RADIO MISCELLANEA -- February 1996

From Antique Radio Classified for February 1996
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Major Meet Dates Conflict
Dear Editor:

We were very disappointed to see that the Elgin and Rochester shows are less than one week apart (August 28-31 and September 4-7). We don't know if other readers feel the same way, but it might be an interesting topic for A.R.C. For us, it simply means that, unfortunately, we won't be attending the Elgin Radiofest. We would guess that attendance at both of these will suffer from what they might be if they were more separated in time.

--John and Kathy Slusser, Honeoye, NY

Telicon Info Sought
Dear Editor:

I received a Telicon AM/SW table radio in 1941 as a Christmas gift, so I assume it was made in 1940 or 1941. The name tag shows it to be a Model 12-R, manufactured by the Telicon Corp., New York City, N. Y. None of the collectors I have met have ever heard of Telicon, so I was hoping that someone out there might share a schematic, sales literature, or any other info on the Telicon Corp.

--J. Toensing, Nevada City, CA

The A.R.C. Web Site
Dear Editor:

The A.R.C. Web site looks great. Even though we are all interested in old radios and related items, I feel it necessary to support new technology. I'm glad you do too.

Thanks again for the Web site.

--A.D. Tipsword, Half Moon Bay, CA

Dear Editor,

It is great to have an international channel to A.R.C.- http://www.antiqueradio.com/.

--Bruno Pinto, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dear Editor,

I enjoy my A.R.C. subscription every month and having A.R.C. on the Web lets me point others to resources to help them as well.

--Chuck Schwark, Chicago, IL

Wife Relief via A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

My wife feels that the shelves in my part of the basement which hold my "junque" are finally looking better due to having advertised in A.R.C. The very best to one and all at A.R.C. in 1996!

--R. Whetstone, Arthur, WV

High Praise for Ford Coverage
Dear Editor:

Each issue is better and more organized than the last. Your 3-part coverage of the Ford Museum Auction was very well done and of great interest to me. Keep up the fine work!

--Dennis Branch, Lancaster, CA

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