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Need National Company Books
Dear Editor:

During the 1930s, '40s, and '50s, the National Company had a continuing series of photographs taken of its products for advertising purposes. The 8" x 11" photographs were taken professionally by Benjamin Morris of Boston, and bound into looseleaf books of about 100 photos each. Eight of the books, covered with a black leatherette material, have been located. We have books 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, and 18. Missing are books 1 through 8, 14, 16 and any after Volume 18.

We are actively seeking the missing books and wish to borrow them in order to complete a picture story of National Company products for the AWA Review, Volume 10, in 1996. If you have any knowledge of the whereabouts or the fate of these books, please contact Bill Fizette, Editor, AWA Review, RR 1, Box 55, Henryville, PA 18332. (717) 629-0637. All contributors will be acknowledged. Your assistance will be appreciated.

--Bill Fizette, Henryville, PA

Thanks for Ford Auction Success
Dear Editor:

Estes Auctions would like to than everyone who attended the Henry Ford Museum Auction. For many of you it was a long distance to travel, and you had to put a lot on the back burner to attend. For all your efforts, we wish to thank you for the success you made of the auction.

Our special thanks for all their help and support to Jim and Felicia Kreuzer, Will Jensby, August Link, Ludwell Sibley, Bob Dobush, Kim Graca, Jim Clark and all the MARC Board members.

In particular, we thank John Terrey and A.R.C. for the terrific job of reporting on the auction. The articles made it possible for radio collectors everywhere to get a concise report of the event. We also thank John for the "Radio Bash" after the first auction. This event gave everyone a place to unwind, swap ideals on the sale, and just visit with one another. We are fortunate to have John as a fellow collector and at the helm of A.R.C.

--Richard Estes, Medina, OH

Index on Disk or Net?
Dear Editor:

I have a suggestion: Could White's Index be made available on floppy disk or posted on the Internet somewhere? Probably most useful to most people would be 31/2 floppy IBM text. Then people can put it into their favorite application.

--James F. Crews, Aborvale, WV

After 10 years of faithfully producing the invaluable "White's Index" for A.R.C., Frank White has decided that it is time to move on to other commitments. A.R.C. will publish the 1995 index in the near future. We are also seriously considering putting the 11-year index on our Web site at a future date. Distribution of floppy disks is not being considered. (Editor)

Stop the Slaughter -- Refinish Right
Dear Editor:

This is a plea to stop the slaughter. More and more of the restorations I do are to sets previously "refinished."

Wooden radios from the `20s-`40s are now approaching 50-75 years old, and with few exceptions, have what looks more like leprosy than a wooden finish. It is the lacquer finish that gives these sets their warmth and appeal. Unfortunately, we are seeing a lot more "refinished" sets redone with clear polyurethane, varnish, oils, and other oddball finishes. When placed next to a set with original shadings, these sets look stark and out of place. This is too bad, as it is just as easy to strip safely and apply correctly toned, smooth lacquer finishes at home as it is to apply these horrid concoctions.

A good video of a Zenith console refinish is availble from the 21st Century Wood Doctor, Box 3257, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, (800) 678-1362. Spray-can lacquers and other finishing materials are available from Mohawk Finishing Products, 4715 State Hwy 30, Amsterdam, NY 12010, (800) 721-1545, and other catalog suppliers.

Please plan carefully before the finish on a set is altered, for once it is removed, it's gone forever.

--R.J. Dial, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Passing of Unique Woman in Radio
Dear Editor:

I am sorry to report the death of Sue Coulter in Jasper, Florida, until recently the proprietress of Sue's Radio and Repair in Bakersfield, California. This business, started after her retirement from the medical field, was one of many aspects of Sue's professional life. It was international in scope and was noted for her personal touch and advice, given via letter or shortwave.

Few who knew her as an electronics and radio communications expert realized how exceptionally broad her background was. A graduate nurse, she held BS and MS degrees from the University of Florida, a diploma with honors in Complete Communications from the National Radio Institute at Washington, D.C., and a diploma in the Master Course in TV and Radio Servicing from the National Technical Schools in California.

Ms. Coulter held membership in Phi Beta Phi, Delta Phi Alpha Deutsche Ehrenberbindung, Phi Sigma Biological Society, and the Southern California Area Radio Society. Her career included teaching at the University of Miami and the Universidad de El Salvador, and working in several Southern California hospitals.

--Alice Foltz, Jasper, FL

Credit Card Convenience
Dear Editor:

I wish to express my satisfaction with your magazine and the use of credit cards to make orders. It is really very inconvenient and uncomfortable to have to do international money orders or send checks by mail.

--Pablo J.C. Alonso Castillo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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