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From Antique Radio Classified for September 2003
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Crosley Photo Review ID

Dear Editor:

In response to the Crosley in the July Photo Review, the radio is a ca. 1935 Model 2-C-1. It is an AC/DC TRF offered in two cabinet styles - the 4AC "Ship Design" and the 4AE "Artists Pictures." The differences in cabinet styles were really in the cardboard front, which serves as the speaker. This is the only radio I know that uses this design. The "Ship Design" is usually called the "Sampler" since it looks like the candy maker. The "Artists Pictures" is a patchwork of radio personalities of the day (Amos and Andy, baseball personalities, singers, etc.). The cabinet is a gold crinkle metal, while the back cover is a gold starburst cardboard cutout.

--Bob White, Cincinnati, OH

Dear Editor:

I checked my Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia and find that the only Crosley listed with two tubes that matches this one is the Model 2-C-1, "Sampler." It is in Rider 6-1.

--Alvin Heckard, Lewiston, PA

Dear Editor:

On page 12 of the July 2003 issue is the picture of a Crosley, Model Unknown. This set is called the "Sampler" Model 2-C-1. The schematic is found in Rider's 6-1 and in the Crosley Service Supplement, No. 99. What I need is someone who has this set in good condition so I can get a copy of the front to restore the set to its original look. Thank you.

--Geoff Shearer, Centreville, VA

We've put Geoff Shearer and Bob White in touch and hope that even more information comes of their contact. Our research adds that this set was manufactured in 1934. Since Avco didn't buy out Crosley until 1946, it is still a true Crosley product under Powel Crosley's control. (Editor)

Auction Articles Great!

Dear Editor:

Please enter the enclosed ad. Also, the auction articles are great - keep 'em coming!

--Don K. Johnson, Windfall, IN

New Subscriber Enjoys A.R.C.

Dear Editor:

Although I have been an avid radio and jukebox collector for over 30 years. I have only been a subscriber for a little over a year now. I had to let you know how much I enjoy A.R.C. and look forward each month to the new issue. I have met many new friends and obtained much needed parts, radios, literature, etc. via your publication. Why didn't I subscribe a long time ago?

--Dave Oihus, Rapid City, SD

On E-mail Addresses in Ads

Dear Editor:

I have enjoyed your magazine for many years, and I still do. My one complaint is not with the magazine but with e-mail addresses in the ads. I have responded to a lot of "For sale" ads via e-mail. It seems that lately I get very few responses, if any. I would like to ask readers to treat an e-mail inquiry just as you would a phone inquiry. If the item has been sold, please reply, "Already sold, sorry." This takes all of 10 seconds.

If you are too busy to go through your e-mail, please do not use an e-mail address in your ad. E-mail is a great tool for quickly corresponding with other collectors to share information. I hope we can use it to its full potential. Keep up the good work. A.R.C. is one of the few things I look for in the mail each month.

--Patrick Franzis, Naugatuck, CT

Photo Review OOPs

Our apologies to Jerry Wieland for the errors in the description of his Universal set in "Photo Review" on page 13 of the July issue. We bungled his description which should have read as follows: (Editor)

UNIVERSAL MODEL 42 - The only identification on this small cathedral is the name "Universal." It is a TRF design using two 24As as RF amps, a 47 for audio, and an 80 rectifier. The volume pot has a grounded wiper with the antenna input on one side and the first RF amp cathode on the other. This design provides regen and antenna input control with one pot. I would like to know the manufacturer and model number.

Experts Answer A.R.C. Ads

Dear Editor:

I have subscribed to A.R.C. for many years, and I haven't used my ad option very often. I advertised for a Zenith Trans-Oceanic and parts in the July issue. I won't say that I got a lot of response, but the ones I did get were very worthwhile. It is really enjoyable to do business with more knowledgeable people, who could be called "experts." I'm tired of paying good money for junk on eBay online auctions with which I have had very bad experiences. Radios I have bought were advertised as in very good condition, but when they came, they looked as if they were picked out of a dumpster. To the people who answered my A.R.C. ad, thanks, guys. Keep up the good work, A.R.C.

--Ed Kahle, Waynsboro, VA

Could it be that radios advertised in A.R.C. are more accurately described than those seen on eBay? (Editor)

A.R.C. Ads Work

Dear Editor:

Your classifieds work! I've had excellent results with them.

--Ed Fluehe, Salt Lake City, UT


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