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Warning to Restorers
Dear Editor:

I recently had a fairly harrowing experience while restoring an old radio. The offender happened to be a 1930s Zenith, but what I describe could happen with any radio. Because the coupling capacitor to the output tube had become leaky, the output tube drew a heavy current for a long time and caused the output transformer to overheat, making the transformer's insulation burn. As a result, the full power supply voltage (about 300 volts, backed by 16 mfd) appeared on the speaker frame.

I moved the radio after repairing it, and picked up the speaker while touching the chassis -- the thing almost killed me! The same problem could happen in the field coil too. The external appearance of the transformer was fine; only disassembly showed the burned portion. All should be aware of this potentially lethal problem.

--John Grady, Littleton, MA

Suggestion: work with one hand behind your back. (Editor)

The Net -- For and Against
Dear Editor:

Regarding putting A.R.C. on the internet, I'd like to add my opinion. In fairness to current subscribers, but also to get the increased coverage available through the net, I would suggest that the entire A.R.C. be placed on the net one week after a First Class mailed copy is received in your office. This would protect your subscribers' priority while opening the ads to those using the net.

--Charles Combs, Albany, MO

Dear Editor:

I agree -- Keep it off the internet! I deliberately have no computer!

--Robert Wheaton, San Antonio, TX

Dear Editor:

Have you ever given a thought to putting your database of classifieds on line for subscribers to browse? It can get to be a long, drawn-out ordeal to scan a number of issues looking for a specific item.

--Donald J. Koetch, Lakewood, NJ

We are still giving many a "thought" to this issue including making the ads available on the Internet to subscribers only. (Editor)

A.R.C. Costs Covered by Insurance?
Dear Editor:

I read with interest the letter in the July 1998 issue from Stanley Bennett in which he describes how his doctor prescribed a new hobby, and he found antique radio collecting and A.R.C. He failed, however, to discuss one important point. If I get my doctor to write a similar "prescription," will my medical insurance cover a subscription to A.R.C.?

--Frank Bequaert, Fitzwilliam, NH

New Nipper Windows in Camden
Thanks to Frank Krantz, we have received a clipping from the South Jersey Courier-Post (June 6, 1998) updating us on the progress of the preservation of the historic RCA Nipper Building #17 in Camden, N. J. (see A.R.C., April 1998). The article describes the installation of the new versions of the four stained-glass Nipper windows atop the building -- a New Jersey landmark. The original windows, installed in 1916 and replaced in 1969 with windows having RCA's new logo, were donated to historical institutions, such as the Smithsonian.

Then in 1979, copies of the original windows replaced the replacements! Since the building was vacated five years ago, vandals, thieves, and the elements have taken their toll. Now that the building is being preserved by the Camden Redevelopment Agency, Nipper rises again, as we have said many times before.

The new Nipper windows were designed by stained-glass artist John Beirs, who modeled them on the original Barraud painting. Unlike the previous copies, they will contain the words, "His Master's Voice." Each window, about 15 feet in diameter and in 9 sections, will be hoisted to the top of the 11-story tower and soldered or welded into place. The newspaper color photos make this preservation project a sight to see when in the Camden area.

We think it's worth a try. Let us know if you have any luck, and we'll spread the word.

Vintage Radio Station at Radiofest
Dear Editor:

For the first time, the Antique Radio Club of Illinois (ARCI) will have a vintage amateur station transmitting at Radiofest XVII from the Holiday Inn, Elgin, Illinois, August 5-8, 1998. N9CQX will be our host and will assist individuals who bring current copies of their licenses to broadcast over a variety of vintage tube equipment. The station will operate AM Phone and SSB on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Contact (or receive) Station N9CQX on either of these days and send a reception report along with a LSASE to ARCI for a QSL certificate. For more information, visit our web site at arci.com; write to ARCI, P.O. Box 1139, LaGrange, IL 60526; or call Art Bilski at (630) 739-1060.

--Harold Blesy, Hinsdale, IL

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