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More on the Crosley 181

The article on the Crosley 181 in the September A.R.C. makes reference to a bright yellow radio with dark green trim and describes cutouts "designed to look like a Phoenix, a version of a thunderbird or some sort of Indian desert god." It also comments that "the two escutcheons are also designed to have a bird-like look, as they are winged and slightly feathered and have a curved bottom."

I have an identical radio in plain old wood, same grille and everything. I find nothing about this radio to indicate any Indian connection. The escutcheons have no "feathering." I also have another Crosley radio, same age, with an identical escutcheon. Its case is narrower, each side having three vertical trim strips painted silver, the center one being somewhat longer. This style reminds me of a skyscraper. Wasn't this about the time of the great skyscraper boom in New York City?

I believe that Richard Arnold's set was painted outside the factory and damaged to the point that the trim looks feathered. (This is opinion only and is not intended to reflect negatively on Richard Arnold's ideas about his set.)

--Bill Turner, St. Charles, MO

It is great to be able to see things differently. (Editor)

Diamond Cut Disks Are Great!
Dear Editor:

I have to compliment you on the review of the new Diamond Cut Productions disk, "Edison Laterals, Vol. 5, Vaughn DeLeath." I first heard her on a Victor LP entitled "1928." My mom told me that Miss DeLeath was a great singer, and her "Baby Your Mother Like She Babied You" really turned me on to her style of "crooning." She made a lot of records on Edison Diamond Disk. I have and enjoy "Mah Lindy Lou" and "Marianna" on an Edison Diamond Disk.

Hey, if you'd like something to play on your antique radio or your state-of-the-art system, she is a great choice. Check out "Jeannine, I Think of Lilac Time," "Birmingham Bertha," "Honey," and "Honey, I'se Awaitin' Jes Fo' You."

--John Frigo, Homewood, IL

The Zenith History Debate
Dear Editor:

The subject doesn't really matter: Put two or more experts in a room, and they're bound to disagree. In the case of Alan Douglas vs. the Radio Professors, it's clearly become more of a personal issue than not seeing eye-to-eye on Zenith history. There is no room on either side for this kind of egotistical behavior in this hobby.

Wouldn't the antique radio community be better served if the parties in question pooled their knowledge and resources to provide a comprehensive reference for collectors, rather than performing a verbal mudslinging for an uninterested audience?

--Mike Koste, Ambler, PA

A.R.C. on the Internet -- Soon!
Dear Editor:

I just wanted to share my thoughts on A.R.C. and the internet. In a nutshell, I hope you do decide to use this medium for your magazine. I enjoy buying and selling novelty radios and tube radios. Please do consider using the internet for your great magazine so that I can buy more radios through you. I continue to visit your website every month as I do enjoy what is installed there.

--Gary Arnold, Marion, NC

Dear Editor:

After many years, I will be changing my First-Class subscription to Periodical Class when it is time to renew. Why? Because I've discovered I no longer look at the "For Sale" classifieds. I look at A.R.C. now only for the articles and to peruse the "Wanted" ads.

All of my mail order purchases, about 1 or 2 a month, are done on the internet auction services. I like the ability to search, to see the radio and a detailed description, and to know the radio is there. Gone is the interruption of someone's dinner just to find that the radio is sold, or the seller is asking too high a price. For example, the ebay radio auction site is now up to over 2,000 radio listings -- up from only 300 just 6 short months ago.

I think, if A.R.C. is to survive, it must make the internet transition too.

--R.J. Dial, Pleasanton, CA

Subscribers, look for A.R.C.'s classified ads on the internet soon! Ads will appear from both surfers and readers, with A.R.C. as the link between the two groups. (Editor)

Kudos to A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

I write to emphasize the personal relationship I feel with A.R.C. as embodied by the superb staff. Every transaction I've had with A.R.C. since its first edition has been in the manner I prefer to conduct my personal relationships. It is so rare in commerce that I want to tell you folks to pat yourselves on your backs!

Congratulations on a job done much more than well -- and I enclose my check for a two-year renewal, First Class, to extend for 26 issues through December 2000.

--Dennis J. Osborne, Raleigh, NC

Dear Editor:

Keep up the good work! I am renewing my subscription for two years First Class, so even though I don't buy green bananas at my age, I expect to be reading your great publication for a long time to come. Take care of #1!

--Stan Lopes, Concord, CA

Dear Editor:

I took a subscription for only six months, but want six months more. I love your publication -- it's great!

--Jack Busk, Cottonwood, AZ

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