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From Antique Radio Classified for February 1997
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"Antique Radio Classified" invites its readers to contribute letters and information for inclusion in "Radio Miscellanea" and elsewhere in the magazine. "In The Marketplace" is based on information submitted by the businesses themselves. All topics should be of general interest and sent to A.R.C., P.O. Box 2, Carlisle, MA 01741. All material submitted should be verified for accuracy and may be edited for publication, which is not guaranteed. See the masthead for more details.

December Cover Accolades
Dear Editor:

Applause for your December cover! Outstanding, colorful, nostalgic artwork! Have you considered offering copies for sale? A framed, enlarged print would look great amid any antique radio collection.

--Ron Russell, Elko, NV

Although we do not have enlarged versions of our December cover available, uncut and unfolded covers are available. See page 35 in this issue for details. (Editor)

Dear Editor:

My wife collects postcards and she would like to know where you get your Christmas radio postcards. And, would you get someone to write an article on the RCA Radiola 80 series of 1930? I read the information on the 60 series and found it interesting. I have a Radiola 82 and have never seen any information on this radio in your magazine.

I look forward to meeting you someday, and thanks for Antique Radio Classified.

--Harold Graves, Jr., Nashville, TN

On postcards: the most economical way to obtain postcards is through antique flea markets, trading with others, and, of course, advertising in A.R.C. On the RCA Radiola 80 series: any collector/writers out there? (Editor).

1950-1960 Era Equipment
Dear Editor:

You and your subscribers might be interested in an article in the October 1996 issue of Electronics Now. magazine. It concerns vintage electronic equipment of the 1950-1960 era and its exodus in the past decade to Asian and European collectors. It also has some interesting prices on some of the better items.

--George W. Heath, Groveton, NH

Dental Plastics Repair Pilot TV Grille
Dear Editor:

There's a terrific source for repairing damaged or missing louvers for the Pilot 3" TV grille. Missing three louvers from the set I owned, I advertised in A.R.C. for a replacement grille or a complete cabinet. The only response I received was from Roger Dreyfoos. As a dental technician, he speculated that he could replicate the missing louvers using dental plastics. Two months later, he had successfully perfected the methodology. As he put it, "It was an almost invisible repair."

I sent my grille off and received it back almost by return mail. I would say it is a completely. invisible repair. It's truly remarkable, and the set has been moved to a more prominent spot in my collection.

Roger can be reached at 1085 Kaski Ln., Concord CA 94518. E-mail at roger@value.net or phone at (510) 687-8202.

--Steve Snyderman, Fairfax, VA

From The Internet
The Radio Miscellanea. page is the place where we include items of general interest that we receive in our incoming correspondence. Last year, we began to include information about new products. Recently, as the Internet became a forum of information exchange, we have included items available on this new media. Now, these items will be identified as "From The Internet." Of course, as with nearly all items on this page, we edit them to fit and for clarification.

We apologize to Paul Froehlich for erroneously adding "Dear Editor" to his Internet newsgroup posting which we printed (and further edited) in the December 1996 issue. We are still learning how to utilize the Internet as a resource for our print publication for the benefit of all. (Editor)

Trans-Oceanic Recovering Tip
Dear Editor:

I enjoyed Mr. Cane's article on restoring a Trans-Oceanic radio. One additional hint when re-covering radios, guitar amplifiers, etc., is to "predry" the adhesive by using a hair dryer for just a few minutes. This accelerates the time for the adhesive to set up. There won't be any need to use a staple gun to hold the ends in place. It is also important to make sure you apply the adhesive to both the wood and the material.

--Keith Pople, Brighton, MI

Tedeschi Address Correction
Enrico Tedeschi has written to thank us for publishing his article on transistor radios in the January 1997 issue. We regret that his address was incomplete, as he is anxious to correspond with interested collectors. His complete address is: 54 Easthill Drive, Brighton BN41 2FD, U. K., or e-mail: enrico@brighton-uk.com (Editor)

More on the Meaning of WTIC
Dear Editor:

Regarding call signs in the December 1996 A.R.C., WTIC Hartford is not "The Insurance City" but "Traveler's Insurance Co."

--Edward Snyder, Wallingford, CT

The votes on this one are now 2 to 1. Edward Snyder agrees with Scott Kilgore's choice of meaning for WTIC (A.R.C. February 1995) -- "Travelers Insurance Co." Stan Lopez holds out for "The Insurance City" (A.R.C. December 1996). (Editor).

More 1L6 Info
Dear Editor:

Regarding substitutes for the Type 1L6 tube (A.R.C. January 1997), the May 1995 issue of Radio Age. carried an article by Ludwell Sibley that described restoration techniques for Trans-Oceanics which includes the use of 1R5 tubes as a substitute for the 1L6.

--Alan Douglas, Pocasset, MA

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