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Russian Red Star Radio
Dear Editor:

Regarding the article on the Russian Red Star 54 radio (December 1996, p. 10), here is a correction concerning rimlok tubes: Rimlock tubes have a dimple on the side that corresponds to a groove in a metal ring on the socket, but don't have a metal base as stated.

-- Richard Foster, Cochituate, MA

WBZ -- 75th Anniversary
Dear Editor:

Your readers may be interested to know that WBZ radio, Boston, Mass., recently celebrated its 75th anniversary of broadcasting. WBZ was licensed on September 5, 1921, and went on the air September 19, 1921. At that time, it was located in Springfield, Mass.

WBZ is listed in my 1926 call book as being on a wavelength of 333 meters with power of 2,000 watts. At present, it is on 1030 kHz with a power of 50,000 watts and a terrific signal. For 75 years, the station has been owned and operated by Westinghouse -- a truly pioneer radio broadcaster.

-- Harry Cap, Bridgewater, MA

Even More Minerva Info Wanted
Dear Editor:

Many thanks for forwarding the e-mail note from South Dakota on the Minerva radio. Yes, the Minerva (November 1996, p. 24) was real; Leo Gibbs tells me he serviced them in 1932 in a DC district of Chicago. Langley's Guide (Vintage Radio, 1973) even lists four models in 1932.

Does anyone know anything more about Minerva? Any service of sales literature? Who was the owner or designer, and what happened? Any connection to the later New York City company?

-- Alan Douglas, Box 225, Pocasset, MA 02559

A Successful Sales Story
Dear Editor:

I would like to report on the results of my recent ad in A.R.C. I sold the Radiola III, the Crosley, dozens of tubes, the Chanalyst, the scope, several years of magazines, and the Majestic sign. I also received 12 letters for my listings. I even sold items that were not listed because buyers came to get the items and bought more.

Needless to say, I am well satisfied and wish that I had "put my shoulder to the wheel" and advertised months -- yes, years ago!

-- Edward Scribner, Schoharie, NY

A.R.C. Archived For The Future
Dear Editor:

My thanks to you for ten years of radio, and a magazine I archive for future reading -- and for future generations.

-- John Frigo, Homewood, IL

A.R.C. -- A Neat Web Site!
Dear Editor:

A.R.C. is really a neat site! The internet and access to it is a lot easier than building a superhet receiver back in the '30s. It is ironic that we have such a "low tech" item (antique radios) on such a high tech delivery system, but I'm extremely glad you do.

Marc Ellis gave your site a good review in the last issue of Popular Electronics. He was really excited about the job you have done.

My main weakness is collecting old tape recorders. I have many. If anyone out there knows of a site that zeros in on old magnetic tape equipment, let me know. Keep up the good work.

-- Tom Hoehler, tomh@aye.net

Pleased Book Buyers
Dear Editor:

I recently purchased four books through your magazine (thanks to your interesting book reviews) -- Radios by Hallicrafters, Heathkit, A Guide to Amateur Radio Products, The Zenith Trans-Oceanic: The Royalty of Radios, and The Pocket Guide to Collins Amateur Radio Equipment, 1946-1980. The quality of the books is excellent!

I was concerned that I would be paying a high price (not to say your books are expensive, but I haven't purchased many books recently) for a substandard book that I would be disappointed in. I have already gone cover-to-cover in all but the Trans-Oceanic book (a Christmas gift) because I found each one impossible to put down. I agree entirely with your reviewers' comments about the books. I felt almost as if I had known Art Collins personally.

Thank you very much for making such books easy to acquire (shipping was fast also), and for insuring that only quality books make it to your list. I'm sure the owner of the Zenith radio (the gift recipient) will agree with me.

-- Randy Jones, Colville, CA

Dear Editor:

Gotta thank one of your advertisers (October 1996, p. 28) for the best book of tube information I've ever seen! Ludwell Sibley's Tube Lore -- A Reference for Users and Collectors has proved of immense value here in the six short weeks I've had it.

As you seem not to stock it, I fear many will not see this essential one-volume classic. That would be a shame, as this is the text needed next to the RCA Receiving Tube Manual and Sams' Tube Substitution Guide.

Best twenty bucks I've ever spent on a radio-related book!

-- "Doc" Waterman, Oakland, CA

A.R.C. does now offer this valuable book at $19.95. Be sure to call for shipping information. (Editor)

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