From Antique Radio Classified for July 1996
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A "Radio" Wedding
Dear Editor:

Antique radio collecting can spill into other parts of our lives, often in unusual ways. In an effort to "personalize" our wedding reception, my wife came up with a unique idea. Instead of the usual "wishing well" or a wrapped box for depositing cards, I constructed something out of the ordinary. I covered the back of an empty Philco tombstone cabinet, leaving only a small slot open near the top. The knobs were placed on dummy shafts and across the dial face a note was diplayed saying, "Thank you."

Although some people had a hard time finding the slot, the radio was a good conversation piece. Please note -- care was taken not to alter the radio permanently; it will be restored to its original condition.

The final "old radio" touch for this special occasion was my gift to my two ushers -- a one year, first class subscription to Antique Radio Classified .

--Spencer J.Doggett, Washington, MI

A bride who "thinks radios" makes Spencer a lucky man. (Editor)

Seeks Farnsworth Information
Dear Editor:

I am researching the life of Philo R. Farnsworth and hope shortly to publish a documented biography. I am interested in interviewing any individuals who knew or may have worked with Dr. Farnsworth.

If you could write to the address below or call and leave a message in the evening, I will return your call, and we can talk on my nickel.

Donald G. Godfrey, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, P.O. Box 871305, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1305. (602) 965-8661.

Radio Nuts & Crazies Read A.R.C.
Dear Editor:

I thoroughly enjoy your publication and would like to take this time to thank you all for the fine job you do. Your articles are superb, and most of the people I have met through ads have been very nice. What a wonderful bunch of people we radio nuts are!

--Mark Minks, Liberal, KS

Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your continuously great magazine! It is wonderful to have a medium such as A.R.C. which unites all of us -- "the crazies" of nice old radios!

--Sylvain Grégoire, Laval, Quebec, Canada

RCA Identified
Dear Editor:

The RCA receiver " Model Unknown " for the visually impaired on page 15 of the June 1996 issue is Model RZC 375W.

--B.A. Zarski, Milwaukee, WI

June Cover -- Colorful & Dangerous
Dear Editor:

The cover for the June issue is the prettiest yet. Are those the original colors? I never saw a Silvertone 4511 that color before.

--Jim Gauldin, Danville, VA

Believe it or not, lavender is an accurate color for the Silvertone 4511. It has also been seen in another unusual color -- dark green. A search should be on for that one. Incidentally, we held a copy of the cover up to the original radios and were amazed at how closely the colors matched. (Editor)

Dear Editor:

Just got my June A.R.C. -- the 12th anniversary issue sure looks great. However, there's a little danger with your front cover -- my wife sure took notice and said, "Why don't you collect these types of radios?" I may have to charge you damages if I begin collecting these rare radios.

--David Moore, Pearland, TX

Dachis Book Good Reading
Dear Editor:

I enjoyed meeting you at the Dayton Hamvention where I picked up a copy of Chuck Dachis' Radios By Hallicrafters from you. I have had a hard time putting it down -- but I did find time to go through the June issue of A.R.C.! Keep up the good work.

--Burton L. Pratt, Montgomery, AL

A.R.C. Works!
Dear Editor:

I used A.R.C. to sell off items from my father-in-law's estate. Your magazine works! Thank you.

--Don Wagnon, Fairview, TX

Dear Editor:

I wish to tell you that I've just renewed my subscription for the third year and really enjoy and look forward to the magazine every month. I just started collecting a few radios about four years ago and had no idea what collecting them would be like. I have just started to repair my own and have found your tech articles very helpful. I really like the one in the May issue -- it contains a world of info for the novice like me. Thanks for the excellent magazine.

--Larry Larmeu, Jefferson, LA

Gernsback Author Wanted
Dear Editor:

I have collected radios since the early 1960s when there were no books on radio collecting. But, there were many radio magazines with articles on the radio pioneers. There was one person who wrote more on radio than any of the rest, but no one has written about him or published his picture -- Hugo Gernsback.

--John Johnson, Fowlerville, MI

Any authors looking for a subject out there? (Editor)

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