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From Antique Radio Classified for December 2000
(Copyright 1996-2000 by John V. Terrey - For personal use only.)

"Antique Radio Classified" invites its readers to contribute letters and information for inclusion in "Radio Miscellanea" and elsewhere in the magazine. "In The Marketplace" is based on information submitted by the businesses themselves. All topics should be of general interest and sent to A.R.C., P.O. Box 2, Carlisle, MA 01741. All material submitted should be verified for accuracy and may be edited for publication, which is not guaranteed. See the masthead for more details.

Blaupunkt Model Identification
Dear Editor:

I have the same Blaupunkt radio shown in the October 2000 Photo Review and owned by Joseph Jackson, except for some minor cosmetic differences. My radio is a Blaupunkt Model 22570 "Derby." The "Blaupunkt" name appears in the gap of the frame around the speaker grille at the top. The model name "Derby" is written in script letters in the location on the speaker grille where the "Blaupunkt" name appears on Mr. Jackson's radio.

As Mr. Jackson mentions, the radio can be used in an automobile with the proper attachments. There is a removable cover on the bottom of the radio. Under this cover is a connector for automobile operation.

--Donald Borowski, Spokane, WA

A Great Day at AWA Meet

The following are excerpts from John Hagman's Internet report of his one great day (September 7) at the AWA meet in Rochester. His exhuberance must have been contagious. (Editor)

I have just returned from a longer than expected drive - somehow the ride home from Rochester always is that way. Camping out the night before was glorious - I didn't even burn all my wood! Since this year's meet was after Labor Day for the first time, the huge Cayuga Lake State Park campground (30 miles east of Rochester) was almost totally empty, and the dogs staked out dozens of sites as our own. I arrived at the meet at 5:40 A.M. and had no trouble parking right on the I-90 side of the hotel lot. Though I usually never buy anything with my flashlight, this time I did find a neat Stromberg-Carlson chairside with that funky, almost ugly style the company seemed to love. By 6:30, I had bought a Philco 16B early version tombstone and a Philco 20 with intact grille and cabinet, but no speaker, both for $200 total.

I wandered around... picked up a vernier dial, half a dozen knobs, an Atwater Kent grille cloth, capacitors, wire, tubes, etc. - this essential small-parts shopping is the really irreplaceable part of flea markets. I just couldn't have done it on eBay - no way! All in all, I had a great time and accomplished a lot. I really found everything I needed, more than I expected. But, one thing that was quite unpleasant was this braying noise that kept washing over the crowd - eBay, eBay, eBay ...cheaper on eBay ...I saw ...sold on eBay ...big, bad eBay has ruined everything ...eBay, schmeBay, I say. eBay has replaced swaps like cybersex has replaced real sex - in reality, it has just put a dent in it. Preference for real human contact is simply not going to go away.

Thanks to AWA for a great meet - it's always an incomparable experience and worth every minute of the drive.

--John Hagman, Burlington, VT

Kudos and Correction
Dear Editor:

The article on the Military Radio Collectors Group annual meet and on various pieces of equipment in the October 2000 issue was very well done. I want to thank you all very much. I have already received several comments from your readers.

One minor correction: the photo on page 22 states that the German battleship Bismark was sunk in 1944. The correct date is May 27, 1941, at 10:39 in the morning.

Thanks again,
Hank Brown, Lancaster, CA

The incorrect date did not come from the author, Hank Brown, but from another source. We rely on the accuracy of the information supplied by contributors, but, of course, the buck stops here. (Editor)

Preserve the Muchow Collection
Dear Editor:

Has anyone given any thought to forming an organization to preserve Dr. Muchow's radio collection intact as a museum


I know that everyone who has attended the ARCI radio meets at Elgin, Illinois, has enjoyed viewing this incredible collection. It would be a serious misfortune to all radio historians, researchers, and collectors, if we missed the opportunity to save this collection for future generations.

--Phillip Drexler, St. Paul, MN

As we all know, there are many collections out there worth preserving, and many museums have been started by interested groups. Unfortunately, to keep such an enterprise going requires an enormous investment of time and money on the part of survivors and/or preservers. If that kind of commitment is not possible, the collection must be sold. We can take comfort in the fact that the individual items will enhance the collections of other people who will also become temporary caretakers of these treasures. (Editor)

Another "Dummies" Book
Dear Editor:

Another book that the "radio dummies" could look for is Elements of Radio by Marcus and Horton. This book was published by Prentice Hall for the War Department in 1943 for military training courses in radio. It is a basic text and contains only basic high school math and circuit diagrams. It's possible that used book dealers might have it.

--Alton A. DuBois, Jr., Queensbury, NY

Ad Success
Dear Editor:

The Type 45 tubes sold OK via my May 2000 A.R.C. ad. I could have sold at least 100 of them! Thank you.

--Jim Farago, Minneapolis, MN


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