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Kudos to Advertiser -- Wow!
Dear Editor:

Just a quick note to congratulate you on one of your advertisers -- James Poitivient of Mt. Holly, New Jersey, who builds battery packs for Zenith Trans-Oceanics. When he came up with a "better mousetrap," he sent previous purchasers, such as myself, an updated unit at no charge for exchange. He even reimbursed for the D-cell batteries required. Wow!

--Steven Rossi, Commerce Twnshp., MI

Considering the article in this issue about the latest illegal activities of Mike Kirby -- itself a rarity among radio collectors -- we welcome this story of honesty and consideration that goes even beyond our usual expectation of people in the hobby.

We also would like to make a further comment on A.R.C.'s experience -- Of the thousands of checks we received in 1998, we did not collect on only 4, or about 3/100 of 1 percent of our business. Where else can you find this minuscule problem level? (Editor)

Brazil to U. S. to Sweden to Brazil
Dear Editor:

I would like to register my great satisfaction with A.R.C.'s world circulation. I needed the schematic of a radio manufactured in Sweden (Briljant Trip Model WB-26), and I made an inquiry through A.R.C. A reader there in North America read my request and sent me the address of an old resident technician in Sweden. I wrote to the Swedish technician, and he quickly sent me the requested schematic. Thank you very much.

--Joao Mello, Sao Roque, Brazil

Nipper Still Sells
John Uscinowski has sent a newspaper article from The Record of Troy, New York, that keeps us up-to-date on the saga of Albany's Nipper. The last A.R.C. Nipper article in April 1998 reported on Nipper's survival in Camden, New Jersey, and on Nipper's getting a "New Leash on Life" in Albany. Well, the latter is really happening.

The Arnoff Moving and Storage Company has a $1 million renovation underway of the former RTA (RCA's local distributor) Building, on the top of which the 4-ton Nipper has sat since 1954. About 50 gallons of paint have been used to spruce up Nipper at a cost of about $25,000. An amusing photo shows a painter applying TLC from a cherrypicker to one of Nipper's ears.

According to company president Michael Arnoff, the real news is that Nipper is once again a valuable marketing tool. All the company has to say to truckers coming in from all over the country is, "Look for the big white dog." What worked for RCA is now working for Arnoff Moving and Storage! Cheers again for Nipper! (Editor)

Thanks to John Uscinowski, Greenwich, NY

Old-Time Radio on Internet WRVO
Dear Editor:

The Internet is a great place to find old-time radio shows (OTR), either to download or listen to in streaming audio. One excellent source is the "The WRVO Playhouse," Oswego, New York. WRVO broadcasts OTR on the Internet at www.wrvo.com, as well as on 89.9 FM nightly from 8:00 to midnight. I have listened to the station on a computer and WebTV. It's already part of the WebTV setup. Just go there and tune in.

--Dick Allen, Norwich, CT

Collector Enjoys A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

Sure enjoy Antique Radio Classified even though I am not acitvely engaged in buying or selling antique radios. At age 85, I have parceled out my remaining pieces locally (nothing of value!). But, it is interesting to read about all the exciting happenings in the hobby.

Had excellent success with an ad for a Kenwood AT-200! A nice gentleman in Connecticut sent me a near mint one. I'm very pleased with ad results. Wishing you all good health and exciting happenings!

--Wes Chatellier, Baton Rouge, LA

Seeks TV Pioneer Info
Dear Editor:

I would like to know if anyone has information about Ulysses A.Sanabria, born in 1906. He was a TV pioneer from Chicago. He was mentioned in the Old Timer's Bulletin, November 1997, page 34. Thank you.

--Alfredo Valentin, Chicago, IL

Too Few Publications Like A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

Thanks for a great publication. There are too few.

--Donald Jensen, Lynwood, GA

John Stokes -- Greatly Missed
On Thursday, August 5th, John W. Stokes died.

John was known as an author and radio historian, and he founded the New Zealand Vintage Radio Society (NZVRS) in 1972. John's three books -- 70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves, The Golden Age of Radio in the Home, and More Golden Age -- are frequently used references by collectors in New Zealand and in other countries. John had a career in radio servicing starting before World War II with Turnbull and Jones. He served with the Royal New Zealand Airforce during World War II. During the 1960s, John wrote a column for the New Zealand magazine Radio and Electrical Review. He was the editor of the NZVRS Bulletin for 12 years.

He will be greatly missed by those who knew him and those who read his books and articles, which were published in many vintage radio society journals.

--Ian W. Sangster
President, New Zealand Vintage Radio Society.

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