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From Antique Radio Classified for November 2002
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AWA Rochester - Please Change!
From the Newsgroup

I have observed the AWA meet in Charlotte, N.C., which does the 8 A.M. "Le Mans Start," and it works great! Everybody gets a fair chance, since nothing is displayed or sold before 8 A.M. Friday! That's what AWA Rochester must do! That way you have a strong Saturday and more folks can come, meaning more sales and better distribution of radios, especially if you advertise to the general public as Lansing, Charlotte, and now Elgin do.

As it is now, about 80 percent of the radios at Rochester are not high level collectibles and go home with the sellers. Sad!

How about everyone e-mailing AWA and supporting this concept? It would be better all the way around.

--Mark Oppat, Plymouth, MI

I agree. More about the AWA meet will be in the December issue. But, many sellers were open at the Rochester meet and actively selling on the afternoon before the official start. By the way, the Westford, Mass., one-day meet in February also uses the "Le Mans Start" and attracts 800. (Editor)

Article Requests

Selenium Rectifiers
Dear Editor:

I would like to see an article on selenium rectifiers and how to check them. I would also like to know what diodes to use to by-pass them.

--Bob Barr, Columbus, GA

In our September 1997 issue, Daniel Schoo wrote an extensive article entitled, "Testing and Replacing Selenium Rectifiers." The article also included tips on how to select replacement components. (Editor)

Neutrodynes and Superheterodynes
Dear Editor:

I would like articles on how to restore Neutrodyne and Superheterodyne sets.

--Steve Cavallaro, Mt. Ephraim, NJ

We are always open to new articles. Perhaps someone out there will take your request to heart and submit articles on these topics. Of course, Ed Romney's classic "Fixing Up Nice Old Radios" covers these subjects very well. (Editor).

Steady 12-Year Subscriber
Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for the complimentary February 2002 issue in response to my request for a mint copy to be used with my Pepsi radio display. I will certainly be spreading good praises for A.R.C. In the last 12 years I've subscribed to many hobby magazines, but A.R.C. is the only one that I have never cancelled. Keep up the good work.

--Mark Lucas, Finleyville, PA

Bargain Radio Transmitter
Dear Editor:

My friend Garrett Walsh, who is also a dedicated antique radio "nut," came across a radio-related accessory that is an incredible bargain. Called "Radio DJ," it's made by Wild Planet Toys and sold as a child's toy for around $20 by and It is an AM transmitter, operating at 1610 kHz, and features a high level input with gain control, integral cassette deck, microphone with adjustable gain, and even four sound effects! Power is from four AA batteries mounted in a compartment beneath the unit.

Audio quality is absolutely phenomenal, and it puts out such a potent signal that one unit can easily cover an entire house using the included wire antenna. When it is on, bright red LEDs illuminate an On Air sign which is fun to look at in a darkened room. For those who enjoy listening to their favorite music or old radio show tapes through their old radios, this device is just too good a deal to pass by.

--Jeff Ross, Flemington, NJ

Substitute 717A tubes for 6SK7s
Dear Editor:

Quite a while back, an article in AWA's OTB by Richard Parks on building a modern version of the SW-3 receiver encouraged me to build it. It was a typical regenerative receiver that used Type 6SK7 tubes in the RF and regenerative sections. After building it, I found it howled and was quite noisy.

I had two 717A tubes that reportedly could substitute for 6SK7s and might improve the quality of reception in a shortwave receiver. Boy, did they! The receiver did not howl and was less noisy on regeneration, and the weaker stations came in clearer.

I would definitely recommend this substitution.

--Alton A. DuBois, Jr., Queensbury, NY

Willams Family Tribute
Dear Editor:

It was with great sadness that I read about the passing of Ralph O. Williams and the tragedy in the Williams family in the August 2002 issue of A.R.C. A number of years ago while vacationing on the east end of Long Island, I had a chance meeting with Mr. Williams that led to an invitation for a private tour of his collection the following afternoon. To say that the tour was fascinating is an understatement. Ralph was a true gentleman who spent several hours going over his extensive collection and answering many questions about the Atwater Kent and Grebe radio years. Later on, his wife Elinor gave me a history of their home and family, an added treat, since I have a keen interest in Long Island history. I will always remember two beautiful people and keep them in my prayers.

--William Devlin, Rockville Centre, NY


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