with setscrews.
  2. Remove the handle assembly.
  3. Make sure that the telescopic antennas are fully retracted.
  4. Remove the small Philips head screw between the antennas.
  5. Open the battery access door and remove three screws that attach the rear cover.
  6. Carefully remove the rear cover. The top edge of the rear cover is a friction fit in the center of the front hinge.
  7. Desolder the hinged SW loop from its leads.
  8. Four small Philips head screws hold the chromed front panel to the front of the chassis. These are accessible along the edges of the side panels with a long thin Philips driver. The two adjacent to the printed circuit board side of the set are partially hidden and extremely difficult to see and access. A long thin screw starting tool must be used to reassemble.
  9. Once the front and rear panels are removed, the battery box can be removed by removing four screws and desoldering two power leads.
  10. With the front panel, rear panel and battery box removed, you will have access to the screws that hold the side panels to the chassis.

My set was a basket case set I purchased at an AWA meet several years ago. Once you get your set disassembled, I would be interested in knowing how a C124 is mounted on an original set that has not been tampered with. I have a copy of the schematic if you need one. It is in Sams TM-76 listed as a Norelco.

--Scott McAuley, Cayce, SC

We, of course, forwarded the instructions, but we reprint them here because they may also be useful for similar sets. John Bartlett called his call for help a "long shot," but Scott's prompt reply proved him wrong. The answer was found via A.R.C. Thank you, Scott. (Editor)

More on Alton A. DuBois, Jr.

Dear Editor:

Thank you and Harry Goldman for including information in the June issue about the passing of Alton A. (Andy) DuBois, Jr. I met Andy through Antique Radio Classified when I initiated correspondence about some article he had written. We exchanged letters and photographs on our mutually favorite subject - early Sparton sets and their restoration.

Andy was an enthusiastic supporter of our hobby, and his contributions to A.R.C, as well as his personal correspondence with many of us, will be missed. As a friend and collector, Andy leaves us a rich legacy of information, good humor, and anecdotes. I would like to extend my sympathy to the DuBois family.

--Dale Davenport, Fort Smith, AR


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Copyright © 1996-2003 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.
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